RTX 2070 vs. GTX 1080 [Which One Should You Buy]
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RTX 2070 vs. GTX 1080 [Which One Should You Buy]

Nvidia indeed produces worth buying GPUs. Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 is a deserving debating topic. Various factors such as performance and price are mandatory to notice before deciding whether you should go with Gtx 1080 or should you purchase Rtx 2070. Numerous judgments contributed to the rise of the topic Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080.

The Difference

A plus point for Rtx users is that the Rtx cards contain RT and tensor cores enabling deep learning super sampling (DLSS) and ray-tracing. To support real-time ray tracing in Gtx cards, Nvidia updated the drivers, but due to the absence of RT cores, only 30fps at 1080p was allowed by Gtx 1080.

Deep learning super sampling (DLSS) improves the performance of the game without downsizing the quality of the image. It is an appealing feature of Rtx cards, but preferring an Rtx card over a Gtx card based on this characteristic solely, is not an ideal settlement. Most importantly, there are not many games yet available to support this feature.

Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080 Ti
Rtx 2070 Vs Gtx 1080 Ti


The real debate of Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 starts with analyzing the performance of both cards. Performance is what matters the most for deciding among any GPUs. Gtx 1080 carries a Pascal architecture, while Rtx 2070 comprises of a turing architecture.

Along with 16 more texture mapping units, Gtx 1080 provides a 197 MHz higher core clock speed than Rtx 2070. This trait helps gtx 1080 to produce better performance in means of displaying texture. The Equal number of render output units in both GPUs pause the debate of Rtx 2070vs gtx 1080.

The topic Rtx 2070vs gtx 1080 takes another break when it comes to RT and tensor cores due to the absence of both features in gtx 1080. Rtx 2070 was released a year later, owning better driver support to run the latest games. Both GPUs have the same volume of video ram.

However, Rtx 2070 consists of DDR6 VRAM, which automatically makes it way better than Gtx 1080 in terms of displaying game textures at a high resolution. The Rtx card acquires the lead in Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 by possessing 3.6 billion more transistors than Gtx 1080.

There is not an extreme difference between the power consumption of both GPUs. Gtx 1080 requires 180 watts, while Rtx 2070 demands 175 watts. At least a 500 watts PSU is necessary to add with both GPUs.

As mentioned earlier, both GPUs overtake one other in certain aspects, whereas in some areas, 2070 effortlessly wins Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 by occupying a DDR6 memory supplying it with a 50% greater bandwidth. These advantages add up to allow Rtx 2070 to give more frames per second at higher resolutions.

No further discussions on Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 are possible when it comes to gaming at 1080p resolution since there are negligible differences in the performance of both GPUs.

At higher resolutions, 2070 overshadows 1080 in the argument of Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 as the difference between two cards rises to 17%. For 4K gaming, none of these cards provides quality execution of games. However, Rtx 2070 is in front of gtx 1080 for operating games at 4K resolution.


Every patron craves for the best product in his price range. The market value of a product plays a vital role in influencing the customer to purchase it. The initial price tag of Gtx 1080 was $499. Now it is available at a luring price ranging from $780 to $950 in some regions.

This extraordinary pricing forces the users to search for an alternative card. The rates of used Gtx 1080 are much more reasonable, around to $300 available on multiple online and local stores.

In the meantime, Rtx 2070 is obtainable with a price tag of $47O. The release of Rtx super further lowered the price of Rtx 2070, attracting numerous clients towards it. In terms of price, Rtx 2070 holds an upper hand in the debate of Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080.


Q: Which is better in Gtx1080vs Rtx 2070?

A: Both cards perform pretty well, but Rtx 2070 is slightly better than Gtx 1080 in many cases.

Q: Is Rtx 2070 worth it?

A: There are still better cards to come yet. Rtx 2070 is not a massive upgrade, so it is not much worth it.

Q: Can we perform 4K gaming with Rtx 2070?

A: Gaming on 4K is a challenge for Rtx 2070.

Q: Can Rtx 2070 run all games?

A: Yes, Rtx 2070 can run all the games yet available on recommended settings.

Q; Which is better, Gtx, or Rtx?

A: The Rtx card consists of newer technology, giving it an advantage over Gtx.

Q; Is Gtx 1080 still worth it?

A: It still provides quality gaming and retains its position as one of the best graphics cards for high-quality gaming.


After thoroughly observing the topic of Gtx 1080vs Rtx 2070, it is clear that Rtx 2070 is slightly better than Gtx 1080. If you are struggling with your budget and can find a used Gtx 1080 at a relatively low price, then proceeding with it is the perfect option.

However, if you want to secure your future gaming with an unused GPU, you should surely be eyeballing towards Rtx 2070 as it is much cheaper and better than a new Gtx 1080. The debate between Rtx 2070vs Gtx 1080 doesn’t end here.

Some pc users are already equipped with Gtx 1080 but are confused about whether they should upgrade to Rtx 2070 or not. At present, there is no need for an immediate upgrade of the graphic card.

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