How To Hotwire a Car Engine (All You Need to Know)
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How To Hotwire a Car Engine (All You Need to Know)

How to hotwire a car? Maybe after hearing, you never know what It is – Let me tell you, if you have watched any movie or drama that belongs to the theft story, you will definitely know it. In the theft movies, the thieves go into the car by breaking down a door and then starting a car through set wires without using a key called the hotwiring a car.

Nowadays, new cars use an immobilizer that means you need a chip near the ignition to start your car without keys. That’s why hotwiring does not work at all in the new cars. On the other side, we don’t need to show theft, especially because a hotwiring car process is useful when you lose your keys or you are in an emergency. Always check first when you buy a car because the car should be immobilized due to theft issues. The following article will describe the hotwiring process through the different methods, so you can follow to use it.

Introduction of Hotwire a Car

Hotwiring a car is the process of starting an engine without using a car key; as you have usually seen in different dramas and movies, hot-wire a car during car theft. Additionally, we can say it is a technique utilized by criminals and car owners who have misplaced the keys in an emergency. However, hotwiring a car’s current model is more complex than in other vehicles of the 1990s. Nowadays, a computerized locking system is found in the modern world; therefore, it is difficult now to hot-wire a car.

Require Specific Tool to Hotwire a Car

Here are the following required specific objects for hotwiring a car. Just you need your own car whom you can manipulate with it. Now go and get the tool & ready for hotwiring work. So let’s have a look:

How to Hotwire a Car
How to Hotwire a Car
  • Role of electrical shape
  • Wire strippers & Pliers
  • A Sledgehammer
  • Insulated gloves & screwdriver

How to Hotwire a Car (6 Steps Guide to Follow)

The moment you insert a key into the ignition and turn the key, an electrical circuit is normally made between the battery, the ignition, and the starter motor. After this happens, the engine will start. Thus, when you hotwire a vehicle, you are generating the electrical circuit yourself without the use of a key.

how to hotwire a car with a screwdriver
how to hotwire a car with a screwdriver

Hotwiring a car is totally illegal work that is not allowed, but you can use it in an emergency. First, take a precaution and go to learn the hotwire of a car mentioned below. Make sure it is a risky and personal safety work because it has the chance to get an electrical shock if proper precautions are not taken.

Method No 1 – Need a Screwdriver to Place in Ignition Tumbler

You need to take the screwdriver and place it into the keyhole of the ignition tumbler, then turn the screwdriver. And see if this way starts the car quickly but will a few cars, all you need to do start the engine. But for most vehicles, you will need to continue with the following steps.

Method No 2 – By Removing the Steering Column

Remove the steering column cover screws using the screwdriver. And the screws on both sides of the steering column that you should be able to see easily. Once you remove them, you will see access panels. You can remove the panels manually by pulling them. And now, you will easily see the ignition system wires.

Method No 3 – Use the Separate Bundles to Connect with the Ignition System

There is a separate bundle of car lights, wipers, warmers, and another for the battery and ignition. And the latter bundle is what you will focus on. Additionally, this bundle has wires which are connecting to the battery, starter motor, and ignition system. Now you have to find out which wire is connected to the ignition system and battery to hotwire a car. See the 3 bundles of wires with your selective colors. But usually see that, battery wires are found in red colors, and there is no constant color for the ignition wires. Therefore, you will need to check online for your manual model.

Method No 4 – Use the Wire stripper

Use a wire cutting stripper to cut off the insulation wires from each end of the two wires. Now take both ends and twist them together with your hands and fingers. The ignition, radio, and light will automatically turn on if you have it correctly.

Method No 5 – Find a Connected Starter Motor Wire

In this section, find a wire which is connected to the starter motor and cut a piece of the insulation off from its end. Bring one end of the wire into contact with the other two ends. This should start the engine. (DO NOT twist the wires together because it is a live wire!)

Method No 6 – Use Electrical Tape

Make sure the live starter wire is covered with electrical tape. Avoid accidentally coming in contact with it or anything else and being shocked or starting a fire.


In conclusion, hotwiring a car is a technique to start an engine without keys, and this process is usually used in emergencies or other purposes. There is no specific method to hotwire a car; you can use various ways to start a car which is mentioned in the above article. So, you can go above the article to read more wire mixing process articles.

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