Custom Profile Picture for Netflix: Let’s Create Aesthetic Design
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Custom Profile Picture for Netflix: Let’s Create Aesthetic Design

As a Netflix subscriber, you have access to many exciting options for personalizing your profile. It definitely stirs up its user’s aesthetic sense. Similarly, profile picture personalization brings a refreshed look on your way to appearing on the default screen. Creating a custom profile picture on Netflix requires no brain tiring effort or time-consuming steps. Yet it is a tutorial for those unfamiliar with its existing options.

Today, with our commitment to providing fruitful information, we are engaged with you to share our thoughts and ideas on how to change and customize the Netflix Profile Picture and delve into ways to customize your account without any endeavor easily.

custom profile picture for netflix on phone
custom profile picture for netflix on phone

The emergence of Netflix Profile Picture Customization

Before starting our discussion, with the emergence of the profile picture in 2013, It incorporated all the fascinating features, starting with signing in to the Netflix account. It expands it to a detailed overview of the watched playlist, saved or downloaded serials or movies, account preferences, or other information the user can view and access.

The concept behind its creation inhibits help segmenting different user accounts on Netflix. As it offers a private and customizable view of your watchlist or other data, you can keep your privacy while having a shared Netflix account. You can create up to five profiles using a single account on Netflix, including a kid profile. Some of the options you can find in your customized profile are playback settings, viewable information, TV and movie recommendations, and a favorite playlist with its ratings. Netflix also sets parental control restrictions, embedding the maturity settings in every profile. That helps to incorporate the kid-friendly environment into Netflix.

custom profile picture for netflix chrome extension
custom profile picture for netflix chrome extension

Personalize your Netflix Profile Picture

Changing and customizing your Netflix profile picture is the underlying question we need to incorporate into our discussion. After explaining my profile on Netflix, the first thing that comes to mind is changing the profile picture in the icon. Netflix contemplated providing a refreshed user experience with customized profile icon pictures. At Netflix, millions of devoted users felt the need to have personal control over their profiles. Renew your profile picture instead of the classic smiling faces used as icons on standard Netflix accounts. With their stride on customization, users’ profile pictures are fascinating features. It signifies the pack of Netflix icons taken from the movies or series available on the Netflix website. Eventually, it will allow users to change their profile pictures from a comprehensive list of options.

custom profile picture for netflix mobile
custom profile picture for netflix mobile

How Can You Change Your Profile Picture for Your Netflix Account?

The steps to change your profile picture and customize it on Netflix are under discussion as follows. Let’s getdirected at the Netflix app configurations.


Manage Profile > Profile Edit > Choose Icon > Save Profile Icon

  1. Launch your Netflix app. Then go to the Manage Profile menu to get the edit option in the pencil icon. It is at the top-right of the profile menu.
  2. Click on the pencil icon present on the lower-left of your profile. You can then find the photo pack list of icons to choose your desired picture.
  3. Finally, save the recent changes to update your profile on the top right of the Netflix app.

The Netflix official website offers a similar option to reset and customize your account profile picture. First, you can log in to your Netflix account, then navigate to Manage Profiles > Edit Profile icon >Select icon > Save the Changes.


Browse through Best of Icon Packs

With the recent updates on profile customization in 2018, Netflix offers the featured pack of icons with a collection of over hundreds of icons. You can find almost all profile icons on its “Netflix Originals.”However, depending on the Netflixregional settings, some of the settings on the Netflix account may differ. You may notice slight discrepancies in some of the icons only available on one of the platforms while exploring the Netflix app.Netflix also frequently updates its account with a new pack of icons.

Options for Personalizing your Netflix profile

Are you still curious about giving your personal touch to your profile or fading out with the existing collection? Having learned how to change and customize your profile icon, you must have gone through the icon pack. Then look for options to personalize the profile with your photo.

Netflix usually differs to casually integrate the profile icons into pictures or images like Facebook or other social networks.

  1. Facebook Account Profile Integration in the Netflix Account can be one of the ways to customize the profile picture for Netflix.
  2. Another popular option is the browser extension “Custom Profile Picture for Netflix,” You can easily add to get the custom profile picture on Netflix.

FB AccountIntegration with Netflix

The integration of Facebook with the Netflix account, which was featured a few years ago, would allow you to duplicate your Facebook profile picture on Netflix. You can get it because Netflix provides users with a one-time option to link their Facebook account with it. Those who have disabled this feature or don’t have a Facebook account might not be able to grab this opportunity. For those, the download extension will be the only applicable option to make your custom profile picture for Netflix.

custom profile picture netflix
custom profile picture netflix

Netflix Custom Profile Picture Extension

Let’s get started by downloading the Chrome Web store Extension”Custom Profile Picture for Netflix.”

Download&Install> Add Extension to browser > Manage Profiles > Select & Upload Picture in extension > Save

  1. It will instantly add to the Chrome browser once you have downloaded it. Add an extension, then pin it to your toolbar to make it easier to find without navigating through the list of extensions.
  2. The following step is to log into your Netflix account and navigate to the “Profile icon” in the top-right corner of the page. Choose “Manage Profiles” from the menu that appears and list the main menu in the profile.
  3. The downloaded extension now appears, giving you the option to choose and upload a profile image. It also allows you to have alternate profile images for up to five profiles. However, there is a limit of 5 MB for uploading photos.
  4. Finally, the image preview will assist you in selecting a profile photo. When you’re satisfied with your uploaded image, click the “Save” button. Refresh your browser to see your changes take effect. There you will find your updated and new profile picture. However, you will only be able to see it on your computer if you have added it through an extension.

As we come to a close, we hope that our conversation has helped you find an answer to your question about how to design an attractive profile image on Netflix. Let’s stay in touch for future discussion if you have any concerns regarding anything else.

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