How To Build PowerPoint Night Ideas
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How To Build PowerPoint Night Ideas

If you are looking for fun, then a PowerPoint night ideas presentation is a perfect illusion because you can hang out with friends and make hilarious memories during quarantine days.

Nowadays, PowerPoint slide nights are a high-volume trend on Tiktok in which you and your friends can create hilarious slideshows about celebrity iconic Duos, hot takes, and many more. Of course, you can also share by presenting their slides.

Other than that, our favorite topics range from funny pop culture comparisons to ranking your ex-girlfriends, and we cannot get enough of them.

PowerPoint nights have become a popular hobby all across the world as a result of these fun and creative factors.

One great thing about making a PowerPoint slide is – they are low-key. In addition, you require minimal material like some fluffy clothes, a laptop, lots of snacks and chocolates, and creative ideas.

Moreover, you can also host a PowerPoint party with Best 8 Presentation Software.

You can enjoy your funny and creative ideas with your roommates or over zoom. This article will tell you a hilarious and upcoming PowerPoint night presentation that will not bore you at all.

Intro of PowerPoint Party – Hilarious Night Ideas

A PowerPoint (or PP) party is one of the funniest parties ever! Where your friends and others have to give a presentation on the topic of their choice. The topic could be most theme birthday costumes, Q&As, celebrity trendy affairs, and many more.

You can also host a PP party with Google Slides, Keynote (the presentation software available from Apple on iPhones), or any other presentation tool, of course.

In 2018 – PowerPoint gained popularity, and at that time, it was limited to a small number of people. However, it can also be digital or in person. (This is why it’s ideal for our new era of social distance.)

5 Amazing PowerPoint Night Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

You are ready to throw a funny PowerPoint party with these given ideas, aren’t you? The following ideas will help you think outside the box of assigning cartoon characters, Talking, and club parties.

funny powerpoint night ideas
PowerPoint night ideas

1: How Would Your Friends Fit into Cartoons?

Please don’t confuse this category with celebrities who look like them. This category is where people’s personalities have a role.

good ideas for powerpoint night
good ideas for powerpoint night

I have a friend who is the human version of Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. She acts exactly like her. “Once we saw the connection, we couldn’t unsee it,” University of Tennessee sophomore Elizabeth Duncan said.

This topic goes beyond physical similarities to include the substance in the discussion.

2: Are The Ladies Hot or Tall?

Are The Ladies Hot or Tall? PP ideas
Are The Ladies Hot or Tall? PP ideas

It is time for the ladies to confront the fact with this sad, but it is a real PowerPoint topic for the party. Some people have attractive height, and they value this above all of them.

The PP party can make fun like the height factor does not meet the partners or pop stars like carrots, lemon, or chili.

3: Predicting The Future of Your Friends – PowerPoint Night Ideas

friend PP night ideas
friend PP night ideas

It is a great topic for the PowerPoint party or club party because your friend is just like a part of your life. You can make fun of each other, so you can also predict your friend’s future for the sake of PP party night.

You can be creative and come up with starter packs for each of your friends. M.A.S.H. also allows you to leave the future up to fate. This is a fun and easy topic to dive into and test your best friend’s knowledge, no matter how you slice it.

4: Attractive Fast-Food Mascots Rated

Attractive fast-food ideas
Attractive fast-food ideas

This topic is out of the box, but it is great for a PowerPoint party. As a new addition to the PP world, it is the perfect combination of relatable and risqué. If you make your inquiry, you’ll discover that food mascots have been slept on. For obvious reasons, the first example is Tony the Tiger.

5: Take Action on The Drunk Snacks of Your Friends

PP night ideas dirty
PP night ideas dirty

You leave the bar and stroll for your refrigerator as the night draws to a close. Various meals appeal to different people when the mood strikes. For some, spicy Cheetos are the only thing that will make the night pleasant. Pizza buns and a bag of Skittles are on the menu for others. It is also turkey for some of my roommates.

Put whatever makes you happy in the PowerPoint.

More PowerPoint Night Theme Ideas

Here are few more ideas of PowerPoint night. So have a look on it to enjoy your night to another level.

Conspiracy Theories

So everybody has to choose a conspiracy theory and present it with the goal of compelling everyone that it could be indeed a fact.

Drunk History

People select a historical figure or any event and present about it. And everyone has to dress like their figure or era and cheer people to have a drink before their presentation to really make it interesting.

The Best of all Time

Every person chooses a movie, reality TV show, video game, board, or any fictional character, and everybody makes the case that their preferred topic is the best. So keep a topic selection within the same genre to spark friendly competition.

Rank the Songs on an Album

Select an album all your guests have listened to and know well, and have everyone show how they would rank the best songs on it. With the best group of friends, feel free to pick one they have amazing opinions of. Or, go with a famous album if you host many guests and don’t know their choice of music.

Reality TV show each Friend’s character

Make your own cast of Friends and make a case for why they are real-life versions of that TV character. For everyone who considers themselves as the Monics, Rachel, Ross, and Joey may present themselves as them.

Your Friends as A Shrek character

Now assign everybody to dress and make up themselves as a Shrek character. This makes a quite solid group Halloween costume.

Other PowerPoint Night Creative Ideas

  1. Your colleagues as The Office characters
  2. Dating app contenders
  3. Your Spotify Wrapped list
  4. Bachelor/bachelorette (or other reality TV show) predictions
  5. A song to describe each person in your friend group and why
  6. Suggest locations for your next friend trip
  7. Everyone’s love language
  8. Fantasy football updates
  9. Everyone’s favorite movies ranked
  10. Water bottle brands ranked
  11. The best restaurants in a 30-mile radius, according to you
  12. Dream wedding destinations
  13. The best nostalgic shows for your generation
  14. Things you would do if you were president
  15. Pet names that you love and hate
  16. The best and worst managers or bosses you’ve ever had
  17. Your favorite memory with each friend
  18. The best iPhone/android apps you can’t live without
  19. Each friend’s toxic trait
  20. Fashion trends you can’t get behind
  21. Friend trivia or two truths and a lie
  22. Office gadgets that make sense
  23. A [insert name] starter pack for all of your friends
  24. Give each friend a superpower and explain why
  25. Your colleagues as an alcoholic beverage
  26. Things you hate: everyone has a chance to try to change your mind
  27. Everyone’s enneagram types
  28. Unpopular opinions: things you like that no one else does
  29. The emojis you need in the next update
  30. The top 10 best celebrity couples
  31. Things that just make sense to have in your home
  32. Band names each friend would name their band
  33. Things from Amazon that you would recommend to a stranger
  34. Your friends as fast food restaurants
  35. A song for every milestone in your life
  36. How does each person’s road trip snack preference defines them
  37. The first five things you’d spend money on if you won the lottery
  38. Bucket list items
  39. Local coffee shops ranked
  40. The best and worst things about everyone’s jobs
  41. Give all your friends a new name and persona
  42. How everyone’s zodiac signs fit their personality
  43. Your group as Friends characters
  44. Holidays ranked from worst to best
  45. Celebrities that would play your friends in a movie or TV role
  46. Things you’d rather be doing than your current job
  47. Each of your colleagues, a dog breeds
  48. The best (most useful) things you’ve learned from TikTok

Build The Best PPT Night Ideas TikTok

*PPT- PowerPoint Presentation

There is no way you have not seen (or heard about) the platform taking the internet by storm. Tiktok is known for its unique content videos, and in January 2022, users downloaded Tiktok to the tune of 1Billion+.

In addition, a little bit of everything is available on social media platforms including, cooking hacks, viral videos, D.I.Y., presentations, and many more.

powerpoint tiktok ideas
powerpoint tiktok ideas

Here, you can build a PPT using Tiktok that will be a social media smash, steal the show, and impress your friends.

1: Create A Killer PowerPoint Presentation

Are you ready to create a stunning Tiktok presentation that you can share with your friends? The slide presentation should be left at home (They are so 2001 – or the Tiktok youngsters might say, “Cheugy”).

It is easy for non-designers to make something extremely awful in PP. Other than that, presentation night parties can be ruined by sloppy decks. You can create something fresh and modern instead by using

It is a great idea to have a bunch of inspiration with pre-made templates to start from if you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting together a Tiktok presentation before a party.

2: Choose a Crowd-Pleasing Topic

best PP ideas
best PP ideas

This is not your school or college presentation; it is a Tiktok style presentation. In other words, you can be cheeky because you are with your friends – not with your boss in a meeting room.

In addition, you will need a crowd-pleasing theme to create a winning presentation for PowerPoint night. You can also make and share these ideas such as pop culture news or drama, dating apps, ranking your favorite things, pre-birthday presentation ideas, and casting your friends as movie stars.

Whatever you choose, it should be light-hearted and fun at its core.

3: Use Eye-Catchy PowerPoint Graphics – Party Night Ideas

Bullets points are the most visible part of eye-catchy graphics. If you want to make your presentation stand out during PP party night, you have to start with funny images.

To make your Tiktok more exciting and get more views, don’t be afraid of using your photographs, GIFs, or videos.

Furthermore, many people don’t read text; that’s why you should use more funny images because your buddies want to spend the night laughing with you.

You can find out thousands of comic visuals from Google or Pinterest library. So, you can choose what works best for your PowerPoint night topic.

4: The More Vibrant the Hues, the Better

ideas for powerpoint night
ideas for powerpoint night

We suggest you choose bright colors that go well with your PowerPoint night theme ideas for the party tonight.

For example, if you are presenting a collage of your friends as Disney characters, you might primary colors that Disney frequently uses.

Similarly, if you rank your favorite fast-food restaurants, you have to choose a mimic color scheme to win the restaurant’s logo color. The color we are using in the logo to generate contrast makes your writing legible and bold, regardless of how you choose your palette.

5: Enjoy Yourself with It

Unlike a boring, cookie-cutter class assignment, this Tiktok presentation is yours to do as you wish. You can have fun and think outside the box. Are you interested in using funky fonts and untraditional colors?

It would be preferable if you took care of it. Do you use grids of photos on half of your slides? Wonderful. Would you be interested in uploading a funny video or recording? Seeing it makes us happy.

You have the freedom to create the most outstanding presentation for your PP night and personalize it. Beautiful. A.I. will allow you to push the boundaries without resulting in something completely unappealing, so your end deck will be Tiktok-worthy.

How to Host a PowerPoint Night

Now you know what PP is and how to build your presentation, but here we will let you know how to host one. So here’s how you can do it.

· Select Who to Invite

The main part of a PP night is having fun; this means that you wish to invite people you would have fun with. This kind of party isn’t for everyone. Adults, young adults, and teens would do well with this kind of night. You wish for people who would have experience making presentations.

· Explain the Rules

After selecting who you wish to invite, you will need to explain the rules of the game you are playing. You should also clarify if there’s themes and what topics everyone in your group wants.

For instance, some people set rules like you have got three minutes to present your topic, and your limit is three PP slides.

You can have people do a topic they are passionate about or have a theme. If you are concerned about people having the same subject, have your friends submit their topics beforehand. It means that if someone submits the same topic as someone else, they can pick another theme.

· Send the Link

If you make your mind up to PowerPoint night over a video call, send the link to your friend group and join the call as soon as possible. Entering the call early will offer you to work out any possible technical difficulties.

Plus, you can offer everyone to share their screen while they are presenting.

· Now Enjoy

Now enjoy your PowerPoint night with memes, images, charts, GIFs, and much more. Most PP parties have hilarious topics, and the presentations aren’t taken seriously.

3 Amazing Powerpoint Templates

If you are looking for premium templates to use for your PP night, here are the most amazing templates:

Ciriio-Colorful & Fun PP Template

The Ciriio premium template is versatile, with a fun, cool theme with conceptual objects. This template is amazing for any PowerPoint night topic ideas you come up with.

You can simply change the theme colors of the presentation template and add pictures by dragging and dropping the picture onto the placeholder.

Animated Instagram Stories PowerPoint

This template is incredible if you are going to have many images. You can simply change the layout of the slides. There are almost 29 slides with a single image placeholder and 25 with two image placeholders.


This PowerPoint template has five color scheme variations; this template is versatile and multipurpose, which means that it functions for PP night topics. It comes with 150 slides.

So you can simply add an image by dragging and dropping the image into a picture placeholder.


PowerPoint slide nights are a high-volume trend on Tiktok in which you and your friends can create hilarious slideshows about celebrity iconic Duos, hot takes, and many more. You can make fun during your holidays or pandemic and spend quality time.

In this article, you will get 5 amazing PP night ideas that steal the show and blow your mind. Other than that, a plus point is included you can learn how to make a funny PPT.

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