22 Apr, 2024
6 mins read

Peripheral Proteins (Detailed and Easy Explanation)

As the word “Peripheral Protein” suggests a close association with the cell membrane and cellular components, I hereby intend to illustrate its composition and how it works in coordination with the cell membrane. The cell membrane acts like a protective shield that curtails the forbidden particle from entering the cellular structure. The function of peripheral […]

4 mins read

Polar Covalent Bond: Definition and Examples in Chemistry

What Is A Chemical Bond? Chemical bonds are the formation of compounds and molecules by binding the atoms together. Types Of Chemical Bonds? There are different types of Chemical bonds including (1) Covalent bonds (2) polar covalent bonds (3) Non-polar covalent bonds. The difference between them is how the electrons are arranged or shared in the […]

6 mins read

What is Correlational Study & Research? – Definition, Types, and Methods

What is a correlational study? There could be many correlational study definitions but, I am going to tell you a simple one. The correlational study is the study of the relationship between two variables. What does that mean? It simply means that a correlational study is used to determine that 2 things are related to […]