22 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

Glycerol – An Authentic Directory For You

Glycerol is a significant chemical molecule that is used as a solvent to reduce the loss of moisture, a textile supplementary, a power and heat communication fluid, and countless other pitches. Read this article to know this authentic information about this compound’s structure, uses, and properties. What Actually is Glycerol? This word originated from the […]

4 mins read

Polar Covalent Bond: Definition and Examples in Chemistry

What Is A Chemical Bond? Chemical bonds¬†are the formation of compounds and molecules by binding the atoms together. Types Of Chemical Bonds? There are different types of Chemical bonds including (1) Covalent bonds (2) polar covalent bonds (3) Non-polar covalent bonds. The difference between them is how the electrons are arranged or shared in the […]