Best Metroidvania Games Switch of All Time Favourite
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Best Metroidvania Games Switch of All Time Favourite

Are you a game paramour? You will know that there is a huge gaming category like party games, action-adventure, OpenWorld, fighting, and many more. You can choose to play on your desired consoles. In this review post, we elect the 10 Best Metroidvania Games you can play on your Switch.

So, here we go;

Top 10 Metroidvania Games on Switch

The Metroidvania category is one of the best for playing on the move, and Nintendo is the perfect console for them. Below we have stated our top 10 picks for the best games of this genre you can play on your Nintendo Switch.

1. Hollow Knight

Metroid Dread

Hollow Knight is one of the best games you can play on your Nintendo Switch in the Metroidvania games world. This 2d side-scrolling game is a maze of interconnected rooms requiring extensive exploration. However, if you want to leave here alive, you must dash, dodge, and slash your way through.

Moreover, there are a ton of things to gather, secret regions to find, characters to unlock, and challenging bosses to defeat. With this one, players will be entertained for a while because they will also need to solve some problems and go backward.

2. Best Metroidvania Games for Switch: Metroid Dread

There were masses of equestrian on Metroid Dread as it was the first entirely new 2D Metroid game produced in 19 years. Auspiciously the game was a hit; in fact, our team’s review found it is one of the highlights of the switch collection.

Though the Metroid Dread has the whole thing a Metroidvania games paramour wants. The extensive scale for exploration, the logic of isolation, the expedition of power-ups, and the difficult boss bouts give it the advanced look of an up-to-date AAA game.

3. Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

There is nothing more to say or less about the great port of an outstanding game, Axiom Verge, on Nintendo Switch. In Axiom Verge, a player will get the whole experience in a version that lets both handled and home play.

However, in the gameplay, you are a technologist who awakens from a lab accident and ends up in a strange, mysterious alien world. Where you will discover all the linked rooms for armaments, items, and aptitudes to defend yourself from biomechanoid mortals.

4. Ori Series (Best Metroidvania Games on Switch)

Ori Series (Best Metroidvania Games on Switch)

Both Ori series attain on the Nintendo Switch and are just as gorgeous as the Xbox. A player will realize Ori’s accurate intention as they explore an all-innovative, unearthly, and beautiful world.

While the gradually rising powers of Ori and his friend give players constant rewards for their hard work. The gameplay is challenging, yet not once feels depressing and almost comforting to switch the fascinating art style musical score are the decoration on the cake. That makes a player’s attention on the character and hunger to keep playing to the game assumption.

5. Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

This Metroidvania games must-play on Switch for fans because of its tight gameplay, engaging writing, and meticulous aesthetics. Shantae and the Seven Sirens featured all new dances and animated cutscenes in the chic of TV.

While the player attends Shantae as she discovers a connected world, she meets a village. Where she can take part with non-player characters and jail-style mazes with bosses to keep away. The player takes additional artwork for completing the story based on their final time and achievement percentage.

6. Owlboy

Owlboy: Best Metroidvania Games on Switch

Owlboy concludes a ten-year work from its developers, D-Pad Studio. It is a project to inducement the enthusiasts of Metroidvania games with the combination of story-based adventure that merges action with a bout on the Switch.

As players explore the world, they will see attractive artwork, challenging but well-designed platforming mechanisms, and a captivating story that explains gradually. The experience of Owlboy stands out as convincing and deep, giving players sufficiently to excavate into hour after hour as they reveal new powers.

7. The Metroidvania Games for Switch – Dandara


What Metroidvania games can be with unique moment controls in this exciting twist into the standard picture element art direction encounters gravity-confronting sensibilities. In the gameplay of Dandara, a player will be in the world of salt where the player oppressed are fronting forgetfulness.

Additionally, the player will escalate as a Dandra who confronts all gravity and fences across floors, ceilings, and enclosures to get around. You must be reckless, respond well to dangerous traps, and be speedy on the draw when bombardment down the competitors.

8. The Messenger

The Messenger

The 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania games like The Messenger for Switch resemble the 8-bit and 16-bit times of gaming wonder. Highlighting an amazingly long crusade, an unbelievable soundtrack, and constricted challenging-level strategies.

In addition, there are masses of backpedaling character updates and skills to gain a sufficient hack n slash battle. When you grasp the time-traveling portion of the game, the Metroidvania essentials of the title are exposed.

9. SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2: games of Metroidvani

You can play one of the most popular games of Metroidvania on Nintendo Switch SyteamWorld Dig 2. It has stylish and good-looking characteristic humor and a good attractive soundtrack. It improves and enlarges upon the qualities of the original and knockouts some delightful high points.

In gameplay, mysterious earthquakes shudder a steampunk civic. Consequently, it is up to a player to discover what’s triggering it. Players must excavate deep into the earth and discover treasure mysteries and hazardous traps. However, its attractive aesthetics and cast set the scene for a firmly designed and ingenious exploration game.

10. Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee! 2

A stunning, exciting action platformer with a strong mixture of fight and platforming gears, all set in one of the best alluring Guacamelee! 2 Metroidvania games for Switch. Furthermore, players must use every bit of their ability and power-ups to defeat the challenges.

There are also challenges room in the gameplay for a player to discover. The game can be played singly or willingly with 3 other players. The game features many opponent types aptitudes and bigger maps.

That’s it. Keep sharing your favorite Metroidvania game you love to play repeatedly.

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