Why are my AirPods so quiet? Let Troubleshoot and Review it!
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Why are my AirPods so quiet? Let Troubleshoot and Review it!

One of the notable sound pieces that help you experience the harmonious ambiance around you is the Apple Airpods. However, sometimes you feel frustrated with why your Airpods are so quiet. You can find them convenient, and it does work well. But if you are encountering issues with not getting any sound from your headphones, you need to address them differently. One of the well-known factors that reduce the sound volume in your AirPods or cause your AirPods to become too quiet is present for your review.

Why are my AirPods getting so quiet? It can imply several reasons that could fit into your situation that cause your volume to get low or slow. Different things can happen around your major, but determining the leading cause can be challenging at times. One needs to test out other hands-on alternates first. So, let’s learn one by one what causes your sound degradation in your Airpods.

why are my airpods so quiet on android
why are my airpods so quiet on android

Troubleshoot!When my Airpods are so quiet

Following are some techniques that can help you overcome your issues with your AirPods being so quiet, giving no sound in it.

  1. Try to keep your AirPods clean from dust and dirt that affect your sound volume.
  2. Check for low power mode for iPhone, limiting the battery drainage
  3. Adjust your volume setting if it is set at maximum.
  4. Update your iOS software to incorporate system settings adjustments.
  5. Check for your AirPods battery if it causes a sound problem
  6. Adjust or turn off Equalizer settings
  7. Connect your Bluetooth
  8. Check for a similar volume on both Airpods
  9. Ask Siri to adjust your AirPods sound
  10. Check for any damage to your Airpods

Keep Your Airpods Clean

Sometimes Airpods allow dirt and dust to get inside the small openings on the back for sound. Even earwax can hinder the fluent sound experience that can cause a deterioration of sound. So, if you are experiencing your Airpods being so quiet or not sounding correct, Then it is time to get your AirPods backside sounding tracks clean. Do it correctly with the cotton buds or tissue paper to clean your sound earpieces.

why are my airpods so quiet on pc
why are my airpods so quiet on pc

Turn Low Power Mode On when my AirPods are so quiet

Low Power Mode could also sometimes affect the sound quality of your iOS devices. It restricts the power usage for certain apps’ audio sounds, consuming too much battery for their functionalities. Although it limits how loud you can play your audio content without any prior volume control settings in your specific apps, it occasionally causes dissatisfaction for users, as AirPods have separate batteries. Yet, each iOS device operates in perfect sync. So, if your Airpods get quiet while connected to an iOS device, then you need to check for your low power mode feature on your iPhone. Turn it off if you have enabled it on your iOS devices.

Check For quiet Airpods Volume level

Setting your volume at maximum can also cause such an issue, especially if you have apprehensions about using high volume. You can then try using the Accessibility Settings option. In the Settings > General > Accessibility menu on your iPhone, navigate it. Scroll down the screen options until you find the VolumeLimit at the bottom. Using AirPods on Android works smoothly without any audio limits to prevent hearing loss issues.

can i connect airpods to pc
can i connect airpods to pc

Update your iOS software

Outdated iOS software for your Apple devices or Airpods can hinder the device’s performance. So your Airpods are not working can be due to such software issues. Getting your software updates will somehow help to go ahead. You can check for your recent update if it is available for these devices.

For that, you can navigate your iPhone Settings > General > Software Update in the menu. Then look for Airpods in the Software Updates.

Low battery on Your Airpods

If your iPhone is getting low or dead battery on your Airpods, it halts the function of playing your Airpods sound. Check the battery life of your Airpods before you start listening to music with them. Moreover, check for the charging case battery before playing your Airpods. Sometimes it happens that your Airpods die out, and you don’t get an alarm on its draining battery. Airpods usual battery time stays for at least a few hours considering its usage. However, it is pretty normal that one of your Airpods drains out earlier than the other.

Turn off Equalizer Settings

Setting your equalizer makes your audio sounds on your headphones, and speakers complement how you hear daily. Changing your Equalizer setting will adjust the sound in your AirPods, restricting your smooth sounds. You can reset to normal to adjust your Equalizer Settings. Just navigate to Settings > Music > EQ (Turn off). It makes the audio sounds playing on your Airpods much quieter.


Check For my Airpods Bluetooth Calibration

Connect your Airpods with your iPhone using Bluetooth. As you can experience different configuration settings for Airpods and iPhone sound, disable Bluetooth for the time being to see if it is interfering with music playback through your AirPods. Try to play music on your iPhone speakers, then slow down the volume. Then reconnect your Airpods and enable Bluetooth with changing volume in your Airpods.

Adjust the Same Volume Level in Airpods

If any of your AirPods has a problem adjusting volume or its level is significantly lower compared to other AirPods, then you may experience the issue of AirPods getting quiet. The problem could be adjusting both Airpods to the same level. You can also check if both Airpods are adapted to the same level. You can take one of the AirPods from its case, then place it back in the charging case. Just wait for it to resume its connection. You can turn your AirPods volume down if it is louder than the others, then try to reconnect them as you disconnect simultaneously. There you can calibrate their volume level.

connecting airpods to pc
connecting airpods to pc

Ask Siri to Adjust Your Airpod Sound

You can also ask Siri to adjust the sound of your AirPods whenever you want. Connect your iPhone to Siri and then adjust the volume. You can tell it to change the sound volume by a percentage because it can be beneficial to increase the volume. It is, however, much more straightforward than tweaking with the volume buttons on your iPhone.

can you connect airpods to pc
can you connect airpods to pc

Get Technical Support for my so quiet Airpods

You can check your Airpods for heat, liquid, or dust damage. It can sometimes result in the audio not playing correctly. If your AirPods are damaged, contact Apple’s Technical Support Team for repair and maintenance. Ensure you estimate your repair or replacement cost before sending it to the technical support center.

In wrapping up our discussion, many people feel curious about why their Airpods are so quiet, but we tried to explain different options to resolve your issues. Most commonly found issues have been given to bring up knowledgeable insight. If you still feel trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me in the comment section for further review.

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