What is Poise in Elden Ring & How It Works in Combat
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What is Poise in Elden Ring & How It Works in Combat

Don’t know about the Poise in elden ring? Don’t worry; you can easily find all the details of Poise, its usage, and its benefits in this blog. Poise is a base stat in a game essential in combat as it determines how well the players can withstand their opponent.

In Elden ring, different stats help players understand the characters’ battle. So let’s jump to the next section to discuss it in Detail.

What is Poise in Elden Ring?

Poise is a significant part of the game, especially for inexperienced people. It controls the damage of a character that sustain before staggers in elden ring happen.

The poise stat in elden gets affected whether you attack the enemy or are attacked. Attack animation continues, and the land attacks the enemy. Due to this, a character will be quickly knocked back if it decreases Poise by 33. It is problematic because landing assaults become incredibly tough.

A character must play attentively if he wants to execute combos and attacks. The high Poise in a game will help the character land attacks on the opponent without fear of harm. The main goal of the elden ring is to kill and not to be killed. Hence, Poise assists when the opponent attacks you. No matter what character you are built with, you need to have high Poise.

The effect of Poise in a game is less when it is low and somewhat high. Strikes are constantly halted when the level of Poise is 40-50. The survey indicates that the bull goats talisman is the best armor in elden, which leads with a poise stat of 133. It’s the best armor until and unless a big cat attacks and captures it.

How to Increase Poise HP in Elden Ring

Increase Poise Hp in elden ring

The most important feature of Elden is Poise, and different ways can increase Poise by 52. When you invest skill points into endurance, you can increase your poise stats. In this way, you can naturally increase your poise stats level to a satisfactory level, which will help you play with your choice.

Another way to increase it is to wear the right armor set that stops enemy attacks from coming near you. The poise level differs with the armors as each armor has its individual poise values and some armors improve the poise level greatly.

However, you can boost this value further with the following items:

  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman – Increases Poise by 33%
  • Baldachin’s Blessing / Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing – Rises Poise by 52%
  • Endure Skill in some weapons – can be bought at Knight Bernahl at Warmaster’s Shack.
  • Leaden Hardtear – Prevents staggering from certain damage for 10 seconds but does not stop knockdowns.
  • Ironjar Aromatic – Boosts Poise and puts on many other resistances.

Hence,  choosing the right armor set is a must to do if you want to upgrade the poise level.

Poise level of Different Armor

It differs with the armor sets, which means the better your armor is, the better your poise level. Colossal weapons are the best choices because they cause the most critical damage. The best armors are given below, which assist you in damaging less to your character and upgrading your points.

  1. Bull goat set = 100 poise
  2. Lionel’s set = 86 poise ( check HERE for latest Poise updated to patch 1.07)
  3. Veteran’s set = 75 poise

Upgrading poise is worth or not

If you don’t want to get harmed or staggered, you should have a high level of Poise. The inexperienced players should invest some points to get the poise stat and save them unless they are used to the game’s dodging and rolling mechanic. If your poise hp is 51 and poise damage occurs at 50, you can resist optimally.

Players complain that their enemy attacks get canceled even when they are at 40-50 level, which is alarming, so the minimum Poise in the elder ring is 60 to attack your opponent. It isn’t worth upgrading if you are below 60, so it is recommended to increase the level until you have gotten used to the dodging in the elden ring.

Base stat in elden helps you to improve the timing of the hits and dodge, which comes with the practice, and you learn from it slowly and gradually. Learning these things will make the game easy for you. Poise works the same for your enemies, too, and with the same level, and can deal critical damage.

How to Stagger Opponent Party in Elden Ring

Stagger Opponent Party in Elden Ring

Staggering in elden ring can be done with different strategies. It’s an advantage when the opposition party in front is heavily armored and trying to damage you. It is seen when an enemy drops the shield or gets interrupted. Several ways help you to protect from enemy attacks and insist the enemies drop their shield. Find out the best ways here:

  • The charged heavy attacks are the effective ways to stagger enemies.
  • Jumping to the heavy attack is beneficial in building up to a staggered state.
  • Shield parries take time; only experienced ones can use them, but they directly stagger an enemy.
  • Special attacks from the ashes of war are also effective, especially those that hit hard.
  • Try to get many attacks as possible because it’s important to attack successively to stagger the enemy.
  • Sword dance staggers the enemy very well. A quick chain of speedy attacks from a set of daggers like Ash of war is quick.

Types of Staggering

There are two types of staggering in elden Ring:

  1. When enemies are being staggered
  2. The Stagger is your character which deals when damage is received.

Therefore, when it comes to enemies, depleting their Poise bar will break their posture and allow you to deal Critical damage to them.

Further, it depends on the type of weapon you are being attacked with:

  • Weak Stagger – is caused by the standard weapons, and you didn’t move your body for half a second after being hit.
  • Heavy Stagger – is hit by great weapons; you can’t move for a second.
  • Knock-down: once you get hit, you will get knocked down entirely off your feet and didn’t persist in any actions till the recovery animation is completed. The colossal weapons can cause this Stagger.

However, only two types of staggering are allowed for PvP, which are heavy and weak. Even if another player attacks you with a Colossal weapon, you will still get heavy staggering.

Stagger works on bosses or not?

It works, but it is dangerous, and a player has to be aggressive to stagger enemies, and if a player gets aggressive with elden ring bosses, it is a recipe for disaster. It opens up key opportunities to attack enemies. Jumping heavy attacks are the safest bet, and you need a couple of parries to stagger a boss fully. To fight well, you need to memorize the opponent’s attack patterns for effective results.

Make sure you help in boss fights which also deal physical damage with their weapons.

Classification of Poise Weapons

The weapon class produces the stagger from the depletion of Poise, and it’s not dependent on weapon weight. There are two types of staggers that help get weak hits from humanoid opponents.

  • Heavy Staggers
  • Weak Staggers

Heavy staggers are produced by the bigger weapons, which are great to use, whereas the standard weapon sizes produce weak staggers—classifying weapons as standard and Huge ones.

Bigger and Huge Weapons are:

  • Greatswords
  • Curved Greatswords
  • Great Spears
  • Great Thrusting Swords
  • Great Hammers
  • Colossal Swords
  • Colossal Weapons
  • Halberds

The weapons which are not bigger are all standard ones.

  • Straight Swords
  • Curved Swords
  • Thrusting Swords
  • Spears
  • Hammers
  • Whips
  • Daggers
  • Crossbows
  • Axes
  • Katanas

Blaidd’s set gives the Poise 51 to stop the standard PvE attacks from performing a weak stagger with the lowest weight carried. Non-heavy attacks in PvP to withstand at 60 poise in total. However, the cleanrot set supplemented with Bull-Goat’s Talisman gets 64 poise. 

Poise Damage

These great and standard weapon classifications do differing poise damage values to see if the stagger occurs.

Standard Weapons

A player two-handing a weapon can deal about 10% more poise damage, and any strong attack can typically double the poise damage. Most Standard weapons have 50 poise damage and 100 with heavy attacks, excluding the following:

  • Crossbows
  • Greatbows
  • Bows
  • Daggers
  • Claws
  • Fists

However, Crossbows and bows have a very small amount of poise damage, somewhere between 5 and 10, while the others are around 30.

Great Weapons

These weapons can deal 100 damage to your poise. A Great weapon knight carries out a stagger against a player with 100 poise. Increasing poise to 101 the player is only staggered once every other hit, whether the enemy can use their weapon two-handed or in tandem with a shield.

Therefore, the only way to increase poise above 100 in Elden Ring is by using one of the buffs or a Bull-Goat’s Talisman with heavy armor.

New Update in Elden Ring

Elden ring is a recent game launched from a software game this February, but it feels like it was released several years ago and announced new updates quickly. The patch notes are massive, and it’s hard to kill your friends. As per the Bandai Namco patch, plans to encourage more versatility in gameplay. Her encouragement means to make you a nearly unkillable God in a single player. The updates addressed fan feedback, balance changes as required, and added new content if required. Quests, characters, and many more updates are occurring as it updates with time.

The DLC expansion has not yet been updated in the elden ring, and fans want a new update to download. Elden ring update 1.07.1 precise the duration of Endure Ash of War. These changes had a greater impact on the game, and those were drastic. The elden ring update makes players use the Inescapable Frenzy Incantation, which will now have the proper amount of FP reduced when they use it.


Poise hp in elden ring is a guard to you and signifies the number of hits you can bear from enemy attacks. It is said that the characters who have a high level of Poise can stop more enemy attacks before dropping their guard. If you hit the enemy repeatedly, they’ll lose their Poise and be exposed to the attacks. It works most effectively but can be broken, due to which critical damage can happen at any time.

Wearing heavy armor is more efficient and saves some poise-level points. During attack animations, high-power armor assists you in adding poise hp. Hence,  all the important features of poise hp are mentioned above in Detail, and you can learn the steps closer to beating bosses and play the game easily with tricks.

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