Vizio TV Won’t Turn On: Get Cracking Secrets to Resolve it
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Vizio TV Won’t Turn On: Get Cracking Secrets to Resolve it

It is frustrating that suddenly a hurdle comes while entertainment like Vizio TV won’t turn on. And you want to see your favorite series. It is not possible to buy a new one as it is expensive and repairing expense is most costly and time-consuming. There is no need to worry and panic; there might be many possible reasons for troubleshooting. It is not always the reason for the broken TV. Maybe there is an issue with built-in settings.

In this article, you will know the techniques to recover the TV problem and why it is not powering on in the following section.

When Your Vizio TV Won’t Turn On, Use These Helpful Hints


Check the Standby Light

Before resolving the troubleshooting issue, check whether it is turned on or not. Just check the standby light if it’s on or not on TV. The red light indicates that the TV is on standby mode. If it shows blue light and still shows a black screen, there might be an issue of backlight or an input screen problem. If you don’t see the light, your TV isn’t receiving power.

What if Standby Light’s On for your Vizio TV

Some reasons for TV troubleshooting are even the standby light is on, and it does not turn on. Check

What if your Vizio TV won’t Turn On, then Check the Remote

Sometimes it happens that the TV does not turn on; it might be possible there is an issue with the remote, not the TV.

The most common issue of remote is the battery issue. Maybe batteries are weak or dead. Try by replacing batteries and turning on the Vizio.

If it is still not happening, remove the batteries from the remote and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Then after 15 seconds, again place the batteries in the remote.

Vizio TV won’t turn on if Standby Light’s Off

If the standby light is off and the red light is on, it might lack a power issue. Apply some of the tricks accordingly.

Check the Power Source of Vizio TV

Firstly, check the menu button both in remote and TV on one. Sometimes it happens that the TV is on but shows the blank screen. This step is to check whether the menu is popping up or not.

Reset TV factory with Remote

  1. Click the Menu button → then the System option and choose Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  2. Type four zeros (0000) to reset it on asking the code.

Reset TV Factory without Remote

  1. Press and hold the source buttons with volume down when the TV is on simultaneously. Your TV will tell you the input button after a few seconds.
  2. Now press and hold the input button for 10 seconds.
  3. The above step will turn off the TV and reboot the reset factory in a minute.

Your issue of TV may be solved with the above technique. If the menu test fails, it is a power source issue. Ensure the connection of the TV and power source is plugged correctly.

Check the Condition of the Power Cable

The most common problem is the loose power cord, which does not supply the power to the TV, and that’s why the TV does not turn on.

Ensure that cord is fitted correctly in the power outlet and check their connection. If it is not, place the cable in the power outlet or try another power source.

Now make a strong connection between the cord to the back of the TV. Ensure the connection is secure, especially if the child or pets are around you. Otherwise, you have to face severe consequences. The cord should be tighter as if you rotate or move the TV, it might lose. Take the cable out of the power outlet while not using the TV. Always cautious on plugging the cord with the power source. The above methods are not solving your issue, so that you can try some more techniques.

Power Cycle Vizio TV if It Does Not Turn On

Some of the straightforward ways of power cycling Vizio’s TV follows.

  1. Disconnect the cord of the TV from the power outlet.
  2. It is easy to find the power button at the back of the TV; you need to see the button closely.
  3. Hold the button of your TV for 10 seconds to drain the saved energy.
  4. Again try it on your TV.

Note: Above steps will help you to apply in many cases. If none of the procedures work, try again and press the button for 10 seconds. These methods are enough to fix the TV.

Contact Customer Support Office

If above all techniques do not work, contact the customer support service of Vizio’s TV. Give them a call and follow their directions to fix the issue. It might be possible that it can’t solve the troubleshooting of the TV on the phone, so they inform you about the process to send it to their repair center.

Recover Internal Components

You can also troubleshoot the board if you know electronics to identify power problems. Maybe a power supply board is failing to support a Vizio’s TV. Transistors, capacitors, and diodes are the most common parts to supply the power to the TV; if they fail, it does not work.

In the T-Con board, timed control is responsible for sending signals to LCD OR LED or many others even if the power output is proper but does not turn on. Do not disassemble the TV circuit by yourself as it could be risky and a very precise or detailed process, so it’s better than TV can be checked by a technician. Any wrong step while testing the circuit of Vizio TV may damage the TV and risk your life because of high power connections.


Sometimes it happens that v won’t turn on; maybe there are multiple issues to resolve. Hopefully, the above techniques are quite enough to resolve the immediate and straightforward problem. Be handy with your device. Also, ensure your safety if you don’t know about technology or circuits, as safety comes first. So none of the above tricks work, then contact customer support service rather than risk yourself by trying.

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