Scary Websites & Horror Games: Top 26 Sites You Must Visit
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Scary Websites & Horror Games: Top 26 Sites You Must Visit

Scary websites and domains are on the internet, which evaluates the staggering nature of the content, interactions, and activities happening in the space.

However, it is required to improve your data and make the world a better place while creating aesthetic websites, although the internet will be an instrumental tool that causes havoc.

We have carefully gathered the best creepy and scary websites you couldn’t hear about before.

Let’s learn about some of the most terrifying and spooky websites.

What Do I Mean by Scary Website?

Scary means something unpleasant or causes fear in our minds if you see a definition.

Could you please multiply the intensity of that definition by 10 times or so? Because you’ll get an idea of what the creepy websites we’re discussing below have in store for you.

Furthermore, nothing will be out of the box here, ranging from photos of dead babies, the last cries of dying people, and summoning ghosts to live torture, rape, or even murder.

Even though some websites claim to have cameras in abandoned hospitals that display all kinds of paranormal activities in real time, some websites let you play scary interactive games.

However, it is debatable how real these activities and actions are. A group of people believe it is all fake and just for show.

On the other hand, some are firm believers and sure whatever appears, or displays is real.

Moreover, a third group of people are unaware of these sites’ existence and believe they do not exist.

Let me discuss one more thing I am sure about; these creepy websites existed at some point.

Even if it happened in the past when it was much easier “not to get caught” on the internet.

One of the solid evidence of these creepy websites is “Daisy’s Destruction” (where Peter Scully sexually and physically harassed children), followed by hundreds of people.

Unfortunately, these all are real. Read more about creepy websites as listed below in-depth, and brace yourself!

Best 26 Scariest Websites That Give You Goosebumps

Best 26 Scariest Websites

According to research, most creepy websites are dangerous and can spread malware. However, we have come up with the best scary websites that are completely safe. You can easily visit without any worries.

But would you like to visit them without being scared?

Let’s see how courageous you are!

1. House of Digital Horrors

It is a one-page website that offers extremely haunting experiences featuring dreadful data, creepy clicks, and pallid performances.

Before going through this website, choose a costume that reflects your character throughout your stay on the website. The website’s background rhythm also spreads fear.

Furthermore, the House of Digital Horrors website is designed in full-screen mode, providing an immersive experience as if you were inside a horror house.

2. Nightmare Machine

Nightmare Machine

It features horrific images created by Artificial Intelligence. However, these images are not real, but they resemble real objects, places, etc.

It immediately warns all visitors when they land on the website. So, prepare them for what is coming when you go through their page.

Moreover, they contain scary content and images composed of real things. Hence, it may not be suitable for all users.

3. Creepy Pasta

It is one of the most well-known scary websites on the internet. The content includes stories of the paranormal, zombie apocalypse situations, tales from the grave, and much more.

It is the best website for those who want to share and post their own stories and is good for updating new content daily.

However, the amount of ads on the site is the only thing that keeps this website from being frightening.

If you have a lot of cute pictures of kittens saved in your browser cookies, it will show those images once you access the website and take you away from being scared.

4. Shock Till You Drop

Shock Till You Drop

It is best for news, information, and reviews on scary information. It includes detailed information on independent and mainstream movies that will be released soon.

Furthermore, this site is enjoyable due to its spooky background, chains, electric lights, and blood splatters.

In short, the Shock Till You Drop website is knowledgeable and well-developed.

5. The Outbreak

After entering this site, you will see an interactive movie where you can choose your path.

However, your decision will result in gruesome and gory cut scenes, as well as the character’s death.

These movies have become more popular worldwide via the web. And the outbreak did a fantastic job with the horror genre.

6. The House

The House

It is similar to The Outbreak website.

But The Outbreak has some cinematic elements to the game, where you easily decide on the route to take. On the other hand, The House is a game that the user has more control over.

Further, finding clues and getting aware of your surroundings in this interactive thriller game is essential.

7. The House 2

It is the sequel to the scary website’s game “The House.” However, it comes up with a scare and spook element with advanced sound and random pictures that will pop up throughout the game.

It’s quite impressive that two of the terrifying websites on the internet share the same name and theme.

But due to its overly spooky and creepy dead families, it maintains the user interest and calls them back for more.

8. Purgatorium


It is a rather quick, simple, and terrifying game. In this game, you set in a room with a baby carriage where you must find clues to help you out of the room.

You’ll discover hints about what happened in this house along the way.

9. Exmortis

It is considered the scariest game on the Web. This game starts as you approach a lonely home on a hill in the woods. After entering the house, you must gather clues to help you survive.

Moreover, there are several spooky and unpredictable things that you can see throughout your time in the house.

10. Frightfind


It is helping its visitors to find multiple haunted locations. Frightfind website features various historical write-ups and detailed listings of real haunted places devoted to instilling massive scares and fights in their visitors.

Moreover, it includes a feature that allows you to search for true haunting geographically. Would you like to find a haunted house around your neighborhood?

11. Hashima Island

It is an extremely interactive website that lets you choose the level of fear you wish to experience. This scary website allows visitors to explore an area called the “Ghost Island of Japan” by clicking and dragging.

However, the images are not so frightening, but the background music and the shaking effect create a scary atmosphere on the page.

Thus, the scariest thing about this spooky website is the location to be explored is real!

12. Scary For Kids

Scary For Kids

This scary website includes terrifying bedtime stories and a vast collection of movies, videos, games, and other whatnot.

Its content compilation is very spooky, which scares both children and adults.

13. Homicide Monitor

It is one of the most dangerous and scary websites ever created. This website provides a map that shows all the murder cases happening on earth.

It tells scary information to users, which varies yearly.

Additionally, it has a drop-down box from which you may select any country to learn more about the specific murder cases that happened there.

14. The Last Meals Project

The Last Meals Project

Just thinking about dead people scares me; however, The Last Meals Project lets you know about individuals on death row and their last meals.

Imagine you will see multiple photos of people with their last food before dying, which is extremely spooky with incalculable devastating effects.

15. Housecreep

Housecreep is a real-life and fictional crime that took place in reality.

This website contains a comprehensive list of houses with horrid stories that happened in real life or will be assumed to happen in the future.

Its contents in Housecreep include murders, hauntings, unexplained deaths, etc.

16. Bloody Disgusting

The Last Meals Project

It is a terrific portal that includes a wide selection of TV shows, movies, podcasts, scary videos, etc.

Bloody Disgusting website contains a community where horror lovers will communicate, sell or buy horrific artifacts.

Moreover, it will update you about the world of horror. However, it is a scary website to visit, especially if you are alone.

Hence, this site offers several amusing effects that will help you eliminate boredom.

17. Slender Man

It doesn’t contain eye-catching visuals. However, this gameplay can scare the life out of you. Slender Man is a gaming website that takes players on a nighttime journey through the woods away from the Slender Man.

Players have only a flashlight while searching for 8 manuscripts before the Slender Man catches them.

Although we have never seen or heard anyone get these 8 manuscripts without being caught by the Slender man.

Moreover, players knew when he was near while the drums began to roll slowly and rhythmically. When he comes close, your screen will go insane.

We highly recommend you visit these creepy and scary websites or play this scary game alone!

18. Dead Babies

Dead Babies

Babies are so cute and sweet. But this site is very scary, where mothers or relatives post photos of their dead babies.

The picture isn’t just “dead,” but they are horrid to look at. It is creepy enough to give you a “no-sleep” night; believe me, I am speaking from my experience.

It is considered to “immortalize” the babies, and there are “digital candles” on the sidebar while people burn and write memoirs for them.

19. Best Gore

Do not visit this website if you can’t bear the sight of bones being sawn through because people have been shot in the most brutal ways or anything resembling that.

This is what the Best Gore site is about.

You will find extremely graphic video content there, which can haunt you for days.

However, it is not all extreme content; it also contains slightly mild content, including people being beaten in public, real dangerous stunts leading to death, and so on, are available.

Let me clarify that it is not like a “red room” because the content isn’t generated or owned by the site. They simply obtain the videos and share them with their readers.

20. Ghost Island of Japan

Ghost Island of Japan

Do you ever want to walk alone around a haunted, dead-like zone? If your answer is Yes – although I wish you don’t. Then this is one of the most terrible and scary websites to visit.

It allows you to enter “Hashima Island,” a real place in Japan, and you can walk around it using Google Street view.

Inside this Island, you will choose 5 different locations and start to walk around.

However, these locations aren’t computer created but are real ones. On the other hand, you will also get information related to the location.

Is it not creepy enough for you? Hold on and get your headphones on. They’ve ensured they’ll top any list of creepy websites by embedding some eerie music throughout.

21. Shocking Surprise

If I disclose what happens on this website, the surprise will be shocked you. It will no longer fit the bill of creepy websites.

Will you trust me and go over there and check it out for yourselves? But let me give you some precautions, do not wear your headphones, and do not check them out if you are susceptible to seizures (It’s not a joke; it truly has shock-inducing abilities).

Hence, it is probably one of the most spooky and creepy websites I have included in this list.

22. X-Rider


It was my mistake to open this site, and I am writing this piece of work at around 1:30 am in a dark room; it’s too scary!

The X-Rider website has a short video of a blood-stained girl with even creepier music.

Are you searching for a reason not to sleep tonight? Why not be my guest? All you need is one click, and you will be on this website. I assure you that your sleep will be gone.

23. Magibon

Magibon is a website where a woman uploads videos. Now the question arises what kind of videos? The scary one!

Mostly she began the video for some seconds, and then there was a second video stream in which a man scratched the floor madly.

However, the content of the website itself wasn’t scary enough, but Magibon’s website has received immense popularity, even her own Wikipedia page stopped uploading one day suddenly.

Well, that is another reason to add to the creepiness of the website, and no one knows where she went or what happened to her.

24. Death Date

Death Date

I doubt there is anything creepier than “death”! Is there? If you admit there isn’t, this website is literally the perfect example of Creepiness.

The site has a gruesome display and no disclaimer anywhere saying it is just for fun.

So what if the website owner has some kind of black magician with the ability to predict deaths?

Anyways, the site has a form to be filled out. It required details like Name, Age, Sex, Height, Weight, etc., to be asked.

However, the data isn’t deposited. It auto-converts the entered information into a more recognizable form. So, ft is converted to cm and lbs into Kg(s).

Furthermore, you can also be pointed out if you are addicted to one of the three death stimulants, for instance, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.

Death is calculated in three types; Neutral, Optimistic, and Pessimistic.

The stopwatch counts down the date of your death to the last second, as shown on the website, and a bar tells how much the user’s life has passed.

In short, entering your name, and looking at the timer, will make me scared about my death date.

25. CreepyGirl

The CreepyGirl website published content about a girl. It gives a weird look of the girl with bloodshot eyes.

When you look at the pictures, you feel like the girl is staring at you and watching your all activity. It is both so real and terrifying.

However, the whole story is due to the Graphic design and CGI-programmed images, which touch the website’s natural and real look.

26. Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost

Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost

Once you approach this website and begin scrolling through the page, fear may get the best (or worst) of you.

Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost is a horrid webcomic. It has the word “ghost” in its title. It means this site is all about ghosts.

I wouldn’t disfigure it out for you because that’s what you will discover yourself. Whether you learn things easily or in hard ways, it’s up to you.

Don’t blame me later if things get out of hand.


We have listed the scariest and creepiest websites you may have never heard of.

As mentioned earlier in this article, make sure you don’t visit these scary websites when you are alone because they might have devastating effects on you; in some extreme cases, it affects your mental health too.

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