Weird Dreams People Had During the Pandemic
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Weird Dreams People Had During the Pandemic

When you find yourself in bed with a coworker or walking down a road, suddenly, you feel like your feet leave the ground and you are flying – Weird dreams

Our dreams are the weirdest of our minds, where rules and order don’t exist.

Scientists study dreaming and say it is not strange, and the weird dream didn’t come out of the blue.

The brain thinks, creates memories, and solves problems. Hence, it observes new information.

According to Robert Stickgold, Associate professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School’s Center, It processes new information by determining what’s important, what’s not, and what’s connected to something you already know.

He said to NBC News, ’’You cannot think about something and listen to people at the same time.’’   

Therefore, our brains need time for processing and learning new things, and they do this during sleep. There is a lot of evidence that sleep makes learning and storing memory possible.

Factors That Can Cause Weird Dreams

5 Astonishing Factors That Can Cause Weird Dreams

There are plenty of factors that can be the reason for your vivid dreams or nightmares.

1.  When You Ate a Huge, Spicy Meal for Dinner

        Some foods can cause a fitful night’s sleep that leaves you tossing and turning. Also, it makes crazy night dreams too.

Many people report having weirdly vivid dreams after eating spicy or heavy foods. Some experts surmise that this can be due to fiery foods which increase your body temperature. As a result, you have a worse sleep.

According to Lisa Medalie, a University of Chicago psychiatrist told NBC News that the more you eat, the harder your body is to digest all that food, and it is harder to achieve restful sleep.

2.    After You Take Sleep Supplements.

       If you have a melatonin supplement, it will help you fall asleep more easily. But it will lead you to have super weird dreams or nightmares.

According to a survey and a small study published in Sleep and Hypnosis, if college students, particularly women, take 6 mg melatonin before bedtime, it was more likely to rate their dreams as bizarre rather than those who take a placebo pill.

3.  Weird Dreams Can Be Cause When You Are Going Off Your Medicine

       When you stop your medicine, lower your dose, or switch to another prescription, there is a good chance that it will affect your dreams, especially when you stop the medications quickly instead of slowly reducing them.

4.  You Binged On TV before Bed

   According to a survey on children, watching media before bed significantly ups the risk of nightmares or weird dreams. Some experts suspect that it can be because toddlers and kids have trouble telling the difference between what is real and what is fake.

However, the TV stuff is more likely to scare them. It is reported in a British survey of 2,000 adults that over 60% are more likely to have bad dreams after watching a scary show.

5.  You Are Super Stressed Out

  It is stated that over 90% of people suffering from PTSD report having disturbing and fitful dreams. Generally, research shows that anxiety and stress will affect higher rates of nightmares.

If your nightmare impacts your ability to get a restful night’s sleep, consult your doctor immediately.

Conclusion About Weird Dreams

We have covered several factors that can contribute to weird dreams, ranging from anxiety to diet.

However, there are even more facts to consider when trying to have better, deeper 8-hours of sleep each night.

Moreover, the mattress quality also matters as the best mattress for you depends on your sleep style.

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