The Ugliest Man in The World (Top 8 Horrible Human Being)
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The Ugliest Man in The World (Top 8 Horrible Human Being)

The article will guide you about the ugliest man in the world because it has a special reason to tell you about the ugliness of a person whether it is irritable. On the other side, everyone wants to become a beautiful or handsome person. Still, if anyone has ugliness in their facial features or other parts of the body, that’s not their problem because it could be a disorder or birth problem. And these kinds of people have insecurities, but they learn to live with them proudly. And most people are busy with the list of hot celebrities, and they accept the crown of the ugliest man. Additionally, mostly these types of people are found in the horror movie as the horror character of the movie. Let’s move on to the next section of the article that will amaze you by knowing the popularity of their character.

The Popular and Ugliest Man in The World – Top 8

Popular and Ugliest Man in The World

Popular and Ugliest Man in The WorldPeople have different facial features that describe the beauty of the person, but as you know, beauty is in the eye of a person. Whether you have ugly or beautiful features, it does not matter. On the other side, there are various considerations across cultures and individuals regarding what material makes the person healthier, beautiful, ugly, or handsome. In the end, I am pretty sure beauty start from the beginning of your life when you are born. But I think you will never know who is the ugliest and most famous person in the world. Here is the following list that guides you about the ugliest persons.

1: Godfrey Baguma – The Ugliest Man In The World

Godfrey Baguma is 53 years old Ugandan national and one of the most popular and ugliest men in the world. He has a known medical condition that means his face is deformed, resulting in an unattractive appearance that is exotic. Baguma became the highlight of 2002 when he entered a competition for the ugliest person in Uganda because he wanted to make money for his family to overcome the financial issues.

According to his history, he won the competition and retained the title to this date. Today, he works as a public speaker, singer, and comedian on the Ssebabi stage. On the other side, Godfrey Baguma is involved in three marriages and has eight children.

2: Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop was born on 21st April 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, United States. He works as an American-based musician, songwriter, and writer and is well known for Godfather of Punk. Additionally, he was the lyricist and vocalist for the brand the stooges formed in 1967.

In 2010, Iggy Pop became the ugliest celebrity in the United States. And he also took the honor of the good surgeon guide – conducted a survey to determine the ugliest celebrity. However, after the 1300 polling by the common people, Iggy Pop beat the other celebrities like Jodie Marsh, Donatella Versace, Cher, Mickey Rurke, and Melania Griffth.

3: Joshua Glen Box

Joshua Glen Box

Joshua Glen BoxJoshua Glen Box belongs to Springdale, Arkansas, United States of America, and he is 38 years old. Most people consider him the ugliest man in the world because he suffered from different devastating facial injuries – he looks so hideous because he has no nose feature. Additionally, Joshua faced many legal battles throughout his lifetime. He attempted to kill himself in 2015 due to he was first charged with child porn. Unluckily, he never died and lived to suffer from the gun short that deformed Joshua’s face.

4: Michael Berryman

Michael has been considered one of the ugliest guys in the world since his childhood because he has a special kind of clinical disorder. Today, he is 72 years old and suffering from hypo hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which is determined by the lack of sweat glands, hair, and nails. Therefore he has a horrific look and is cast in many Hollywood horror movies, and due to this reason, many people tagged him as the world’s ugliest man. He’s one of the famous roles popular in people from “The Hills Have Eyes.” This man has some kind of smiling face; that’s why they realized that he had a disease called Prader-will syndrome.

5: Wiliam Masivinu

Wiliam Masivinu
Wiliam Masivinu

Wiliam Masivinu is considered the ugliest man in Zimbabwe. This man probably qualifies as one of the ugliest in the world and challenges the Guinness World Record holder. However, he lost the hideous title to another person; a decision is taken by the vehemently contested. Zimbabwe mostly organizes ugly beauty contests every year to celebrate beauty in ugliness. This competition started in Beitbridge in 2009 and gained more popularity with no disappointment. I find it amazing that William appreciates his ugliness and wins awards for it. He has said he has never been prouder and the victory in Zimbabwe is one of the greatest achievements in his life.

6: Maison Sere

Maison Sere has an ugly smile that suits their ugly face, and he also won the title of the ugliest person in Zimbabwe. He beat the Wiliam Masivinu – an already titleholder who was unsatisfaction. Sere has several missing teeth, and his smile and appearance do not look good or attractive. In addition, he was wearing a torn jumpsuit during the competition in which he dethroned Masivinu, creating the ultimate and terrifying appearance on stage.

7: Etienne Dumont – The Ugliest Man in the World

Etienne Dumont
Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont is a tattoo lover who decided to make the tattoo over his entire body from hair to toe. His 99% body is covered with bizarre tattoos because he is undergoing some transformation, like a 5cm ring in his ear tunnel and a silicone implant under his skin that made him look like a young bull. He was not as ugly as mentioned above. And he underwent various transformations just to look ugly to other people. He is fond of showing different human beings to stand out in the crowd. Etienne Dumont did so much hard work to get into the list of the ugliest people in the world.

Jason Schechterle

At last, Jason is also included in the list of ugliest people by their will of fate. The fortune is that he is a retired police officer who is still surviving their life tragedy. In 2001, he was patrolling in his area, and in-office, Jason was involved in a motor accident that nearly claimed his life. A taxi crashed into his car, and both vehicles broke out and turned into a burning flame. When the car caught fire, Jason could not come out of the car and suffered from severe burns all over their body. Then he was taken to the hospital. The doctor had no option to treat him; that’s why the doctor removed all of his faces. The next day, a newspaper published him on the list of ugliest men in the world.

Wrapping Up of The Ugliest Man in The World

There are many ugly people who are commonly found in the world, and they all have ugliness, but they do their work with the ugliness and no shame because it happened to them due to some syndrome or disease after birth. The article has discussed some of the ugly and popular people in the above section. So go above and look on. Please tell us in the comment box is there any person around you who is ugly so ask him the reason and tell us in the comment box to tell the people and encourage them with no shame.

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