Stair and Balcony Railing Materials &its Design Trends
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Stair and Balcony Railing Materials &its Design Trends

Are you installing the Stair and Balcony Railing in your house? Building a new stair or balcony railing is a huge investment in time and money. Therefore, deep research is required when you are planning to install the railing.

Areas like balconies, rooftops, or terraces require protection. The balcony railing is known as a balustrade classically. However, the most versatile material used in railing is steel, especially for big projects. People choose balcony designs according to their choices and keeping in mind certain circumstances.

What is Stair Railing
What is Stair Railing

What is Stair Railing[Design Trends & Material]

A stair railing is a railing specifically designed for stairs which is a protective barrier. Therefore, it helps to prevent falls, especially for children. The stair railing can be on one side, open to a drop in height, or on both sides. Stair railing is a common term specifically used for interior design applications.

However, building codes in stair railings is a complex process. It refers to the number of stairs. Talk to an experienced railing consultant before installing one in your home.

Design Trends of Stair Railing

When it comes to stairs, there are unlimited options in design.  Some include a half-wall stair railing, an enclosed stair railing, or a stair railing gate. Different decorative stair railing styles have different functionality; however, most designs are durable and strongly installed. The stair and Balcony Railing design is updated every next day.

·         Stair rail gate by AGS Stainless.

A stair railing gate is installed when safety is the priority, and if youhave children, it is mandatory. People mostly install it on the top of deck stairs. These railing systems provide satisfaction if you go outside that your children are safe at home.

Furthermore, people can install baby-proof stair railing systems by choosing a panel or mesh infill. A baby gate should have a latch to have access to parents only. It also helps in preventing pets from getting lost.

·         Half Wall Stair Railing Design

The half wall is the indoor stair railing used for dividing space. However, it gives the feeling of openness. A handrail is also attached in half wall stair railing design. And the process is the same as the knee wall stair railing installation.

·         Enclosed Stair Railing Design

It is the most trending railing system and encloses the wall partially or fully with surrounding walls. Stairs are less visible in the enclosed interior railing installation.

·         Traditional Stair Railing Interior Design

Keeping a sophisticated look and feel, you can remodel the stair railing systems. Experts find it easy and give a modern touch to the classic design and replace the stair railing infill with a bar railing.

·         Modern Stair Railing Interior Design

Modern Stair Railing interior adds warmth and builds clean lines. Another idea is a sleek brushed finish which many people consider.

·         Contemporary Stair Railing Interior Design

Continuously Contemporary Stair Railing is updating. Consider all the infill options and complement each other to make an attractive look you love at first sight. Consider a bar or cable infill and remodel stair railing systems to create strong lines.

·         Rustic Stair Railing Interior Design

It includes the usage of natural materials, for instance, wood. With cable infill, it uses the wood handrail to install the rustic stair railing systems. Cable infill and open risers are beneficial as they allow light to flow to the landing.

·         Farmhouse Stair Railing Interior Design

Farmhouse stair railing design weighs the simplicity and functionality. The stainless steel cables in the indoor stair railing kit vanish into the background and give the feel of openness.

Materials used in Stair Railing

Material costs mostly determine prices for stair railings. However, the railing system’s cost isn’t the only thing to consider. There are additional considerations, such as appearance and utility. 

To make an educated decision, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each material for stair railing is essential. Plastic, wood, aluminum, glass, iron, and stainless steel are the most common materials used for stair railings.

·         Plastic

Vinyl stair railing kits come in various colors and require little upkeep. Vinyl is a plastic used for various things, like roofing, siding, insulation, and window or patio door frames. 

They are resistant to rust and moisture, but weathering could cause them to fade. Vinyl is brittle because it changes shape when temperatures change.

The railing system could develop cracks over time. Installing a PVC stair railing kit may not be the best option in a high-end setting, despite PVC being a strong and durable material.

·        Wood

The home’s classic architectural style is complemented by elegant newel posts and wooden railings.

For certain properties, preserving the home’s unique compositional elements is helpful. Using a few basic tools, you can repair wood stair railing systems with a little knowledge, carpentry skills, and time.

It takes some research to learn how to remove and replace stair railing infill, but it doesn’t require a lot of skill. You could replace parts of your wood stair railing with stainless steel cables, tempered glass panels, stainless steel mesh panels, or stainless steel bars to improve the appearance of your home.

Your home’s interior will look brand-new with a modern wood and metal stair railing. If your railing system is old or broken, modifying it rather than replacing it may be a cost-effective option.

What is Balcony Railing
What is Balcony Railing

What is Balcony Railing[Design Trends & Material]

The balcony railing is designed for balconies, terraces, and rooftops. It’s the barrier to save from falls and drops. Therefore, balcony railings are made from different materials, for instance, glass adapters or floor glass clamps.

The balcony railing’s height differs from the surface above grade. However, the average height is 36 and 42 inches. Glass balustrade has many benefits, and the material used is good quality.

Design Trends of Balcony Railing

The exterior designs significantly impact decorative balcony railings, for instance, contemporary, modern, and traditional exterior designs. You can find famous railing designs from Rainier, Glacier, and Olympus photo galleries. Designs differ in quality, so make sure you choose the best one.

·         Contemporary Balcony Exterior

A contemporary balcony railing design will be based on whatever is popular. Right now, stainless steel is hot and here to stay. A well-designed contemporary balcony design is attractive and appealing.  

·         Modern Balcony Rail Exterior

Modern balcony design should be simple and functional. It’s a timeless balcony design because it is unchangeable. The modern balcony is the substitute for your living room when discussing lounging activities.

·         Traditional Balcony Exterior

Traditional balcony exterior design is defined as consistent and by order. However, nature is ornamental to the balcony design.

Materials used in Balcony Railing

·         Stainless steel

This best-case scenario is a gallery with a tempered steel railing, which is wonderful, strong, and designed to surpass most neighborhood building regulations. Choosing a tempered steel railing plan for an overhang will consider more completion choices like brushed or reflected.

·         Iron

Created iron overhang railing plans are famous for their conventional feel. Sadly, due to their high susceptibility to corrosion, create iron balcony railings will cost significantly more than stainless steel ones. Also, a balcony is the most important part of a building’s exterior, so even a hint of rust on a balcony with wrought iron railing will make people think twice about buying it.

·         Glass

A balcony’s glass railing provides a completely transparent appearance. The best way to avoid blocking the amazing scenery is to choose a balcony with a glass railing. Additionally, glass balcony railing systems are excellent wind barriers.

·         Aluminum

An aluminum overhang railing is lightweight, simple to introduce, and more solid than wood or plastic. Aluminum, in contrast to stainless steel, is susceptible to significant corrosion. Compared to alternatives like iron or stainless steel, aluminum is also a soft metal. 

Powder coating and paint won’t do much to protect a balcony with a metal railing from corrosion if there is a dent in the surface. When creating designs for metal balcony railings, stainless steel is a far superior material.

·         Wood

The wooden stair and balcony railing designs with wood posts and cable infill offer a traditional appearance at a low cost. Since a gallery is a level stage that generally stretches out from beneath the overhanging roof of a structure, it can collect a ton of water that could puddle around the lower part of wood posts and cause decay.

It is possible to purchase factory-primed, treated, and glue-laminated wood posts to achieve a more consistent finish that is resistant to rot and takes less time to install. Similarly, by preventing damage to wood posts, cable sleeves strengthen cables and prevent rot.

·         Plastic

A vinyl balcony railing usually comes in various colors and requires little upkeep. On the other hand, vinyl and composite are plastics that can be purchased at a lower cost. Paint tends not to stick to plastic balcony railings, so it may be impossible to conceal this cheap look.


Stair and Balcony railing designs are updated daily, and new trends are penetrating the market. The designs vary with commercial and residential balconies. Alongside this, the materials used provide durability, finishing, and attractiveness to the balcony and stairs.

So, it’s understood that railings are attractive and make your house more appealing to the guests. Furthermore, furniture adds charm to the interior design of your house. If you are confused between different interior designs, you will surely find the answer to your question here.


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