How to Hem Pants without a Sewing Machine
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How to Hem Pants without a Sewing Machine

Are you exploring to know how to hem pants? If hem pants aren’t fitting right, skip the pricey trip to the tailor and catch matters into your own hands. All you need are a few necessary tools and the following four steps to creating a new hemline in a topic of minutes. Before you start, be sure to compare the label: If your pants contain cotton or cloth, prewash to allow for shrinkage.

Whether you want to enhance the style of a pair of pants or your height makes buying off the rack difficult, or even if you need to alter fabulous hand-me-downs, receiving to sew a hem is a vital home sewing skill.

We’ve all been there – managing high on the purchase of a new pair of pants, only to realize that we have to spend more money and proceed to wait before we can wear them. While it’s correct that a good tailor is an essential resource for begetting well-fitting tailored clothing, some things are simple to you. None are more comfortable than the humble hem a half-hour of your time, and a few household devices are all that you need. As an avid do-it-yourself, I’ve been hemming my pants for a while now and get it to be a comparatively simple and highly satisfying job.

What we’re discussing here is described as a blind hem, where the stitching is almost invisible. This won’t work for things like jeans, where you require the hem to be visible – you’ll need a computer for that. But this works excellent for stuff like chinos and formal pants, where you want the hem to be clean. I’m using a pair of Lost Monarch chinos here (now in stock!), which come at 35″. On heavier, coarser fabrics (like this cotton twill), the stitching will be slightly visible, but on fine woolens, it will be almost impossible to see if you do a good job.

How to Hem Pants by Hand 

You’ll require some equipment for this that you strength not already have, like a seam ripper, thread, and makeup scissors. You’ll begin on one side first and then shorten the other side after, and while this might seem like a lot of info, it’ll go faster on the second pant leg because you’ll just be repeating the prints from the other portion. Just be super systematic about it, and you’ll get better with usage. (Or worst-case scenario, if you mess up, plainly explain the stich to your regional tailor if they’re open, and they’ll likely be able to fix it.)

One of the mildest things you can do to look a little more dapper is hemming your clothes pants when they’re too large. As someone who does this for maintenance, it’s the first thing I notice about people, particularly in a professional context. You can forever tell when pants are too long; either they’re drawing on the floor, or the break (the fabric that pools on top of the bottom on the pant front) is too big. Here’s a photo example of making those pants look sharp. You might need a tailoring machine, but this is likely a project that can be performed with just a needle and thread.

1) Gather your supplies. Depending on the program you choose, you’ll need a needle, matching ribbon, scissors, tailor’s chalk (as discussed in last week’s demo), president, iron/board, and possibly a sewing machine that has a zig-zag stitch.

How To Hem Pants
How To Hem Pants

How to Hem Pants the Easy Way

People want to know how to hem pants. How do I know that? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, let’s be clear – this post will show you wherewith to hem pants the quick and easy way with any patching machine. It’s not fancy. You bottle see the stitching (so this is not for $400 dress pants). It’s the same hemming that you’ll pay $10 for at an alteration shop – perfect for work pants, scrubs, or jeans. Are you available to DIY hem your pants (or your kid’s pants)? I know you are.

Ever since I put a decal of my SewCanShe logo on the rear of my car, you wouldn’t believe how many times strangers stop me – both men and gentlewomen! They want me to hem their pants. I have to tell each one of them the same thing: I don’t sew for money, but there is an alteration workshop around the corner wherever they do! I’m regularly writing this blog post to send somebody here to read it when they ask me to hem their pants.

Pin the Pants to the Correct Length

The proprietor of the pants should be wearing them (with shoes), so you can notice the length just right. And ‘just right’ can be changed for various people. One lady I accommodated required her jeans to skim the floor when she was wearing spurs. Gain sure you have a reflector handy (near the bottom), so the wearer can see the range.

Never trust people who solely say ‘hem them 2 inches,’ or ‘my inseam is 30 inches.’ Invariably pin and let them see how the pant parts will look.

As you can see in the photo above, I like to put the heads of the pins at the bottom to quickly grab them when the pants are under out.

There are two fundamental principles to the Man-made approach to style and dress: fit is everything, and purchase high-quality, generic items that will last. In quantity to help you hold on to those investment items, and make sure they suit you as best they can, Man-made is thrilled to present our latest series: The DIY Tailor. This summer and fall, professional tailor and exchange professional Danni Trester will teach us some basic tailoring principles and easy DIY repairs that every guy should know.


Q: Does hem tape work?

A: The hemming tape bestowal does a good job of sealing the fabric sides and decreasing fraying in most maximum fabrics.

Q: Is hem tape permanent?

A: Fusible hem tape is a second-sided fusible sticky tape that can be applied to lastingly adhere to two layers of fabric mutually. While using fusible hem tape is a clever alternative to binding a hem in place, it is permanent and cannot be extracted.

Q: Does hem tape last?

A: It won’t stay through even one wear. In the lengthy run, nothing can beat the stitch, since it will be permanently reliable. I’d recommend stitching the hems if you wear this garment casually and frequently. Hemming tape will work well on the garments you wear infrequently.

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