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Why Movies Need To See The Big Picture


Why Movies Need To See The Big Picture


Have you ever seen a film that failed to satisfy? If you’ve been disappointed by a promising movie, you may be wondering what went wrong. While there are crazy stories behind some famous plots, many dull movies simply failed to look at the big picture.

Why Movies Need To Focus On The Big Pictures

Some movies focus on one element and ignore everything else. For example, a movie might focus on beautiful cinematography and ignore acting and dialogue. A movie might have a great opening scene, but a dull middle and frustrating ending.

When people go to see a movie, they’re not focusing on one part of the movie. They’re there to enjoy the entire thing. That’s why every part of the movie needs to be solid. Directors need to make sure that every aspect of their movie is up to snuff.

The Importance Of Actors

Some movies have amazing scripts, but wind up falling apart when they are filmed. In many cases, this has to do with casting. The performance that an actor gives in a movie has a direct effect on how we see the character they are playing.

If a bad actor plays an important role, no one will see that character as believable. If an actor lacks energy in their performance, viewers will feel bored when they watch them. In some cases, issues with actors have to do with miscasting. If an actor is too old or young for a part, it may be hard to take the movie or their character seriously.

Actors are a crucial aspect of the big picture. If a movie doesn’t assemble the right cast, the rest of the film might never come together.

The Community Around The Film

While some of the most successful film directors are considered to be auteurs, it’s important to remember that movies are made for an audience. Directors and screenwriters can’t just think about what they want to see; they have to think about what audiences want to see.

Who is this film target towards? What kind of community will build around this film? These are the kinds of questions that need to be answered before a film is made.

If a film doesn’t have an audience, it’s going to fade away and be forgotten. If a community builds around a film, however, it can easily turn into a major franchise.


Film studios can’t just shoot a movie and hope for the best. They need to make sure that their movie gets plenty of exposure afterward. If a movie is marketed properly, people will be aware that it exists. Movies that get exposure usually tend to make a lot more money.

One of the keys to marketing a film is to market it to the right people. Napoleon Dynamite became a runaway success because it was marketed towards a younger audience that found its quirky themes appealing. Children’s movies are marketed towards kids themselves, but they are also marketed towards parents, who are the ones that will take the child to see the movie.

Before a movie hits theaters, studios need to figure out a marketing plan. With solid marketing, just about any film can be a success.

All movies need to see the big picture. A great movie can’t just do one thing well; it needs to do all things well. The next time you watch a bad movie, pay close attention to the mistakes the film made. It’s likely that the people behind the film weren’t looking at the big picture when they made the movie.