What is Rainbow Currency: All You Need to Know

rainbow currency
rainbow currency

Rainbow Currency is digital money that uses for several types such as investment and a source of purchasing in Safe Zone (open network of online and offline business) both inside and outside goods and services. The currency has none of any transaction fees. Not to mention, speedy shopping services online and offline respectively.

In this post, you will get to know what Rainbow currency is and how it’s important to the digital business.

What is Rainbow Currency?

Rainbow Currency is one of the most-sough digital currencies that makes sure that check all of the boxes of legit requirements to undertake investment.

Founded by Mike Demarais, Jin Chung, and Christian Baroni in 2019. The motivation of this project is to simplify the advanced technology of Ethereum for non-technologists.

Rainbow Currency or YEM is on the path to introducing cryptocurrencies to the market where it is currently unutilized. It is based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. In it, a compatible wallet with the ERC20 standard is also included.

Especially due to Safe Zone, a universal open network of the premium business hosted the rainbow currency that ensues the worldwide economic backup that extends its appeal to the mainstream.

The currency is strictly decentralized, impartial, transparent, and secure in the blockchain due to two-wallet protection.  This protection of the two-wallet system offers you a wide range of security with maximum protection to protect your transactions.

Ultimately, payments for shopping, and purchases online, can be secure, swift, and most important without any charges.

On the other hand, the rationale behind this currency design is to discourage shady individuals from trading and shopping via the currency of Rainbow. The precondition of formal identification before any transaction bar any illicit activity from this currency.

What are the basics of Rainbow Currency?

rainbow currency us
rainbow currency us

Ethereum blockchain is the cornerstone of Rainbow Currency. Apart from that, there are four different denominations of the currency such as:

  1. Rainbow
  2. Glitter
  3. Twinkle
  4. Dan

Nonetheless, the denomination of Twinkle is the official one related to the currency of Rainbow. Further, its value is one of the lowest in the Rainbow coins trading in the open market. Meanwhile, the official symbol of trading is TWNKL.

What Marks the Denominations of Rainbow Currency?

what is rainbow currency
what is rainbow currency

The denominations of the currency signify the multiple factors. For one, with the help of these denominations, it is easy to display and understand them.

On the other hand, there are different ways to exhibit high numbers for all currencies globally. They can be in a different sequence. One, it can be shown in the form of dots for every factor of 1000 with commas leading to separate the figures.

Normally, numbers are simply broken into the denominations of Rainbows, Glitters, and Twinkles. In this way, the calculation of each denomination becomes easy to note down how many Glitters, Twinkle, and Rainbow you possess.

It is pertinent to mention here that a cap of 100 billion coins is put on the number of Twinkles. Instead of this number, no other Twinkles will be produced.

The strong indications are with many users around the world utilizing Rainbow currency to select as a medium of payment; the demand for the currency will double without changing the supply chain.

Demand and supply, the major forces of the market would act as a catalyst to spike the rates of Twinkles. It is the very reason that led to the pause in the prices of Twinkles.

What is the Total Price of Rainbow Currency?

rainbow currency price today
rainbow currency price today

YEM or also known as Rainbow Currency Foundation is the mind behind this currency. Moreover, multiple governments ar4e willing to accept digital currency as a replacement for fiat currency.

Exception of different other cryptocurrencies, the circulation of money has typically no connection with any organization. Alternatively, it is a wide-large NGO that specifically represents the currency.

The core goal of the NGO is to build and institutionalize the Rainbow currency as a standard mode of payment. These coins, however, are not of much value as of now. The current rate of Rainbow coins for purchase is US$0.0000000006298 each coin.

Moreover, you cannot purchase or sell Rainbow to any other currencies out there such as Bitcoin or Ether. Making, Rainbow currency uniquely different from other cryptocurrencies.

But it is forecasted that the rates of Rainbow will increase in the coming future to the point it can be easily exchanged with Bitcoin.

Not only that, but YEM is also planning to have a bank where YEM holders can be able to store their digital currency. The interested parties should include in the Stake program where the amount of 100k YEM should be deposited. After this, YEM can be earned via supernodes, by putting it against it.

Where Rainbow Coins Can Be Bought?

rainbow currency 2022
rainbow currency 2022

The purchase of Rainbow coins can directly occur through various online cryptocurrency platforms. Below are some of the top cryptocurrencies exchange platforms that can easily bought you the Rainbow currencies:

  • Bitmart
  • Maintain Gate
  • CoinMarket Cap
  • Binance


Rainbow Coin is one of the very few cryptocurrencies that checked all the boxes of the recommended requirements of the German Federal Ministry of Finance related as a potential alternative currency against the Euro.

It is pertinent to mention here that Rainbow currency is not conceived as the currency for means of speculative exchange. Alternatively, it is a smashingly specialized tool that can be used for various types of investment and purchasing goods and other services both online and offline of the Safe Zone.

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