What Can I Use To Clean My Tv Screen Properly
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What Can I Use To Clean My Tv Screen Properly

You have a wide Tv – it’s your responsibility to clean its screen regularly so the appearance of your room looks cool with the shine reflected through your TV glass. It’s a normal thing we all know as time passes, the TV screen affects more because of the small dusk particle our TV accrues.

However, many peoples touch the TV screen every day and leftover with thump prints, which dull your screen time over time. In addition, stay your children out of your TV screen reach because many surveys show that the fluffy little hands are the major reason for your miserable TV screen condition.

But how can you clean your TV display like a pro? We’ll explain some cool ways of cleaning a TV screen of every type. You can apply these techniques to flat plasma or LCD screens.

However, the thing you need to avoid while cleaning is stopping using chemical sprays that weren’t recommended as a TV screen cleaner because the output you get in return doesn’t satisfy you. So let’s jump into the process instead of talking too much.

What Should You Use To Clean Your Plasma Flat Tv Screen?

You Use To Clean Your Plasma Flat Tv Screen
You Use To Clean Your Plasma Flat Tv Screen

All you need To clean a plasma TV display is a fiber cloth and a distilled water spray. Grab two microfiber cloths, 1st for dry cleaning and 2nd for wet cleaning. Here we gonna explain it through step by step process.

  • Spray a gentle amount of water on your microfiber cloth and start cleaning from the corner of the screen.
  • Cleaning with a circling motion is the best technique. Either apply this or simply just take the fiber cloth from the right corner to the second. It’s up to you which one you choose.
  • While cleaning, some people push the cloth too hard on the screen, which causes damage to the screen panel, so don’t repeat the same mistake. Instead, softly rotate a cloth onto the screen.
  • Suppose there is a severely dirty spot like the spot of cheese and pizza. In this case, you can apply dish wash which you will use just a drop of it. After you’re done cleaning with the dish wash process, apply a wet fiber cloth and clean it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Is it safe to clean a TV with alcohol?

When we are talking about applying alcohol to the tv screen, it depends on which type of chemical you are using. Isopropyl alcohol is a safe alcohol when it comes to cleaning technical products. However, some tv and computer screens have anti-glare properties of different characteristics though it’s better for you to read the product’s instructions before applying.

Things You Need To Avoid While Cleaning a TV Screen

You Need To Avoid While Cleaning a TV Screen
You Need To Avoid While Cleaning a TV Screen

There are important reminders before you use any product to clean your tv.

  1. The biggest mistake people make is using a husky pad or rough cloth for cleaning a tv screen—no matter whether your liquid cleaner is of good quality or what. But the pad you use to clean it is not what it is made for. Make sure that both the stuff you are using are perfect for the work you are doing.
  2. Stay your tv out of your kid’s reach because kids often apply dirty stuff to the tv screen, and sometimes it’s hard to get rid of those spots quickly.
  3. Avoid using paper towels and toilet paper to clean your tv. However, it doesn’t feel very bad at first, but after time passes, you come to see the screen looks rushy and dull.

How can I get rid of stubborn spots on my TV screen?

Suppose you are struggling to get rid of the stubborn spot. A spot could be juice or hot wings because this usually happens while watching a movie with friends. If you have a regular tv, then it’s okay to apply some dish wash to clean it though it is still okay to apply it on a plasma TV but a little drop.

Apply it once is okay, but continuous use of this will damage the color of your tv screen because the harsh chemicals it contains, like toluene, acetone, and ammonia, do damage in the long run. So we advise people to go for the officials designed to perform a particular task, like Windex, spritz, etc.

Can you clean the TV Screen while it’s on?

It’s not dangerous, but there are categories of tv where some do not have any problem with the cleaning while opening though some create a problem. However, it’ll be easy for you to clean when the tv is switched off because you can easily spot the dust particles on display.

Use your breath to clean the TV Display

This is the quick and easiest way to clean your tv display so far. All you need is a microfiber cloth, and your breath blow. However, this will only clean small thump spots. Let us explain to you the full procedure.

  • Check where the thump points are on the tv screen.
  • Take a deep breath and hit a blow of breath onto the thump prints spots.
  • Take a piece of cloth, gently wipe in a circling motion to the spot, and clean it.

Natural moisture on our breath plays a vital role in cleaning stuff like glass etc.


The simplest method to clean your TV display is to grab a microfiber cloth, spray a little distilled water on it, and gently wipe it in a circling motion. After then, take a dry piece of cloth and clean it again with that to get rid of a diminutive amount of water on the screen.

However, you’ll come to find many ways to clean a TV screen in this article which helps you in different aspects. The things you need to avoid during this process are a product that holds ammonia, acetone, or toluene, using the wrong pads and cloth, and staying your child out of a tv screen reach.

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