What Are the Best International Conference Call Services
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What Are the Best International Conference Call Services

What are some top-notch international conference call services for your business?

Hybrid learning is in vogue. Business nowadays is excessively dependent on their business on international conference calls, such as video or group.

In this case, you need good International Conference Call services too to conduct your business, right?

But which to choose?

There are many, right?

Well, yes. But we got you covered.

We have curated a list of top-notch internal conference calls services to help you choose from the best.

Read on!


What is the first thing that comes into your mind, when you heard the word “SKYPE”?

Yes, smooth calls!

Skype is a must-have service for international conference calls. Tens of thousands of companies, enterprises, and freelancers are using Skype to get your work DONE.

From its app, you can call local to international numbers without any fret about the charges. The app of Skype boasts a range of international conference calls services, such as video conferencing, call recording, screen sharing, file-sharing, and whatnot. Also, the best maximum results of Skype are on direct calls like 1 to 1. However, to some extent quality gets compromised when doing video conferencing on the app.

Skype is generally free. However, some features of it come at a premium. Like, such as adding a phone number and making calls from it. The prices of these vary depending on two conditions: region and call rates.

International Conference Calls: G Suite Hangouts

Google introduced its very own international conference call service: G Suite.

It offers conference and video meetings on Google Hangout. Besides, chat audio, video conferencing, and secure messaging for teams and freelancers are also available.

Moreover, international conference calls services are available on the apps of Google Hangouts. In G Suite, professional business emails address, together with cloud storage are also given.But there is something that set apart Google Hangouts from other services. Such as business phone number.

Google Hangout is free, in most cases. However, to access other features in the services you need to get the paid version, starting from $6 per month. Up to 100 participants can be allowed in a meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an all-encompassing, wide-ranging communication tool that caters to businesses and freelancers. Its features include international conference calls. Group chat, audio/video conferencing, and text messaging

In Microsoft Teams it is super simple to set up your team. It is compatible with all devices and operating systems.

Also, the basic feature of the software is a free-for-all. But for more features, you need to get the upgraded version of Office 365. This is called Microsoft’s productivity suite. It comes with a professional business email and other features such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and whatnot. However, much like others Microsoft Teams, too, do not give you the phone services for business. So, no customer calls on the Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is all-out-free but its premium Office 365 feature will cost you only $5 per user/month.

Conference Call Services
Conference Call Services

International Conference Calls: Zoom

You have probably heard of Zoom, right?

It is one of the most popular online video meeting software. Its popularity has sky-rocketed, thanks to the pandemic (pun intended).

Zoom is best known for its video and online meetings. Where you can with no effort launch an online international conference call and sharing participation links with invites is simple. It is available on all devices.

On Zoom, you can make a conference call of up to 100 people. This greatly helps you when you have to contact many persons simultaneously.

However, there are some drawbacks. For one, calls time-limited are restricted to only 40 minutes. As soon as the time hits the 40-minute mark; the international conference calls service Zoom ends the call, leaving everybody with the black screen. This is frustrating, given that any valuable correspondence or information can be missed due to the time limitations of Zoom.

Like the rest of them, the business phone number service in Zoom is also unavailable. But on the other hand, zoom meetings provide a unique dial-in-code for users to join the meeting through their phones. This is useful in cases where the participant does not have the app of Zoom or access to stable internet.

Zoom is free of cost. But it has a premium version, too. In this version, the time limit is gone, and coupled with other features is unlocked, too. It starts with the basic price of $14.99 per user and month.

This upgraded version of the Zoom is called the Pro plan. In this version, international conference calls have a longer time limit and the host can have this PRO account to have limitless meetings.

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