Paul Michael Einstein: The Great Grandson of Einstein
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Paul Michael Einstein: The Great Grandson of Einstein

Do you know about Paul Michael Einstein?

Well, you already know by the title. But it is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Stay with the article to look up further about him!

Is Paul Michael Really the Great Grandson of Einstein?

In short, yes!

The only living kin remaining of Einstein are his great-grandchildren. Because all his grandkids are beneath the earth.

Now that leads us to Paul Michael. He is Swiss at the age of 63. Now lives in France, where he worked as a composer and violinist. He is married with multiple possession of furniture and warehouses in LA.

But that is not at all. There is more for him to know, discuss, and explore.

Personal Profile of Albert Einstein

Born March 14, 1879, Ulm, Germany
Died April 18, 1955 (aged 76), Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.
Education Federal teaching diploma, 1900, University of Zurich (Ph.D., 1905)
Spouses Mileva Maric (1903-1919), Elsa Lowenthal (1919-1936)
Children Lieserl, Hans Albert, Eduard
Awards And Honors Nobel Prize in Physics (1921), Matteucci Medal (1921), Copley Medal (1925), Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1926), Max Planck Medal (1929), Member of the National Academy of Sciences (1942), Time Person of the Century (1999)
Famous work Special Theory of Relativity (1905), Relativity (English translations, 1920 and 1950), Investigations on Theory of Brownian Movement (1926), and The Evolution of Physics (1938), My Philosophy (1934).

Why is Einstein Famous?

why Einstein is famous

The famous scientist Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in the German city of Ulm. The scientist grew up in Munich in a middle-class Jewish family. As a kid, he was fascinated by the subjects of mathematics, science, and music.

He went to Switzerland after school in 1894. Here, he completed his education and got himself enrolled in the prestigious Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich.

The great-grandfather of Paul Michael Einstein fell in love with a fellow student girl named MileyaMaric in the Institute. His parents were against their relationship, and he lacked the financial stability to marry off. Eventually, he married her in 1903 when he landed himself a job at the Swiss Patent Office as a clerk.

Moreover, he toiled away day and night as a clerk. In work he invented some revolutionary work by producing 4 papers in a year in 1905. Amid this, he proposed one of his defining works called ”Theory of Relativity.” That espoused the rules of physics that can be applied to objects that are traveling in several inertial frames. Further, he elucidates the concept of the speed of light that every inertial frame is constant.

Between this, he married again with his cousin, Elsa, who is a novice in Physics. As time passed, he sharpened his theories and developed exceptional ideas in the field of unified field theory. That encompasses the entire universe and Physics principles into a single framework.

Amidst this, he got along with another famous theory called “Quantum Theory.” He put off various works like “Theory of Relativity” and focused on its energy. Ultimately, he finished his work on the unified field theory.

In 1955, he died from the disease of an aortic aneurysm and left his legacy unmatched. Later generations of scientists idealize his work with utmost work. His theory of cosmology was confirmed by space satellites.

Ancestral History of Paul Michael Einstein

Ancestral history of Paul Michael Einstein

Bernhard Caesar: The Father of Paul Michael & Grandchildren of Einstein

Bernhard Caesar: the father of Paul Michael & Grandchildren of Einstein

Albert Einstein’s son Hans Albert and his wife Frieda had a son named Bernhard Caesar. He was born in Switzerland and resided there till the age of 8. Then he with his family migrated to South Carolina.

Furthermore, Nazism was rising in Germany during this time, giving Einstein sleepless nights. In 1933, he persuaded Hans Albert to also migrate to the US. He nodded to his counsel, shifted to the US, and worked as a civil engineer in the Corps of Engineers of the US Army.

His Family Life

Like his grandfather Albert Einstein, Bernhard (the father of Paul Michael) was an exceptional scientist. He was born after three years of their parent’s marriage in 1927.

Later, his younger brother, Klaus, was born in the year of 1932 in the city of Clemson, South Carolina. But died at the young age of 6 from the disease of Diphtheria. Hans Albert’s younger brother, Eduard, had experienced fits of schizophrenia since he was 20. Resultantly, he had no children.

Bernhard’s Last Conversation With His Grandfather Einstein

Bernhard used to flit between the Swiss Alps and the coast of California. Following his grandfather’s footsteps, he crammed at the prestigious University of Zurich. After graduation, he raised his arms and joined the Swiss army as a tank armor plating.

A famous anecdote between Bernhard and Einstein was narrated by the former. When the latter enquired him about the rules of Physics when he was 25. He quizzed him about energy and several other fundamentals of Physics. But he failed to respond satisfactorily on any of the following. This was the last recorded interaction of Bernhard with his grandfather, Albert.

Who Is Paul Michael Einstein?

who is Paul Michael Einstein

The great-grandson of Albert Einstein, Paul, son of Bernhard, is an ordinary man who lives in southern France and is the owner of multiple furniture warehouses. He has a retail furniture store in Los Angeles. His sister Mira Yehieli lives in Israel with his family.

Does Paul Michael is Same as Einstein?

It was said that Einstein never tested himself for an IQ test, nor was it reported his children or grandchildren ever did. But he was generally believed to have an IQ level of 160. But the traces of his children’s IQ levels are not unknown, especially Paul.

Where are the Kin of Einstein Right Now?

the family of Einstein

Reportedly, the kin of Albert is in shamble conditions due to the Trustee of Albert Einstein’s Estate. However, some of his family members do not have a roof over their heads. It led the individual estate laws to make the killing out of it. While there are reports, his family members are also encountering multiple health diseases.

Lately, getting any information about Einstein’s Descendants is getting extremely difficult. They are likely living their lives as their father did. But it is highly unlikely they are enjoying the glory, fame, and status their great-grandfather had enjoyed.

Wrapping Up

The lives of Albert’s descendants are living in their lives. Many of them are unknown to public life, bar Bernhard Einstein. Due to his intelligence, he worked in multiple firms. However, he was an exceptional scientist with a vast experience in numerous corporate sectors.

Though Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists ever to live on this earth, his family barred Paul Michael and Bernhard, and many lived in oblivion.

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