Modded Nintendo Switch (Hack the Secrets)

Modded Nintendo switch
Modded Nintendo switch

If you want to permit the Switch to access older Nintendo titles, then the only option is a modded Nintendo Switch, but this is not an easy task. Because it does not allow all consoles to mod, even those that have the ability to mod. Moreover, its policy is very harsh for users; if they have observed any hacking, then they will sue you. Still, if you want to use common emulators means custom firmware on Switch consoles, then do it at your own risk.

Basically, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming systems worldwide. Thus, it offers a variety of games according to the versions. So, it does not allow any modification by the user. If the user does anything, then he will face serious consequences. Thus, before rushing to hack your Switch, it is better to think twice. Although the above policy statement is true, if you still want to do so, go through the following section to see its policy and guidelines according to the console version.

The Policy regarding Modded Nintendo Switch

Actually, according to the history of Nintendo, you may notice that its policy is not flexible regarding copyright infringement and intellectual property. Despite how old the game is, they claim everyone who illegally offers and distributes the game via mods, hacks, or ROMS. Moreover, they also prosecute people who sell old consoles and even old games. They also sued those who created Nintendo theme games like Mario for the PC.

Therefore, Nintendo is reasonably strict about user’s ability to do anything with their consoles and games, which means hacking or modding. Consequently, they may cancel your switch warranty and decline to use the service without any charge. Moreover, you may also be banned from online use while using the console, and you may get a claim.

Hence, there is a slight chance of modifying the Switch OS that will brick your device. Otherwise, it refuses to mod or even attempts to mod. It means that you have to buy a new console. So, it’s better to think before modding, as there is no way to go back. If you think it is worthwhile to take the risk, then move to the next section regarding the chance of hacking Switch.

Is it possible to Mod Nintendo Switch?

diablo 3 modded gear nintendo switch
diablo 3 modded gear nintendo switch

Basically, it is not possible to mod or hack the Nintendo Switch. It entirely depends on the particular vulnerability of a soft called Fusée Gelée. It was unveiled to Nintendo when its susceptibility was exposed. Then, it fixes it for later release consoles. So, if your Nintendo device cannot be patched, then it is moddable. On the other hand, there is no other method to mod your console.

Thus, there are various techniques to check whether your device can be patched or not. Among all of them, the easiest and simplest way is to compare the serial numbers of patched and unpatched Nintendo Switch consoles. For that purpose, go through the below section to see the comparison, but the initial steps to follow are:

  1. Firstly, search for your device’s Serial Number on the bottom of your device.
  2. If the sticker is not visible on the device, after that, you can verify it on your Switch by accessing the System.

Comparison between Patched and Unpatched Switch

modded nintendo switch controller
modded nintendo switch controller

Actually, those devices that can be patched will not work for modded consoles of Nintendo Switch as we described above section. However, there is a little bit of a chance that you can do a switch mod. But its vulnerabilities are generally closed by patches more often. Hence, here are the lists of some serial numbers with features of patched and unpatched Nintendo Switches, as well as their moddable characteristic:

1.      For Serial Numbers starting with XAW1:

From To Patched Moddable
XAW10000000000 XAW10074000000 Unpatched Moddable
XAW10074000000 XAW10120000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAW10120000000 up Patched Not Moddable

2.      For Serial Numbers starting with XAW4:

From To Patched Moddable
XAW40000000000 XAW40011000000 Unpatched Moddable
XAW40011000000 XAW40012000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAW40012000000 up Patched Not Moddable

3.      For Serial Numbers preliminary with XAW7:

From To Patched Moddable
XAW70000000000 XAW70017800000 Unpatched Moddable
XAW70017800000 XAW70030000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAW70030000000 up Patched Not Moddable

4.      For Serial Numbers preliminary with XAJ1:

From To Patched Moddable
XAJ10000000000 XAJ10020000000 Unpatched Moddable
XAJ10020000000 XAJ10030000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAJ10030000000 up Patched Not Moddable

5.      For Serial Numbers preliminary with XAJ4:

From To Patched Moddable
XAJ40000000000 XAJ40046000000 Unpatched Modded
XAJ40046000000 XAJ40060000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAJ40060000000 up Patched Not Moddable

6.      For Serial Numbers preliminary with XAJ7:

From To Patched Moddable
XAJ70000000000 XAJ70040000000 Unpatched Moddable
XAJ70040000000 XAJ70050000000 Patched Not Moddable
XAJ70050000000 up Patched Not Moddable

7.      For Serial Numbers beginning with XKW1, XKJ1, and XWW1:

Having serial numbers of these consoles can patch but not the mod.

Note: If you are not interested in viewing the lists or standing at the store. But still want to check the console’s moddable feature, then you can use the Serial Number Checker tool (SSNC), or you may also access the switched patched website.

What happens if my Switch is Moddable?

 Modding an unpatched Nintendo Switch depends on your firmware version. Although there are multiple ways, here we describe one of them to find the firmware version for your device, like System settings, pressing on the System, and afterward scrolling down to view the Update version tab.

Thus, the Recovery Mode or RSM tool can modify all firmware versions of unpatched Switch consoles. Additionally, the firmware version of 1.0.0 consoles can be modified via Nereba, and 2.0.0–4.1.0 versions are patchable with other software called Caffeine. Hence, to see the step-by-step method of Switch modification, you can search for it through Google according to your firmware version. Plus, follow the on-prompt instructions carefully before modding the Switch.

Still, future versions of these modding tools may crack the patch if you have patched Switch. Furthermore, do not update the version ahead of 7.0.1 if you want to wait. Then, all updates will put a stop to altering the console’s code.


We all know that the modded Nintendo Switch is a risky decision with numerous benefits and drawbacks. Since modding can enable a range of games and applications on your Switch. Where it permits your Switch to do things that it was not proposed to do, such as rooting or jailbreaking mobile devices.

On the other hand, in most cases, Android devices allow to mod legally, whereas the Nintendo Switch is not. So, it is better to avoid hazards, or still, if you want to do modifications, then do so at your own risk. Also, let us know by commenting whether the above modification details are worthwhile for you or not, and you are safe from any claim from the Switch platform.

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