MEDDIC [A B2B Sales Methodology]
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MEDDIC [A B2B Sales Methodology]

Suppose you contract with customers whose intricate internal politics and buying procedures feel like a Bermuda triangle. However, its revenues a lot of work to recognize new chiefs and change them through the qualification process. Occasionally, you may not find a new chief, whether an unfortunate fit, until after you have expended hours on research and communication. Well, the MEDDIC sales process bounces you a strong track ahead.

Because as soon you can qualify the chiefs as sales organized the improved. In this guide, we have shared a massive detail of Meddic’s sale process.

What is MEDDIC?

It is a sale method developed in 1990 that emphasizes the conclusion-making procedure in customer association. It is basically an agenda of queries B2B sales professionals can use to progress lead stipulation and create associations. And close the arrangements more professionally to succeed in predictions and probable buyers.

In simple words, this process highlights improved customer requirements. And influential whether or not you should increase struggle getting a customer onto your sales conduit. In addition, you will distinguish you are retailing to the right people in the right way, making it easier to close auctions.

What Does MEDDIC Stands for in Sales?

The Abbreviation Stands For
MetricsEconomic CustomerDecision CriteriaDecision ProcedureIdentify AgonyChampion

These six contemporaneous steps are used to be eligible customers in this Method. To use these sales stipulation frameworks, you will prerequisite to guide your diagnoses through each sale funnel stage. But you can’t do that till you recognize what each stage necessitates.

Here we have described every stage of sales conduits in detail.

1. Metrics

In Meddic sales methodology, first, discover what the customer anticipations are gaining from your resolution. Plus, these gains should be measurable.

For Instance

  • The company may want to increase its output by a factor of four.
  • They might want to get products to the marketplace in half the time.
  • They need to save at least 20 percent on the manufacturing amount.

However, these metrics allow you to define the economic reimbursements of your resolution. As soon as you recognize what metrics the customer case is about, you can verify how your resolution offers a virtuous return on investment. If you explain your resolution from an economic perspective, you will be one step nearer to concluding your sale.

2. MEDDIC Economic Buyer

Now you need to recognize who functions as the company’s economic consumer. Or the person who actually influences to make conclusions and approve the expenditure. It would be best if you frequently communicate with someone in a higher place in the company than your present contact.

Knowing the economic buyer and their tactic will support you close sales as the buyer’s refusal authority makes them the one person who absolutely must be influenced. Moreover, if probable, talk straight to the economic buyer to know their prospects, personal metrics, and the conclusion-making process.

Meanwhile, in some cases, chatting will not be possible. You should try to get this information about economic buyers from your connection. Use these statistics to make the sale edible to the buyer if they will not be straight exaggerated by it.

3. Decision Criteria

The next step is that you need to recognize what criteria the company uses in making verdicts. Companies are frequently obtainable with multiple solutions from different causes, imposing them to compare and choose. Suppose you know how they make this choice so you can modify your messaging.

However, the Meddic criteria fluctuate according to a company’s demands. But companies mostly use these below-mentioned factors to make their decisions.

  • Budget
  • Integration
  • Potential return on investment (ROI)
  • Restrictions

Yet the company does not already have officially demarcated decision criteria. You can desire them to put it to document. This demonstrates that you can encounter all their criteria and display that there is no purpose. They should not accept a sale. 

4. MEDDIC Decision Process

The decision Criteria state what drives a company’s decision. The decision process states how that decision is really complete and trailed concluded.

Furthermore, a decision process will contain the person who makes a decision, the timeline they function, and any official agreement developments in the dwelling.

When you know the decision process, you are much less likely to lose a sale due to stagnation. Once you recognize what requirements are to happen on the company’s side to close the sale. Consequently, you can slog to meet those circumstances.

TIP: You spot that the economic buyer has approved the decision. But has not accomplished the follow-up procedure paperwork, you can exclusively force the company to get that paperwork taken care of, thus concluding the sale.

5. Identify Pain

The next step of MEDDIC sales is to determine pain. When pursuing a solution, a customer essentially has a requirement, and it’s crucial to recognize what that need is or what is triggering their anguish. However, several factors cause them pain. Which are;

  • Slow output
  • Excessive cost
  • Little revenue

Determine the customer’s suffering and how your solution can prevent it. Furthermore, what will happen if they don’t choose a solution or make a bad conclusion? And how will your solution dose it? You have to get as precise as probable about the customer’s pain.

For Instance

Knowing the customer drops money because of slow manufacturing is vital, but it’s too unclear or intellectual to be beneficial. Alternatively, if you distinguish, they lose $500000 every month because their production procedure is half as extravagant as desired. Accordingly, you can field your solution in a precise and convincing way.

6. Champion

Someone on the exclusive who is motivated by and works for your success. The person who is most directly impacted by the company’s problems. Or those who stand to gain the most from your solution will probably be the Meddic winner.

The customer will use their influence to market the solution from within because they desire your solution and want you to succeed. While they must be well respected, your champion does not necessarily need a managerial or administrative job.

However, it might not be in your best interests to have an employee who represents you who is known to be selfish and sluggish. Having a respected and influential employee on your side can significantly improve your chances of closing a deal.

Summing Up

The MEDDIC sales process is extensively approved by the world’s most elite sales establishments. That helps them arrange their leads, allowing them to maximize their influence and sales potential.

In this guide, we have defined our audience in detail about this sales methodology; if you want to ask any questions related to the guide, let us know in the comment section.

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