Location Not Available iPhone whenever notifies! How to fix it?
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Location Not Available iPhone whenever notifies! How to fix it?

Are you wondering why your iPhone not suggesting any location sharing option to your friends? FindMyFriendapp is a handy tool for sharing your location; if you need your acquaintance and family to be well-aware of your safe presence. Then in iPhone helps you locate or send your current location. It is sometimes apprehensive when you don’t connect to people you need to communicate with due to location not available iPhone suggest. If you’re looking for a solution to glitches in sharing your location with your friends? It’s amongst the most common errors in iOS software.

As you are all aware, the release of the “FindMy” App in the Apple Store provides a user-friendly interface for tracking and sharing the whereabouts of your friends and family. Technological innovation has provided us with previously inconceivable benefits. The introduction of Apple gadgets might be one of them, mainly because the iPhone offers a handy way to share your location with other Apple devices. Many individuals find it helpful to share an appropriate place with their family to put them at rest in unexpected situations. You may convey a live location with your friends for hours or days at a time.

iphone location not available
iphone location not available

Methods for dealing with Location Not Available errors

I’m going to show you some approaches to resolving your concern about not sharing the location with a family member or an acquaintance. It can be the result of many reasons that need to be considered.

why does it say location not available on iphone
why does it say location not available on iphone

Restart your FindMyFriend App

Before applying any hacks to resolve your unavailable location, it is advisable to restart your “FindMyFriend” App. Take a break for a few seconds, then clear up all the cache memory. You have removed all the temporary memory, then try to reopen your app. It seems to be the initial step to solve your issue.

Check for Internet Connection

A poor internet connection can also cause the location not to be available on the iPhone. Check if you connect your device using the “FindMyFriend” app. If it’s well connected through the internet, you can easily share your location. You can access the SettingsMenu using the Home Screen button. Then the next option is to navigate via mobile data or WiFi. If you notice it turned off, then it is best to turn it on by using the toggle option on the touch screen.

Navigate Settings > Mobile data or Wi-Fi > Turn on

Inaccurate Date or Time Adjustment for iPhone location not available

Another cause can be an inaccurate date and time on your friend’s device that restricts sharing your location. For example, inquire whether your friend requires a date or time change. An approximate date or time may result in unavailability issues. You can, however, manually set the time or date. If this seems correct in your situation, let it automatically update the General settings menu. Once you have corrected the date and time, the time zone should correlate with the friend you’re sharing your location with; otherwise, the issue will remain. I’m sure it will resolve your issue then.

General Settings > Date & Time >Set Automatically


Switch on Location Services

Turned off “LocationServices” could also be the reason for preventing location sharing on your friend’s iPhone. If you have already turned on the “Share my location” option, then ask your friend to let you access his location if you both want to get connected. In other words, seeing his position won’t be possible without his permission to share it. So, to turn it on, go to Settings, then navigate to the Privacy Settings afterward, Location Services. Finally, turn on the location services in the app menu.

Settings > Privacy Settings > Location Services > Share my Location (Turn on)

location not available iphone share my location
location not available iphone share my location

Check for hidingMy Location settings for location not available

It happens when anyone turns it off, and then it will hide its location for security. It is apparent that your friend needs to turn it on using the General Settings Menu. Just ask him to open the FindMyFriend App. Then tab on the profile picture, the option will appear at the bottom of the screen. Lastly, Toggle to turn on the ‘Share my Location’ option.

General Settings > Tab Profile Menu > Toggle on “Share my Location”

Location not Available iPhone Restriction on particular Region or Country

Different geographic locations where the FindMyFriend App is unavailable can indicate the need to share a location. Due to technical and legal laws, Apple hasn’t offered access in all countries and regions. The location not available sometimes arises due to a particular area or country restriction.

As A Final Option, Reset when location is not available for iPhone

If you cannot troubleshoot the issue of the location not being available, then there is a need to fix your iPhone. As a last resort, once you have tried all the options for setting your location on the iPhone, the iPhone reset tool will then help you resolve your issue. However, be careful while using it, as sometimes it lets you bypass the screen locks and security codes. Meanwhile, it also removes your data or other content. In other words, it sets your mobile to default settings.

To conclude our discussion, commonly found tips will help you resolve your iPhone’s location not available. Using the FindMyFriend App, sharing your location is relatively easy with your friends or family. Try them out, and be mindful of resetting your iPhone once you apply any techniques. Hopefully, it will help you resolve your issue.

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