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Keep Inventory Command: How To Enable It In Minecraft World

If you are curious about keeping your inventory intact. In that case, the following elaboration will be helpful thanks to the “keep inventory” command as Minecraft is well known for its adventurous and fireside game setup. It always excites its die-hard fans. Are you among its ardent fans? Then playing Minecraft gameplay will surely keep you well amused. However, experiencing such a fast-paced game may result in losing your lifeline. Regrettably, you might not be able to retrieve all your collected inventory then.

The underlying question is how to keep your items like armor, weapons, or tools under your custody. It is pretty interesting to customize games while keeping your armor intact and modifying core functions in games. You can find different cheat codes wherein some are influential enough to make your desired changes in core variables.

How To Keep Inventory In Your Vault When You Die

So,  thoughtfully if you are worried about what would happen to your items or inventories? Then Minecraft, by default, offers no facility to retain your acquired armor. It implies that you may automatically lose your received items after you die. Then prepare yourself to reappear in your adventurous Minecraft world with a refreshed beginning. It is, of course, the scenario where you have to earn your inventory once again.

To save you the trouble of collecting all those inventories or personal items, you can store your belongings in the wooden chest box. As per the game’s built-in instructions, you will find it challenging to execute cheat codes against the fair gameplay rules in multiplayer. However, support for single players is still possible. It is, of course, quite frustrating to have to recollect all of those inventory items with such painstaking effort and time. Nonetheless, it is always necessary to keep an eye on your Minecraft world.

How To Keep Your Inventories Restored If You Die

When you die in Minecraft, here’s how to keep track of your belongings. As we have already discussed, enabling the world with perfectly executed code helps store your inventories for good. All you need to do is utilize your inventory commands. For that, first, initiate developing your imaginary world to ensure the cheat code application without any complexity.

How To Activate Minecraft Keep Inventory Command

In the Minecraft Nether version, the players don’t get any chance of protecting their tools or inventory whenever they lose their lives. So, to avoid the disappearance of their significant stock or personal belongings, you can anticipate the Minecraft Keep Inventory Command. To respond, how can anyone get the chance to reclaim their inventories even if they have died while playing Minecraft? Keeping inventory command always requires the creation of different worlds that can help you anticipate your cheat codes.

To be more specific, if you want to activate your Minecraft inventory command, the player should get operator status like “/gamerule keep inventory” on their server. As long as this status is still activated, they can retain their inventory safe and intact, even if they are dead in the Minecraft gameplay. Furthermore, suppose you are playing as a single player. In that case, you will find no restrictions on playing your adventurous game, even if you apply codes to keep your inventories activated after you’re dead in the game.

As we have already delved into it concisely, the world of Minecraft does not incorporate code activation. So you have to create another world that helps you adopt cheating codes. Furthermore, no random world embraces the inventory command. Therefore, developing a “LAN World” is always mandatory, as you won’t find it applicable in any random world.

Turn On Your LAN World for Minecraft Inventory Retention

Here you find how to create your world to incorporate your cheat code. Then, let’s learn how to pursue it vigorously.

  1. Launch your Minecraft Game Menu, then click “Open to LAN.”
  2. As you connect to LAN, then click “Allow Cheats: ON.”
  3. Next, click on “Start LAN World.”
  4. It is now ready to initiate your process using your cheating codes.

Considering the diverse connectivity of Minecraft, its users can learn to keep inventory under control. As for iPhone compatible devices, they allocate fewer functions, thereby improving parental control. You can even get a chance to enjoy your creative and survival modes in multiplayer gaming mode. The process of changing your cheat codes is similar to the above mentioned rules. However, different devices offer different mechanisms.

Method For Enabling The Inventory Command In Various Devices

Now, whether you are using it for your desktop, Android, iPhone, XBOX, or PS4, it is pretty simple to apply your code. You will even find a similar method to turn on all your required platforms. So, while creating a Lan world for proper incorporation, you can activate the “keep inventory command.” You have to ensure your supported versions are implemented to implement your game rules when you die in your Minecraft world.

Turn on the “Keep Inventory Command” on your Desktop & Mobile Devices

As for changing your Minecraft Game Rules, you must apply your game rules in the chat box that works as a game console. You will have to initiate your cheat code using “/” and then type “Game Rule.” It will let you rule over console game rules without losing your inventory or other personal items after a player’s death. For that process, follow the instructions available below.

  1. Open your Chat Box in the Game Console.
  2. Type “/gamerule keepinventory true” in it.
  3. Execute your cheat code using the Enter command.
  4. Now, you will have access to your personal belongings.
  5. Finally, click “Respawnto reinstate your modification.

Turn on the “Keep Inventory Command” on your XBOX and PS4 Devices.

XBOX integrates similar controls in Minecraft as you find it on your desktop or mobile device. So, for example, as you get all the commands and controls identical to desktop Minecraft gameplay, it executes the inventory command.

  1. Using the Xbox Controller, press on the right hand D-Pad.
  2. Then type its game rule like “/gamerule keepinventory true.
  3. To execute, you have to press “Enter.”

Expectantly, it will help you resolve your issue of getting your valuable resources and inventories.

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