How To Use A Bong (Wide-Ranging Guide for Learners)
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How To Use A Bong (Wide-Ranging Guide for Learners)

Undoubtedly, one of the best techniques to smoke marijuana and cannabis is with a bong. But if you are smoking from it for the very first time can be a little bit confusing. However, using it to consume drug-related materials is enjoyable and straightforward.

Chillum Hookah is also known as bubbler, Billy, or water pipes to smoke and has been used for centuries. The word bong is derived from the Thai language baung (a bamboo tube used for smoking). Nowadays, it looks more complicated than a bamboo tube, but they have come across the same purpose.

So, are you wondering what you will need to smoke a bong? You just need a bong, water, lighter, drug-related material, and of course you. But for beginners who don’t know how to use it, read the guide below carefully and thoroughly.

Let’s Learn, How Did a Bong Work?

A Chillum Hookah is used to smoke medical marijuana more proficiently than the traditional or standard way chillum and water pipe. It diffuses the hot air through the downstem. The diffusion process cools the Smoke and gives its user the flatter and cooler knockout or hit. However, it executes in the same way as a gas washing bottle used in the laboratory to remove the poisons and dust from numerous gases.

When a bongWorks, it will burn organic material and release hydrocarbons that anyone doesn’t want to inhale, like tobacco smoke, which makes many chemicals that cannot be filtered. Burning these materials is an effective method for the proclamation of these unwanted compounds like terpenes and active cannabinoids.

Most bongs are used to offer a hasty hit or knockout of cannabis and marijuana. At first, you have to know the anatomy of a bong to understand the methods. So, we have shared the properties sooner than the other methods

Do You Want to Know the Structure of a Bong?

how to use a gas mask bong
how to use a gas mask bong

Usingbong is not very intricate as it looks. But it may look pretty confused for those who have never seen and used it. However, most people know of the water pipes, but the chillum hookah is a little classy. So, if you want to know how you can use them, let’s look at a bong’s different apparatus and what they are used for.

·         Base

Bong’s base supports everything above it. It can be more comprehensive than the upper part of the equipment. But in some bongs, the body comes in a tube shape in which the base and total body are the exact sizes.

·         Compartment

The water is poured into the Chamber or compartment, which will cool down the Smoke and riddle the refined elements.

·         Downstem

The downstem is a tube attributed to the bowl and covers the Chamber or compartment of the bong. Its (stem) lowest part is underwater and fixed from the hole in the front side it. You can remove the downstem to clean it after use.

·         Bowl

The bowl is a funnel shape equipment where you put and pack the cannabis. It is placed at the outside part of the downstem.

·         Uptake

It looks like a cylindrical tube that covers the Chamber or compartment and drives up to the mouthpiece.

·         Carb hole

The carb is the hole placed above water level or up the Chamber. Cover the carb hole with your finger when burning the bowl, and fill the bong with the Smoke. It would help if you uncovered the spot to inhale whenever you are ready to smoke.

Note: The carb hole does not come in all the bongs. If it is unavailable, you must remove the bowl when ready to suck in.

·         Mouthpiece

It is the opening where you place your lips to breathe in the Smoke and place next to the top of the tube.

How to Inhaling the Smoke from a Bong (A Lead for the Learners)

how to use a gravity bong
how to use a gravity bong

To smoke anything from thebong, you must fill it with the material you are using and water, then cover it. After that, burn the bowl and fill it with the Smoke. Then you are ready to inhale. So, for detailed guidance, read the below section if you are new to Smoke from a hookah chillum.

·         Pour water into the bong

Fill it with the water directly from the mouthpiece, but you have to remember that the water does not come more than one inch from the downstem tip. Because if you overfilled it, you could get speckled when inhaling the Smoke. However, the amount of water differs depending on the size of the bong you are using.

·         Finely grind your cannabis

Suppose you have large pieces of cannabis or marijuana ground up in tiny or acceptable forms around 0.5 centimeters. You can use scissors, fingers, and a grinder to break it into small pieces. After scouring the pack, you can pack it in long & wide pieces at the bottom of the chillum hookah bowl.

·         Fill and Pack the Bowl with Cannabis

The bowl is placed at the outside part of the downstem. Pinch your material with your fingers, lay it in, and pack the bowl.

Note: If you pack it too tightly, the air will not be able to pass from it. If you think cannabis looks pressed in the bowl, you can use a thin paper clip to lose it.

·         Grip The Bong with Your Non-Dominant Hand

Hold the bongtightly around the Chamber or from the base. Make sure that you pick it tightly before lighting the fire.

Note: Don’t be seated or use the chillum hookah in an area free of slightly combustible substances.

·         Light The Bowl

If you use the regular pocket lighter or hemp wick, tilt it onto the bong side. Now flame the cannabis in the bowl, hold the flame on the edge of the cannabis; don’t burn the entire of it. It will help cannabis in the bowl last longer.

Note: If you use it with a carb hole, use your fingers to cover it when you lightning the bowl.

·         Fill the Chamber with Smoke

Now you have inducement the Smoke into the Chamber or compartment by breathing in from the mouthpiece. When you inhale, you will see that the Chamber is getting cloudy and filled with Smoke. Remember that if you are a beginner at using the bong, just fill half of the Smoke travel to the Chamber.

·         Inhale the Smoke into your Lungs

When you are ready to inhale, release your fingers from the crab hole. Now inhale or breathe deeply in the Smoke to take your mouth on the mouthpiece, so the Smoke goes into your lungs. After inhaling the Smoke, hold it for a while in your lungs.

Note: Never hold the Smoke for longer because it would not get you higher, although it could be bad for your health.

·         Blow out the Smoke

Now tilt your back and blow the Smoke up into the room if you are smoking with your friends or other people. Then pass the bong to the following one. While if you are smoking alone and ready to take another knockout, regenerate the light again for smoking.

·         Clean your Bong

When you are done smoking it, clean it because it will rapidly become dirty and smelly. To make your hookah in good condition, clean it every time after using it. First, empty all ash from the bowl and clean it with a cleaning solution to clean it. Then drain the water from the it and take it to a safe place where it will not get spoiled.

Exciting Tricks and Hacks to Use a Bong

how to use a water bong
how to use a water bong

Now you know how to use and prepare the bong for your smoking experience. Below is the guide where we have shared some interesting tricks and hacks you can apply when using it.

  • You can add spices, tea, Gatorade, and even red wine to the water to get an extra flavor. But these things are not healthy and beneficial in a bong.
  • Another hack is that you can use soft drinks to add flavor to your bong smoke. But remember that you will need to clean your hookah for every subsequent use.
  • When you are usingbong to smoke cannabis, the water in it will quickly turn brown due to the dirtiness. So, we always recommend you change the water after 10 hits. Doing so it will make your bong much easier to clean, and less resin will collect in it.
  • If you are coughing while smokingbong, try to keep slow, don’t inhale too fast, and take more minor hits.
  • It may take time to use to smokingbong. However, if you are a beginner or not familiar with using it, you can use ice water to decrease throat harshness.


Bong is a common choice for those who use drug-related implications like cannabis and marijuana. You can get a bong inexpensively, and it can fit your needs if you are a regular smoker. So, if you don’t know how to use it in this content, we share all the associated instructions and tricks. So let us tell in the comment section if you know any other hacks and tricks to use a bong.

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