How to Teleport (Amazing Cheating Keys)

how to teleport
how to teleport

Minecraft’s Game is a gigantic and vast world to teleport as a player. Whether on a PC, console, or mobile, it isn’t easy to teleport with a blink of an eye and enjoys the Game. Here the question arises that in Minecraft, how to teleport? The answer is; here are some shortcut keys to teleport yourself in Minecraft world and other players as well. Otherwise, it takes ages to teleport from one point to another. Using cheat keys in Java and Bedrock versions must first enable the cheating trick. Cheating keys is the best thing in Minecraft game, but it also has the only flaw: the teleporting process is different with different platforms like PC or Console. You can settle down the flaws of different platforms in a game; some steps help you in this article. Go! Win the world.

Some of the cheating keys and the real meaning of Teleport are available to learn in the next section of this article. As well as know the steps to enable cheating keys and other dimensions of the Game in the following section.

What is Teleport?

Firstly, it is better to define Teleport. Tele means “far off” while port means “door.” So Teleport is defined as the traveling distance from one point to another instantaneously without using any physical transport. Another definition is that it is the process of moving an object or person by psychokinesis. It means unique technology or mental powers to travel through imagination. But here, we use the word Teleport as the cheating trick in-game. It is like roaming from a standing spot to another direction instantly with some accessible commands in Minecraft.

how to teleport to coordinates in minecraft
how to teleport to coordinates in minecraft

How to Teleport in Minecraft?

There are two methods to enable cheats. Firstly, you have to enable cheats in Minecraft so that you can teleport. It depends on you have already created your world by playing or started a new player. But both the methods are easy. See the way of enabling cheat keys in the subsequent section.

Amazing Shortcut Keys to Teleport (PC Or Console)

how to teleport in minecraft
how to teleport in minecraft
  1. To open the chat menu, press the right D-pad button of your controller or tap (T) on the keyboard→ then type (/tp). Or you may type (/Teleport) used for the same function.
  2. At this stage, choose the easiest coordinates to teleport from options; the best is to choose XYZ.
  3. In Java, every location has its coordinates in Minecraft. To find them tap the “F3 or Fn with F3″ button if you are using a PC or laptop.
  4. To find coordinates in Bedrock, clickShow Coordinates” in Game Settings after pausing.
  5. Now you can teleport the location through coordinates.
  6. Type (/tp XYZ) in the command tab.
  7. For example, try a teleport location 80, 80, 80 as XYZ coordinates. Type (/tp 80 80 80)

Tip: Do not use below -64 numbers for Y coordinate as Minecraft world is 64 layers deep. It will thrash you in “The Void” and kill your player immediately.

Further Shortcut keys to Teleport

Here are a few more shortcut keys available.

  1. Use the Tilde key (~) if you don’t know where you want to go but know the directions.
  2. Type like this (/tp~80~80~80), it moves you from where you are present to 80 blocks of the east, 80 blocks into the air, and 80 blocks of the south.
  3. If you want to go in the opposite direction, place minus sign with the dimensions.
  4. To teleport other players, type their username with the coordinates. Like this (/tp Patrick 80 80 80). Or if you want to teleport to him, write like this (/tp Patrick).
  5. Type (/tp@a @s) to teleports every player. In place of (@s), use coordinates.
  6. Teleport closes one enemy directly to you. Type (/tp @e[type=EnemyName]@s). You can also replace the Enemy Name with any pack.
  7. Suppose you want to stay with the same coordinate and change others’ direction. Use Tilde key like (/tp~62~). This trick will move you to sea level altitude and use for every coordinate.

Tip: Be on your guard; otherwise, you will be on solid ground, and your character will die, or you will face severe damage in a few seconds. After the end of your cheat, add a (true) word in the teleport command. It will make you safe and avoid that destruction. You can use these dimensions for weather and circumstances as well.

Enable Cheat Keys to Teleport

There are ways of enabling cheat keys in Minecraft for Java and Bedrock while creating a new world or playing in the world game.

Enable Cheat key in Minecraft (Java)

While creating a new world, enable cheat key in Minecraft.

  1. Press Singleplayer then click Create New World.
  2. Toggle Allow Cheats: OFF tab to turn on.
  3. After enabling cheat, again click Create New world.

Enable cheats when already creating a world.

  1. Tap the ESC button while playing to open the Game.
  2. Toggle Allow Cheats: OFF tab to turn on in Open to LAN.
  3. In the end, press Start LAN World.

Enable Cheat Key in Minecraft (Bedrock)

While creating a new world, enable cheat key in Minecraft.

  1. Tap Play in Minecraft then press Create New. Click Create New World.
  2. Find the Cheats section on the Game Settings page.
  3. Switch on Activate Cheats option and then press Create from the left side.

Enable cheats when already creating a world.

  1. Tap the ESC button on your keyboard or press the start button of your controller or pause the Game through the Pause icon on the touch screen.
  2. Find the Cheats section; press Settings in the Game Settings menu.
  3. Switch on Activate Cheats and restart your Game.


Note: The cheat teleport tricks are only enabled when you own the Game above. Switching on cheats works on all the versions, whether windows or console.

Other Dimensions (the Nether and the End) to Teleport

Minecraft’s every game takes you to the overworld of that dimension where you use up most of your time. There are additional dimensions to teleport, namely Nether and End but have special items to use these dimensions.

Java Edition of Minecraft

You can teleport in seconds through dimensions. Use a new command to do teleport cheating.

  1. Type (/execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName~~~), to teleport other dimensions normally like (251 101 152).
  2. The worlds you want to wrap replace the dimension name of the placeholder (Overworld/The Nether/The End). Also, that player name to whom you want to cover. If not, then make the player name blank.

Note: To reach the dimensions usually in the Bedrock version, sadly, the above command will not work. You have to make a Nether or End Portal.


Hopefully, the above shortcut tricks are helpful to enjoy your roaming around Minecraft game. Also, you may drag other players by using dimensions in Minecraft. But also have a chance to teleport with fingertips and make yourself safe in the Game. Although, the above describe tricks used differently in different platforms. Still, it makes you the survivor of the Minecraft world.

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