How to Take Apart Ps4 Controller
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How to Take Apart Ps4 Controller

When you are playing games on your PS4 and enjoying the MacDonalds’ meal simultaneously. But accidentally, coke spilled on the PlayStation controller, and it stopped working. What will you do in this alas situation? It is best for you to take apart your PS4 controller to dry the spilled liquid.

You don’t need to be a nerd or a professional and clean or fix it without breaching it. At the same time, it can be frustrating if you are unsure how to do it.

So, let’s navigate to the step-by-step guide that labels how to disassemble your PlayStation 4 controller.

How to Take Apart a PS4 Controller Joystick?

If you are interested in disassembling your PlayStation 4 controller, rest assured that it is a relatively straightforward procedure. Although there may be some potential challenges along the way. Having a basic understanding of the removal process and identifying the correct compartments to disassemble is essential.

However, suppose you feel uncertain about your skill level. In that case, it is always wise to seek assistance from someone experienced who can guide you through the disassembly process without causing any complications.

By doing so, you can swiftly overcome any obstacle and return to enjoy your game with a properly functioning joystick controller.

Steps to Take Apart Your PS4 Controller

Below we have described the step-by-step guide you can follow to take apart your PlayStation controller.

  • Step 1: At first, you have to confiscate the backplate of the joystick. To remove it, unscrew the four screws you will see at the back of the controller.

unscrew the four screws of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 2: Then, slightly squash both knob parts on the controller until they disappear.

slightly squash both knob parts of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 3: Now apply a little force to the area below the home button because these 2 clips are robust. These clips hold the controller together.
  • Step 4: When the bottom has been untied, mildly pull off the back plate. Remember that you will hear a swift clatter, but there is no need to become worried as plastic clips are disconnected.

swift clatter of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 5: Make sure you detach the plastic clips softly because of the fragile ribbon cables inside.

fragile ribbon cables inside of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 6: When the plastic component has been successfully separated from the back, carefully disconnect the ribbon cable from the main controller, which connects to the light bar and motherboard easily and precisely.

connects to the light bar and motherboard of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 7: Gently remove the battery, and you will find another screw that needs to be detached from the mainboard. Remove these screws with care and precision.

mainboard of Ps4 Controller

  • Step 8: With caution, gently loosen the mainboard by applying slight pressure to the buttons, causing the boards to elevate slightly.
  • slight pressure to the buttons of Ps4 Controller
  • Step 9: At the upper side of the controller, you will see a ribbon cable that connects to the touchpad. Eradicate this, as the touchpad is linked to the front of the controller.
  • Step 10: Then, with great care and precision, gently remove the focal board, completing the disassembly of your PS4 controller into three separate pieces. That’s it.

PS4 controller into three separate pieces


Ques: How to assemble the take-apart PlayStation 4 controller?

  • First, put the motherboard in its place in the controller case.
  • Join the touchpad cable to the motherboard and save it with the screw.
  • Then place the battery securing area on the motherboard and join the battery to the motherboard.
  • Now attach the backlight cable to the motherboard securely.
  • Connect the bottom case of the controller. Start it from the upper edge where the left and right triggers are placed.
  • The case of the controller is fully locked. Check if it works.
  • If you see the backlight prompt, it works and locks the case by tightening the screws.

Ques: Can I disassemble the PS4 controller to clean it?

The PlayStation 4 controller can be taken apart to be cleaned. A few elementary tools are mandatory to do that, which is fairly simple. Just keep in mind to take your time and exercise carefulness when taking it apart because many miniature components are straightforwardly out-of-place and damaged.

Summing Up

It’s not just you who feels anxious to take apart a PlayStation 4 controller. Many beginners may initially feel a sense of nervousness when faced with the task of taking apart their PS4 controller after water damage.

However, with determination, a basic understanding, and self-assurance, you can confidently and successfully dismantle and restore your controller to its former glory. Consequently, you can start again playing your preferred games on it.

So let us know in the comment box if you like this step-by-step guide to disassembling the PlayStation 4 controller.

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