How to style Mom jeans ( 12 Amazing Outfit Ideas)
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How to style Mom jeans ( 12 Amazing Outfit Ideas)

Mom jeans are the most versatile and comfy casual-attire jeans that you can wear anywhere by styling them in so many ways. The jeans have a high waist and a long zipper and allow for baggy legs that often make you look taller. Moreover, they are cozy, soft, and comfortable clothes that we can wear as they are straight-legged and loosely fitted. Mom jeans are the perfect option to style for brunch, hanging out with friends, and shopping.

Furthermore, mom jeans are taking over as a big denim craze and have become a favorite in all seasons. However, mom jeans are a 90s fashion item, but we all love to wear them nowadays. Most of us really loved them and got the inspo from Rachel’s style from friends. Do not worry if you don’t know how to style your mom’s jeans. So here in this guide, we will give you some mom jeans styling inspiration.

How to Style Mom Jeans (12 Styles To Carry Mom Jeans)

how to style black mom jeans
how to style black mom jeans

From the 80s and 90s, mom jeans never go out of fashion and are coming back with more styles. You can style and pair it with several looks. Here is all you need to know about what to wear with mom jeans to pull off a stylish cute outfit, from black to blue denim and baggy to ripped jeans. I’m sure you will never want to wear anything else after you start wearing mom jeans.

1.    Pair Your Black Mom Jeans with a Simple Tee

The black mom jeans will look hotter and sleeker when paired with a basic white top. Wear a studded item if you want to make a statement. By wearing black mom jeans with any outfit that includes shoes, you can achieve an edgy look. You can also use a black leather jacket to complete the appearance.

2.    Pair Your Blue Jeans with a black Knitted Sweater

how to style mom jeans plus size
how to style mom jeans plus size

You can add a modern twist to your outfit by wearing high blue mom jeans with a knitted black sweater or sometimes with a basic black T-shirt to give a more aesthetic look. However, You can also put a sleek, cool belt around your waist to make it look more fascinating. You can buy mom jeans from several popular brands, like Mango, Outfitters, Breakout, etc.

3.    Style your Mom Jeans with Crop Top

If you want a bit of a change with mom jeans, flair them with a crop top that will meet the high waistband of the jeans. I like it the most when I wear a crop top because it gives me a flowy and flattering cut. If you choose a top in a solid color, you should wear a belt to draw attention to the waist and make a chic fashion statement. If you need a daytime summer look, chic your baggy mom jeans with a floral crop top and cover your hair with a bandana to give a more aesthetic summer look.

4.    Chic Your Jeans with Jacket

Styling mom jeans with a tweed jacket if you want an elegant look, as these jackets are relatively expensive and give a more sophisticated look. The tweed jackets are the most notable and luxurious, as brands like Channel create them. But do not worry if you cannot buy these jackets. There are other brands too which offer the jackets at a reasonable price. Moreover, if you are going on a date night, wear the jacket with black mom jeans and high heels.

5.    Style Your Mom Jeans With a Turtleneck

how to style baggy mom jeans
how to style baggy mom jeans

Another way to wear mom jeans is with a fitted turtleneck that will tuck into your high mom jeans waistband. This will be the perfect outfit for the winter, as it keeps you warm and gives you a classy look. When it gets really cold, you can also wear a jacket over a turtleneck, and the look will turn out pretty elegant. You can use the minimal accessories or pair them with sneakers or heels according to your comfort.

6.    Pair your Jeans With Crop Jumper

To achieve a trendy fashion style, you can wear a cropped jumper with jeans. Wear super high-waisted jeans and a long-sleeved jumper to draw attention to the waist. You can also wear a cropped jumper with your mom’s jeans, as jumpers look nice with loose-fitted mom jeans. So you can try the bold color of the red jumper with light-colored mom jeans, a separate bag, and a cool belt with accessories.

7.    Style Your Mom Jeans with a Cropped Cardigan

how to style ripped mom jeans
how to style ripped mom jeans

You can also pair the mom jeans with cardigans for a trendy look. Nowadays, most tiktokers are styling mom jeans with a cardigan to make a chic outfit. You can also leave the cardigan button unbuttoned or put it open. The button will close whatever you want. If you wish to wear studs, wear them and take a side bag with you to give an overall look. Mom jeans are available in so many colors that you can pair them with bold or neutral colors.

8.    Chic Your Ripped Mom Jeans with Several Basics

Ripped mom jeans are more in fashion as we can wear them with elevated essentials such as oversized shirts, trench coats, jumpers, and tees. Wear heels or leather mules to make them look classy with this style. You can style them with printed bags or textures and with subtle jewelry. Ripped jeans are not for the office environment or a fancy date. But ripped mom jeans are best for casuals, hanging out, or celebrating casual days. They are styled with several funky tees, and you can also add the blazer if you want.

9.    Create All Black Look By Style Black Mom Jeans

You can create the monochrome look by wearing black mom jeans with different tees, shirts, or glittery tops. In addition, you can add the black blazer and use a printed black bandana around your neck as all black is the fav and will give you the sexiest look.

10. Create All White Look With White Mom Jeans

People love the all-black look, so the same goes for the all-white look. We can create the all-white look by pairing the white mom jeans with the white button-down shirt half-tucked in at the waist and carrying a classy white bag.

11. Style mom jeans with Tee and a Trench Coat

Trench coats paired with mom jeans are our go-to outfits in the winter. A more trench look by adding the coat over the tee and pairing it with white sneakers. This will give you a trendy-chic look effortlessly.

12. Wear Your Baggie Mom Jeans with Oversized Shirt

how to style mom jeans curvy
how to style mom jeans curvy

The baggy mom’s jeans are the ideal hero-style jeans and the most stylish. The best way is to wear the oversized white shirt with the blue mom jeans. You can also tie your hair in a bun with a bandana to give it a chic look, and you can also style it with a blazer and try a strappy heel to nail the look.


We have already covered how much mom jeans are versatile and trendy. You can style it in various ways to attain any look, from casual to glamorous, as long as you choose the right accessories. Mom’s jeans outfits depend more on the weather than If it’s cold outside, pair the mom jeans with a sweater or coat. And if you are going to a night party, you should pair the mom jeans with the glittery top along with heels and a fashion chic bag to make a fashion statement. But my most preferred look with mom jeans is to wear them with a graphic tee as it gives a cool and casual look. You can also add suitable jewelry and shoes to complete your look. So the blog guides you through the various ways of styling mom jeans, and you can tell us about your favorite way to style them.


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