How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram App
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How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram App

Instagram is one of the well-known social media apps that has gathered users across the world. Individuals use Insta to see others’ images, videos, and stories, but is it possible to see someone’s likes and activities on Instagram? Yes, you can, but it is a long process & Instagram directly does not allow people to check the other person’s profile and see the posts they have liked. So it’s quite frustrating for the users. But don’t worry; in this blog, we’ll review some alternatives that will allow you to keep an eye on your favorite person.

Earlier, Instagram had the feature Following Activity Tab that allows users to see all their friends’ activities, such as what they liked, commented on, and who they started to follow. But unfortunately, this feature has vanished. Still, people are curious to see what other people like on Insta. So, for your ease, we have listed down the ways to check it. Now let’s jump to the next section.

Manual Process to See Someone’s Activities & Likes on Instagram

how to see what someone likes on instagram 2022
how to see what someone likes on instagram 2022

It has become quite difficult to check someone’s acts on Instagram. As you all are aware that the activity feature is no longer present. So that’s why tracking people are tricky. But, here is an alternate that will let you see people’s activities on Instagram by applying the below steps.

  • Tap on the person’s Instagram profile.
  • Choose “Following” to see all of the people they are following.
  • Next, tap on a profile they are following.
  • Open that profile post to see if the person liked any of the posts.

Keep in mind if someone can conceal their activity and make it unfeasible to see what they do. By toggling off the “show activity status” in settings,” they can keep everyone from tracking their activities. Moreover, you can follow the same pages and people, so whenever they like or comment on a post, you will see their profile will be visible to the likes. But if you do not follow the person, you will not be able to see their likes.

Seeing Posts, Reels and Stories People Like on Instagram

You can also see the reels, stories, and posts by applying some steps with the above steps. You can check the someone likes if you have access to the pages & profiles they follow. Remember that some pages & people have their Accounts as private.

Following people & pages makes things simple for you. For instance, you have access to the content of the people & page that your person is following. So in such cases, you can only get access to their content if you follow them. Once you get the access, you can check their likes on the content. For this purpose, apply the below steps.

  • Open Insta and go to the profile you are looking into.
  • View the pages that they follow via “Following.”
  • Then you will move to the main Account to check the likes on the content.
  • Next, click on the post which you wish to check the likes.
  • Then, click on others; it will show you the list of people who liked the post.
  • Here you can check the person’s name by searching in the search bar to check if they liked the content.

Is it Feasible to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram without Following them? (Use Third-Party Tools)

If you do not want to follow someone, you cannot see their content & activities from the “Following tab.” But, using third-party apps, you will be allowed to check their activities. For instance, you can see the person’s likes, comments, and posts. Let’s discuss some third-party apps that let you view people’s likes on Insta.

1.      KidsGuard Pro

This app will let you track your child’s activities without following them. You can also use the app without letting anyone know because it can run in the background. However, the app is simple to operate and fun to use. KidsGuard is a monitoring app that lets you know what other users are doing. It has some unique features, such as seeing someone’s likes on a post, including their stories, photos, conversations, and videos. In addition, you can also download that particular personal information and see when they used the app.

Further, the best part is that if the person’s Account is not public, you can still access the activities without following them. You can also use this app on other social media apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Facebook. It is also competent in tracking calls and locations. To use the app, you have to:

  • Admit that you will be monitoring people’s phones with the app.
  • Make a user’s Account on KidsGuard pro. If you already have an account, you just have to log in.
  • Install & set up the apps on the target device.
  • Sign in to your KidsGuard pro account on their site.
  • Then, you can get a screenshot of a person’s activities from your end.

2.      mSpy

This mobile app allows you to monitor the Insta activities of the target user. With this app, you can view all the posts your child likes & posts. You can also see other users’ comments on the posts. You can use the app on your iOS & Android, which is the best parental control tool.

3.      FkexiSPY

It has a keystroke log section to see the person’s actions on insta and other platforms. To use the app, open the section and the apps that have performed the keystrokes. When you tap on Instagram, you will see the keystrokes performed in the app.

4.      Spyera

This app can be used with Apple & Android devices and has proficient monitoring features. For example, you can track texts and other activities on Insta. These apps function in similar ways. With them, you can make an account for your kids, keep them, and check their activities on Instagram.

5.      Snoopreport Tool to See People’s Likes on Instagram

You must subscribe to the snoopreport tool to be notified of a specific person’s behavior. For this app to work accurately, you have to add an Instagram account for monitoring; it will show all the accounts’ statistics, such as comments, likes, and follows. You can open the profile whose posts they commented on the most. It will give you useful info on who they are connected to the most on Insta. The best part about the software is that you don’t have to follow the individual whose actions you want to monitor unless their Account is public. Additionally, snoopreport does not expose anyone’s identity, but it does collect publicly available info.

Why did Instagram Eliminate the Following Tab Feature?

If you are someone who is actually dissatisfied that Instagram eliminated the following tab, then you may be wondering why. As of October 2019, user’s can no longer see someone else’s activity on the instagram. The thing is that Instagram is trying to secure its platform by not allowing anyone to stalk. The other perspective is that they actually thought that if the feature were removed, it would boost interactions.

However, the main purpose of removing this feature was that these features invaded the privacy of others. As a result, instagram removed the following tab. It means that now you cannot see what other people are doing directly.

Can I see the Last Active Time of a User on Instagram?

Instagram has a feature that displays the last active time besides the friend in the Direct section. It not only displays the time when you last used the app but also the online status. Previously, you could get an idea of last’s user activity by looking at their liked posts and comments. But this information was far from the truth when it comes to learning about anyone’s last seen.

But with this feature, you can see the last seen and online status for accounts with whom you chatted on Direct earlier. Here’s how you can check it. But first, update your insta, then apply the below steps.

  • Launch the app and open Instagram directly; you can do it by moving or swiping left on the news feed screen or clicking on the paper plane icon at the upper right.
  • Now, you can easily see the last seen of the users you chatted with below their usernames.
  • But keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to see the details of the user who has to disable the activity status.


Q1. Is it possible to check every photo person likes on Instagram?

Seeing each photo someone likes involves the same process as mentioned above. You can open the list of profiles they are following by tapping on the target user’s profile, then tapping on the following activity tab. You can tap on each user’s profile to open their posts. When you view it, you will see the likes of those posts to see if the person also likes them. Repeat the same steps for all the accounts they follow. However, this can be an annoying practice.

Q2. Can we be able to see what we liked on Instagram in the past?

Apply the below steps to check what you have liked in the past and don’t remember.

  • View your Insta and tap on your profile.
  • Open the list of options and hit on Settings.
  • Now, choose Account.
  • Next, opt for “Posts you have liked” from the directory. Here you can see the liked content.

Q3. Does insta notify us when someone posted any content?

You can get a notification when a person posts any content on Instagram if you toggle on post notifications and click on the three dots on the target user’s profile page. Moreover, you can also click on triple dots on the target’s user posts. and tap on “Turn on Post Notifications.” When you have completed the steps, you will be notified whenever the user posts anything on Instagram.

Q4 can we use any third-party app to track the other person’s activities?

You can use several other-party apps that allow you to track people’s activities. All you have to do is download these apps on your device. Often you have to purchase premium services to keep an eye on your favorite person.


On Instagram, you do not have the direct option to view other users’ likes, comments, and followers. Still, you can access their followers and see their activities by following every person they follow. You also have other alternatives to monitor their activities mentioned above. Hopefully, the article will help you monitor the person’s activities using the manual process, which is long enough, or you can use the third-party apps. If you still experience any problems, feel free to comment below. Also, let us know which is your most preferred third-party app for tracking.

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