How to Remove Graphics Card
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How to Remove Graphics Card

Do you know any idea to remove the Graphics card on your PC?

Graphic cards or GPUs are the most affluent component among all the other computer components. It allows a rig to accomplish higher-resolution errands.

So dealing with such an affluent unit generate uneasiness about mutilation. If you are not an experienced techie, you might feel a sense of apprehension when you take a glimpse inside a PC, whether it belongs to you or someone else.

Let’s hover over the process you will experience many times exclusively if you are a GPUs keener.

How to Remove A Graphics Card From a PC?

If you want to upgrade an older GPU chip to a new one below, we have shared the step-by-step guide to remove the GPUs from your computer safely.

·         Turn Off your Computer

Turn Off your Computer

First, you must turn your computer off to start this guide’s procedure.

·         Carefully detach the Computer Cables from the GPU

Detach the Computer Cables from the GPU

After that, carefully detach the computer cables from the GPU, ensuring you disconnect them with utmost precision. Then, gently release the small plastic clamp on the connector tips of the wires and delicately extract the connectors from their sockets, handling each step with a sense of mindfulness.

However, the Graphic cards or GPUs are easy to spot as they all trail analogous form influences and are always situated in a similar place. Furthermore, gather the cables to the side so they don’t come your way when you are working.

·         Remove the Graphics Card from your PC Case

Now unscrew the escalating screws of the GPU from the case with the screwdriver. You will find these screws on the PCIe expansion holes near the back of the case.

·         Pull Out the Graphic Card

Graphic Card

With a steady hand and a touch of caution, release the clips securing the GPU and carefully withdraw it from the expansion slot. Take hold of the GPU by its cooling case ensuring a firm yet gentle grip, and pull it straight out as smoothly as probable, treating this procedure with reverence and attentiveness.

·         Keep the GPU in Anti Stationary Bag

Anti Stationary Bag

Now you can store it in an anti-stationary bag to avoid damaging it and decide what to do later.

That’s it.

Instructions to Keep in Mind to Remove Graphics Card

  • To avoid potential conflicts while installing the new graphic card, uninstalling any existing graphic software is crucial. By proactively managing this aspect, you can make a smoother path for the installation process and foster an environment of harmony within your system.
  • Turn down your computer and all committed devices.
  • At least wait 10 seconds before separating the power supply cord or audio video wires from the back of your PC to avoid hurt to the computer.
  • Turn off your PSU from the core AC power cord.
  • The system builders have precise ways of removing the case cover, so look for the manual for directions.

Summing Up

Removing the graphic cards looks like a simple task, but there is a lot of preparation to do it safely and as easily as you desire.

Contemplate the steps mentioned above to avoid breaking your GPU or anything in your computer. Moreover, this guide helps you complete your work with a smaller bill than expected.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly share your feedback in the comment box below regarding how helpful this guide was in removing the graphics card from your computer.

Your comments are helpful to us as we continuously strive to improve and cater to your needs.

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