How to Read Books Online For Free [11 Top Websites]
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How to Read Books Online For Free [11 Top Websites]

Are you looking for how to read books online for free? We get excited when we find new books to read, particularly those available online that you can read immediately.

With the help of e-books (electronic books), it becomes much easier to read at any time by searching for its name. Also, features like:

  • Highlighting our favorite quotes.
  • Bookmarking your favorite page without ruining the book.
  • Inquiring for word meaning while reading.

However, it adds a cherry on top.

We are here to provide you with a list of the best websites and apps that offer free online books and feed your reading habit without breaking the bank.

1.   BookBub


It offers new free and discounted titles daily through emails and the website. You can pick your favorite genres and get a curated list of titles in your inbox daily.

Moreover, suppose you are looking for a discount audiobook retailer. In that case, Chirp is the best option which offers limited-time deals on some of the hottest audiobooks under $4 without any annoying subscription fees!

2.   Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg

Founded in 1971, Project Gutenberg is the oldest eBook digital library, consisting of over 60,000 free e-books. It has the top volunteers who organize, categorize, and proofread the books to give its audience the best reading collection.

It is a treasure for literature studentsas this online library stores books published before 1924. This website is great who want to learn classics titles by authors including Charles Dickens, Jane Austen

Moreover, it has reading-friendly formats like EPUB (electronic publication), kindle, or simple Pdf format. You can also listen to several audiobooks either on the computer or by the volunteers themselves.

3.   Google Books

Google Books
Google Books

The most amazing collection of free eBooks is available on Google books. But unfortunately, not all books are available for free.

When you search for your book, tap on “Search tools” and change “Any Books” to “Free Google eBooks” to ensure that you are looking for free content.

4.   Feedbooks


This digital library is easy to use on mobile phones, laptops, or PCs. Its cloud publishing service is available for original books and the public domain.

Moreover, you can download or read books in several formats, including PDF, EPUB, and Kindle.

Feedbooks were divided into two categories of free eBooks. In the first category, you will access free books in the public domain. While in the second category, which is consists of tons of self-published free e-books. This will help you while finding your favorite genre easily.

5.   Read Free Online Books via Open Library

Online Books via Open Library
Online Books via Open Library

A non-profit organization, Internet Archive, began this project named Open Library – which goal is to collect all the e-books under one domain and help bibliophiles have a free reading experience.

Furthermore, it allows the users to make their list of different books, which is easily visible and accessible to others so that readers can get the benefit of exploring multiple reading suggestions.

You can either read free e-books online or download them. It has a link attached to each book which will take you to the page where you can easily buy the books’ hard copies.

6.   ManyBooks


The store has 50,000 online books,where bibliophiles will spend their evenings devouring each book. ManyBooks has tons of e-books you can read in EPUB, PDF, TXT, and MOBI formats.

There are recommendations and featured authors sections so thatyou can pick your next read without further delay.

7.   Free-eBooks

If you want to read books anywhere and anytime, then Free e-booksare perfect for you. You can go into different genres of books, from fiction to non-fiction to academic texts, and make your own list of books.

There is a limitation where you are allowed to download only five books in a pdf format. On the other hand, you can read it online anytime. It has an audiobook facility if you feel too exhausted to read; you can easily use it while listening to your favorite book.

8.   Bookyards


It has several books on diverse topics ranging from art to biography, history to fiction, and computers to sci-fi. You can download your shortlisted books without any prior registration.

You can also upload books according to the categories or authors. If you are looking for academic research papers and books in Bookyards, you can get a link and easy access to many reference materials and documents.

9.   ReadCentral

If you are a big fan of poems and classical novels, you must visit ReadCentral. It has thousands of novels and poetry books by some well-renowned authors and poets like Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, etc.

You are not required to subscribe or download your books; you can read them online from your phone or PC without any additional hassle.

10.  Radish – Read Free Online Books

It is an app that offers serialized fiction from established bestselling authors and forms new voices.To read the latest chapters at the time of publication, you need to purchase a “coin.” Otherwise,please wait for a week and then read them for free.

11.  International Children’s Digital Library

International Children’s Digital Library
International Children’s Digital Library

This website is a free online library made for children ages 3 to 13, developed to overcome the language barriers in modern society.

This digital library offers titles in over 59 languages, making it an amazing resource for anyone learning a new language.

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