How To Pump Gas At Fuel Station Step-By-Step Guide
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How To Pump Gas At Fuel Station Step-By-Step Guide

For most people, impelling gas at the fuel station could be an unfamiliar thought for them. However, here is everything you need to know about how to pump gas. Do follow this guide and fill the tank of your car at the fuel station without any trouble.

Impel your Car Gas Tank Around the World

On 1st May, Frank Urich, 1947, introduced the very first modern self-assist gas station in the United States (Los Angeles). After introducing it, frequent self-regulating gas stations start the self-assist service mainly in the southeast, southwest US, and California. Gradually the self-assist service becomes more common than the full service.

However, around the world, gas stations are also known as petrol stations, fuel stations, gas bars, and filling stations. The fuel values, gas stations, and pumping techniques are similarly different. Right now, some areas of the world offer self-service, and some regions have attendants to provide the service. Meanwhile, in some places, both services are available.

Here we have shared the countries of self-service and full service—also the areas where both services are available.

  • Self-service gas stations are popular in the United Kingdom, Russia, Irelan, Poland, and Spain.
  • Full-service gas stations: these stations are widespread in Uruguay, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Mexico.
  • Both services gas stations: these fuel stations are mostly found in New Zealand, France, United States, Itlay, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, and Canada.

NOTE: Some of the world’s pump gas stations only accept cash.

Are You Thinking About How You Can Pump Gas into Your Car Tank?

how to use air pump at gas station
how to use air pump at gas station

When you are driving a car, your Vehicle requires fuel to move more. This is something every beginner will want to know about the fuel grade and the right side of the Vehicle’s gas tank—following these steps attentively to know about it.

Don’t you know the Accurate Side of your Car Gas Tank?

Yank your Vehicle where the fuel filler tank side is close to the Pump. If you don’t identify wherever your tank is located? In most cars, it finds at the hindmost of the Vehicle.

Hack: look at the dashboard. You will see a gas indicator that shows a small arrow pointing to the gas tank side of your side.

Understand and Select the Pump Gas Grade for your Vehicle

Worldwide, all gas pumps offer you to select the grades of gasoline. Understanding that every car constructor acclaims a definite rate of gasoline level is usually by the universal octane level.

Three types of gas or fuel grades are avail in a gas station. The common one is regular, with an octane level of 87, and the other is mid-grade with 89to 91. The third one is premium with a 92 to 94 octane range.

However, some vehicles entail premium gas because the high compression engine will not fill the regular and mid-grade Gas. The reason is that the low octane range will offend the engine routine and performance.

Note: premium gas or high octane fuel range avoids the rising dirt, dust, and carbon gases in your gas strainers.

If you want to determine the level of octane in your Vehicle, refer to your car holder guide to know about it. For maximum vehicles, regular and mid-grade Gas is preferable.

Now you all know the beginning to fill your gas tank so let’s hover the step-by-step details to load your Vehicle’s fuel tank.

1st Step – Recompense For the Gas At the Fuel Pump

You must pay the cost before pumping the Gas into your car when you have parked your Vehicle. You can recompense with a credit card and pay the cash at the fuel station counter. Here read the guide to know how to pay from the credit card and at the station.

·         Use the Credit or Debit Card to Pay

To pay the fuel station for fuel, you must enclose your credit or debit card into the gas pump card machine. Press your pin code related to your card. When your procurement is accepted, leave the card in the machine till you just end pumping the Gas and collect the receipt.

·         Pay inside the Gas station

Pay the cash to the attendant of the fuel station. Tell them how much Gas you want. The amount of money shows on the pump banner. If you pay more to the attendant, then go back to the counter after filling the Gas to get the change

2nd Step – Take away the Gas Cap From your Vehicle

Depending on the model of your Vehicle. You must press the car’s button to remove the gas cap. Or open it with your hand to depict the gas cap and take it anywhere safely. If the lid is associated with a chain so just let it dangle.

3rd Step – Take Out the Nozzel

Remove the nozzle, put it inside, and ensure it perfectly sits in the gas tank. Moreover, if you see the two nozzles at the fuel station, they provide both diesel and Gas. So make sure that which fuel is right for your Vehicle.

NOTE: if you mistakenly filled your Vehicle with the wrong fuel, it is probably possible that it can damage your Vehicle’s engine.

4th Step – Press Your Selected Grade of Gas Button to Pump

Every fuel grade (regular, mid-grade, and premium) have a specific button on the Pump. Now select and then press it. After that, choose the variety of Gas you want to fill in your car tank. You are prepared to fill your car tank when you press the button.

5th Step – Squeeze the Trigger on the Pump

Now press the induction on the nozzle to tolerate the fuel to drift into your Vehicle’s tank. The fuel will stop flowing in the tank whenever it is occupied or ranges with the number you press because all the pumps furnish self-stopping machinery.

6th step – Take Out the Nozzel when the Tank is Full

Your Vehicle’s gas container is loaded from the fuel, so release the trigger and remove the nozzle from the tank. After that, replace the nozzle with the Pump.

8th Step – Replace the Gas Cap of the Tank

Put the gas pump cap you take out from the tank holder in its place—close the tank door tightly. Remember that if the lid has a screw so spiral it until you are sure it’s closed.

9th Step – Take the Receipt

If you pay the amount from your credit or debit card, the pump display asks you if you want a receipt or not. Press the yes button. Within a second, the Pump will print a receipt for you.

However, if you pay the amount to the attendant of the station, then park your vehicle and get the receipt if you want it.

Are You Pumping Gas in your Vehicle? – (Some Vital Tips & Hacks To Remember)

Are You Pumping Gas in your Vehicle
Are You Pumping Gas in your Vehicle


  • Always ensure that you are at the right pump assortment because some gas stations only offer a diesel. Meanwhile, some pumps are designed for regular gas only. However, some pumps have both kinds of gases. So make sure you are at the right place to save time.
  • When you are heading up to the pump station, you see two nozzles. That means the pump stores both gases (diesel and regular). Diesel nozzles are too big in size and green in color.
  • Suppose you are associated with any prize programs so that you can put your membership card. This may give you a discount at the gas station.
  • The lower octane gas (regular) will burn rapidly. Meanwhile, the higher octane gas (premium) will take time to burn.
  • Premium gas is usually used in vehicles with more significant engines to create fast speed, like heavy trucks.
  • If you get ready to pump the fuel into your car tank, make sure the dial on the pump goes back to zero. It will show that the pump is now ready. When you are pumping, you can watch on the dial how much gas adds to your car tank and also see the price.
  • The up-to-date pump station has automatic mechanisms that will off the fuel flow when it is full. Although you will hear a click sound when the tank is full

Safety Precautions for Pump Gas – ALERT!

Safety Precautions for Pump Gas
Safety Precautions for Pump Gas


Safety is a vital feature in driving and pumping gas fuel. When you conduct fuel and other combustible things, there is always a risk and danger. So you should always follow safety precautions when pumping gas.

  • When you hovered to the pump and parked your car at the gas station, don’t put out any cigarettes or anything that might cause a fire risk.
  • Also, leave your cell phone in your car because the mobile phone statics associated with the explosions at the gas station.
  • When you fill the gas tank, it expects that a few gas drops will drip on the floor when you remove the nozzle. So be careful that the drops will not drip on your shoes and clothes.
  • If the drops accidentally spill on your shoes or your clothes, they (gas station) have a paper towel that you can use to clean it.

Wrapped Up

Various pump stations also have a mart and car wash system. It is convenient to get your car washed after filling up your fuel tank and take some essentials from the mart at the pump station.

Let us know in the comment box if this guide helps you pump your car’s gas tank, and If you have any questions, don’t falter. You can freely ask any questions. We are always here to help you.

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