How To Leave a Discord Server using Mobile or Desktop App
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How To Leave a Discord Server using Mobile or Desktop App

With the extreme popularity of over 25 billion users, Discord stands out as a professional communication platform for video gamers. You may find it an interesting way to coordinate or interact with others while experiencing their gameplay. However, if you are curious about how to leave a Discord server, then the discussion will surely enlighten you in detail.

How Useful the Discord Server Is for Game Enthusiasts?

Discord has extensive compatibility not only for video calls but also for voice chats and text messages, allowing users to connect wherever they want. It seems like an extremely essential tool connecting game lovers throughout the world. With 14 million users available online you can search for professional people on organizational and social platforms.

In delving into our discussion on how you can leave the Discord server, you will find different ways to opt-out of your gaming communication platform.

Ways To Exit Your Discord Server

Different methods apply to the device you have connected to via mobile app or desktop. If you are well adapted to mobile or desktop, then each method will work well for you accordingly. However, each follows a different method, and you will surely learn it in the following discussion.

How to Delete your Discord Server

So, after having a good communication platform, if you are willing to leave it or remove your presence from the Discord server, it is quite simple to delete your Discord server.

  1. Startup your Discord app on your desktop.
  2. Then you can open the drop-down menu that appeared on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Then click on the “Server Settings”.
  4. Select “Delete Server”. You can then confirm it with the notification where you can enter your registered Server Name.

As soon as you have finished your steps, you will find your server no longer exists on the Discord platform. It further reaffirms that you will not be able to view other users on your Discord dashboard either.

Leave Out Discord Without Deleting Your Server

Now let’s get back to leaving our Discord platform without deleting it. It is quite common that when you create your Discord server, you instantly become its owner.

You can opt to leave out the vibrant gaming platform if you don’t want to discontinue your ownership of your gaming server. That’s how you can shift your ownership rights to other users without changing your ownership status on the Discord server. You can follow it quite conveniently.

  1. First, launch your Discord server.
  2. Hover on the top-right corner down arrow to enter the setting menu for your server.
  3. It will open up the list of options, where you can tap on the “Server Settings”.
  4. Head over the ‘User Management’ tab, then select ‘Members’.
  5. As soon as you click on the ‘Members’ tab, you will have to search for the user that will become your server owner.
  6. Then tap “Transfer Ownership”.

It is noteworthy to think carefully if you really want to transfer your ownership. In that case, you won’t be able to retrieve your account unless another user willingly transfers it back. Moreover, you can’t transfer your ownership rights. However, if you’re facing any trouble finishing your process, then contact the Discord Support Team for further assistance.

Leave Discord Server Using Desktop App

You can opt for leaving out of the Discord platform if using any Desktop app similar to most Discord users. You can now change your ownership status.

  1. Launch Discord app on your desktop
  2. Head over to the server you are willing to leave. It is down-arrow on the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap to open the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose “Leave Server” in the list of options for Settings

Whenever any user leaves their server, it will become invisible in the sidebar. Users are restricted from writing or reading messages on the server as well. However, for anyone willing to reconnect its server then it is always mandatory to have an invitation from another user. In another case, there will be a permanent exit from the server.

Exit from Discord Platform via Mobile devices

Here is how you can learn how you can leave your server on your mobile devices. It is somewhat different from the desktop application.

Discord Server Departure on iOS devices

Let’s head to the process on iOS devices and how you can leave it out on your server.

  1. Launch your Discord app.
  2. Navigate your left sidebar menu to opt amongst different options.
  3. There you find three dots on the top-right of the menu that opens an option for leaving out your server.
  4. Select “Leave Server”. You can get its confirmation whether you want to leave your server.
  5. Clicking “Yes” will execute the leaving out process.

Leaving Out Process for Android Users

As for Android, you can opt for leaving out your server using a similar pattern.

  1. Initiate your Discord Server on your Android mobile.
  2. Search for your Server you want to leave. Tap on the top-right ‘Three Dots’ beside your Server Name.
  3. Choose “Leave Server” from the drop-down menu. you can further your process by clicking “Yes” to confirm your process.
  4. That’s all about our leaving out the process from the Discord platform.

As soon as you leave your server, everyone associated with you will get a notification from the Admin bot of your departure eventually. So, it is always impossible to go unnoticed whenever you leave out your Server. It is therefore advisable to change your server’s name before you leave your server out.


That’s all about our discussion on how you can leave your server, transferring your ownership to another user. Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts on your departure experience on the Discord server. How did you manage to delete it considering the reason behind it? Looking forward to feedback in the comment box.

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