How to Get Rid of Maggots (Effective Solutions)
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How to Get Rid of Maggots (Effective Solutions)

Are you searching for ways to get rid of Maggots? If so, then you are on the right page. A maggot infestation in your trash can & home is not rare but nasty and annoying. But do not worry; there are some quick ways to get rid of these larvae.

Although maggots are fly larvae, commonly known as house flies, they are attracted to food and other waste, but you will only have an issue with maggots if these flies have access to your dustbin or other rubbish and settle on it. They may lay eggs, which can produce maggots within a day. As they are especially widespread during summer and spring when flies are more active. So, if you are wondering about keeping flies out, then it is also important to know what to do if maggots come to your home. All you need are some common household items to get free from these tiny maggots. So wipe out these maggots entirely by following the below tips.

Where do maggots come from?

Maggots are flying larvae, i-e common fly that enjoys spreading on garbage. They come in various shapes and are typically light brown or cream colored with a dark mark on their later end. So they lay their eggs on waste & leftover food. Later, the eggs turn into maggots within a day. After a pupal sage, they convert into flies. Although they lay their eggs almost anywhere where there is a vast amount of trash, it means the places where maggots are produced are the most messed up places or clusters. So, you have to do various things & cleaning to remove these maggots from your house. Now let’s move on to discuss how to prevent maggots.

4 Tips to Get Rid of Maggots from Getting in the Trash Can

4 Tips to Get Rid of Maggots
4 Tips to Get Rid of Maggots

As we have read above, maggots are attracted to rubbish and dirty things. If we talk about the house, maggots are highly attracted to leftover food or rotten perishable goods & Bins. To prevent maggots from the trash cans, follow the tips below.

Take Out the Trash

Wear disposable gloves and get rid of all the garbage from the infested bin; ensure it’s well-tied. If somehow the bag is scratched or damaged, put it inside another heavy-duty sealed bag & move to another dustbin.

Wash the Trash Can with Hot Water

Washing trash cans with hot water is also an effective way to eliminate maggots & bacteria. So ensure to wash each side of the trash can properly. It will quickly kill every remaining maggot & eggs at the bottom of the can or on the sides. Then, drain the trash can to remove the dead maggots. Additionally, if you use a plastic garbage can that may be damaged or distorted due to hot water, you can cover the maggots with a huge amount of salt instead. As salt is a natural dehydrator, it will kill maggots in no time.

Sterilize With White Vinegar to Get rid of Maggots

You can use a white vinegar solution to get free of these maggots. Although white vinegar is a natural deodorizer that eliminates rotten aromas. So make a solution using distilled white vinegar and two parts water to purify the trash can. Then, use a cloth to clean the inside of the trash can; make sure to clean each side. To get the best results, let the solution stay up to 30 mins, so it can work well to eradicate germs.

Clean Trash Can Properly

Lastly, rinse your trash can properly by turning the can upside down or leaving the lid open for the garbage can to dry entirely before placing the trash bag. Always use a high-quality trash bag that won’t break easily and will eradicate any entry of flies.

Additional Guidelines to Get Rid of Maggots

If you are still seeing maggots in your home. Don’t worry; you can use the below methods to wipe out maggot infestation.

Disinfect Your Home

If you see maggots around your home, they may come here from leftover food and filth, as these are the primary reasons you would find maggot infestations. If you find the source where they have come, first throw it out and then sanitize the infected area.

Although, the main area to focus on for cleaning is basically the kitchen since this is common, where food can ruin and trash spilled on the floor. So always wash your counters, tabletops, floors, and any moisture sources, throw out the leftover food and remove the trash from the bin. This is the most essential of all the steps because no amount of insect-killer products will get the job done if your kitchen is not clean.

Apply Insecticide Aerosol to Get Rid of Maggots

Applying insecticide is a simple & effective way to kill maggots & flies. All you have to do is spray every corner where you can find these maggots in good quantity. You can find various insecticides in stores, but we suggest you use pyrid aerosol as it is labeled to kill flies instantly. Moreover, you can spray your plants and other corners of the house to get a cure from maggots & flies. Don’t forget to wear a mask while spraying.


Q1. Are Maggots Detrimental to Human Health?

However, flies are known for spreading diseases and being irritative, but maggots are not harmful; they are unbearable. Although they help save lives, and are placed on dead tissue and perished flesh to eliminate the bacteria in infected injuries. Nowadays, maggot therapy is a common practise where some species of maggots are farmed for use for medical purposes.

Q2. How to get rid of future maggot infestations?

Once you know how to remove maggots & know the preferred method for eliminating them, use the tips below to avoid them returning.

  • Never leave your food outside; use sealed containers to place the leftover food.
  • Seal the trash bags tightly, and remove the garbage from the dustbin daily.
  • Always clean your trash can clean & wash it properly after every 2 3 days.
  • Close your windows properly to prevent flies from coming into the house.


There is no need to bear with maggots and flies anymore; you can use the above guide to get rid of the flies, maggots, and other things from your house and trash can. Do not panic; if you see any maggots in your house or garden, you can easily remove them by cleaning, sanitizing your house corners, and adding some fragrance to it, as maggots don’t like the scents, so this is also a great way to keep them away. Hope you found this article useful, and do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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