How To Get Rid Of Earwigs From Your Home– DIYs
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How To Get Rid Of Earwigs From Your Home– DIYs

Like millipedes and boxelder bugs, earwigs arrive in homes when looking for lodging from cold temperatures in the fall or by coincidence. They come to your home to chew plants and dead leaves and for protection as a substitute. But if you think they want to do something for your ears, fortunately, it is not really like that. So don’t you want to see them in your home or garden or get rid of these earwigs? Here in this post, we instruct you on all the DIYs, methods, hacks, and tricks to get them out to your home.


  • Earwigs are omnivores that eat plants, animals, and practically the whole lot.
  • You can use a flashlight to treasure the bugs at night.
  • These bugs inhibit the moisture environment. Try to maintain and control less than 60 percent of the humid condition inside your home.

Earwigs Or Pincher Bugs

Earwig’s word originated from an Old English word, ear-wicga means ear wiggler. These bugs were first reported in the early 1900s in North America, and now about 2000 species are dispersed everywhere. Meanwhile, in Germany, they are called earworms (ohrwumer) and ear piercers (perce-orielles) in France.

The earwigs most probably live in humid and warm climates. They rarely fly but tend to hide out during the day whenever you spot them in the garden or other places. However, they appear to feedstuff into your garden, bathroom, basements, and other soggy places at night.

These omnivore bugs eat almost everything like flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, insects, tainted woods, and decaying herbs and animals. Their shelters can thousand in numbers and live together. At the same time, they flock during the day because they have to find hide in the same places.

Moreover, these bugs enter your home through the cracks and holes. They seldomly origin any harm and spread disease or bite. Sometimes these bugs might pinch you, but it doesn’t actually injure you. But their presence can tip you that you had not noticed that cut off to moisture damage.

Speculating How Can I Find Earwigs in my House to Get Rid of them?

Do you want to get a purge of earwigs? You have to treasure them before you can kill them. So, you might find unwanted visitors (ear bugs). Here we have instructed the areas and hacks to find them in the various places.

  • Bugs mostly choose the garden area where they find plenty of food to eat and survive.
  • Search the bugs in areas where the water is leaking or hoarding and where the air is cool.
  • On warm mornings, they will flee under cushions, flowerpots, and the sofa.
  • While some of the earwigs are fascinated by lights at night, you can find them on courtyards or porches throughout the summertime.
  • They also prefer to live in the same environment where the centipedes saw bugs and millipedes. So, find them in leaf litter, wood piles, and below the rocks.
  • In the dry season, they try to hide in your homes where they find a moist environment like the bathroom, kitchen, laundry area, and home’s foundation.

Do you know any Techniques to Get Rid of Earwigs?

Techniques to Get Rid of Earwigs
Techniques to Get Rid of Earwigs


Sometimes earwigs can be advantageous to your garden because they eat aphids’ worms. But when they become damaging your plants and flowers or infiltrate your home so it would be good for you to get cleared of them from your circumstance.

Attempt the following guide to become completely clear from them.

Method 1: Try to keep them not coming to your House

Method 2: Kill these annoying earwigs

Method 3: Apply professional pest control

1st Method: Can I keep Earwigs Away from my House?

Earwigs Away from my House
Earwigs Away from my House


Earwigs can find access to your home through tiny holes and fix and seal any gaps or entry point bigger than one inch (2.5 centimeters). So, we can say that you can keep the bugs away from your house.

Here we instruct you on some preventing tips or hacks that you can apply to get rid of bugs.

  • If your window is dented, exchange it or mend the holes to avoid pests from incoming into your home.
  • Keep dense vegetation away from the home side by at least six to twelve inches. Make your place dry so that earwigs are less like to inhabit.
  • Similarly, mending the leakage of pipes and cleaning the tranches.
  • If you have a basement in your home, use a dehumidifier product to avoid excess moisture.
  • Seal and patch up the cracks and crevices in the walls inside your home with the waterproof substance.
  • Take away the heaps of wood and rocks if your home is under construction.

2nd Method: How to kill Earwigs from my House? – Some Hasty DIYs

How to kill Earwigs from my House
How to kill Earwigs from my House


When you find earwigs either in your home or garden, target them directly with the insecticide natural or chemical killers. Below the guide, we describe some methods to eliminate these unwelcomed bugs.

Scattering Boric acid Powder to Get Rid of the Earwigs

The boric acid powder is a natural pesticide that kills earwigs. So, buy it at any general store or online. Then sprinkle as much as you need in spots where earwigs are likely to crawl through, like damp corners or wood piles.

NOTE: preserve the boric acid powder away from your children; they will harm if they come in contact with it.

Spray the Dish Soap and Water Mixture

  • Take a showering bottle and fill it with warm water.
  • Now add a few drops of any dish soap and shake it well.
  • Then spray this liquid on the leaves to kill earwigs.

NOTE: You can shower this mixture whenever you spot an earwig in your home.

Sprinkle the Alcohol Base Spray

Earwigs have a layered of wax on their body. When you spray this mixture on them, the alcohol properties penetrate these wigs and kill them instantly. So, follow these simple steps to get rid of earwigs.

  • In a shower, the bottle pours the rubbing alcohol and water.
  • Make sure that you take both ingredients in the same quantity.
  • Now sprinkle the mixture where ever you see them.

NOTE: Always use an insecticidal spray on your plant or a single leaf. Then observe for 24 hours to see if the plant has an adverse reaction. Suppose it does watery your alcohol solution more and test it again.

Make a Mixture of Oil and Soya Sauce to Trick

The oil and soya sauce smell will attract the earwigs, crawl in, and sink into the container. You can apply this hack to trap these unwanted bugs. Here are the steps to make this mixture.

  • Take a plastic container with a cover and make holes in the cover.
  • Now pour the oil and soya sauce in the same quantity into the container.
  • Then cover the container and put it in your garden and home corners.

Make an Igniting Earwigs Trap and Get Rid of them

As you already know, earwigs attract light at night. So, when you put the mixture with light, they will be haggard to light and sink in this container. To make the mixture, do follow this guide.

  • Take a big container and pour the water and dish soap
  • Make sure 4 parts water and 1 part dish soap and mix it well.
  • At night put this container outside with a lamp onto the surface of the container.

If you see Earwig’s Army Vacuum up

If you see numerous earwigs in an area, you can capture them with a vacuum cleaner. Formulate the vacuum before forthcoming the bugs to avoid them from scattering. Now pull up as many bugs as you can, clean the range with the vacuum, and assemble eggs that might be there. Then unfilled it into a container of soapy water to kill the earwigs.

Method 3: These DIYs didn’t Work? – Use the Pest Control Pros to Get Rid of the Earwigs

Pest Control Pros to Get Rid of the Earwigs
Pest Control Pros to Get Rid of the Earwigs


Earbuds are not hazardous to your health but can help find other possible insect entrance points into your home. However, you can start the above two methods by trying to get rid of these earwigs. If these methods fail so you can call a pest control company.

Expert technicians have the accurate products and training to kill earwigs. Correspondingly, they can help you to find the insect entry points into your house. Here are the companies that you can call to sort out your issue.


This company has been making the insect control service available for more than 100+ years. They can find and eliminate all types of insects from your home. Moreover, they have a high level of training in their workforce.


This corporation is only accessible in only urban areas in the United States. Their worker is organized to kill the earwig infestations as well as inhabitation policies.


In the United States, Terminix company offers extinction of earwigs as part of its general insect control services. This company’s technicians can inspect to see if bugs are whacking in your home free of cost. Also, obtain a free approximation for the treatment.

WARNING: Earwigs are likely to diatomaceous earth. However, In wet or humid weather, DE is not operative and kills pollination. Contemplate placing a DE ring everywhere the plant’s bases if the soil is dry. Remember to avoid using it around the flowers.

Wrapped Up

when you see an earwig, you will treasure another inside your home or in the garden. These bugs don’t cause any damage to you, but they find ways to get inside your house on summer days (throughout the breeding season). If you want to get rid of the earwigs in this article, we describe all the methods to keep your garden or home clean. So let us know which method or DIY you apply when encountering these bugs.

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