How to Get Rid Of Bees (10 Handy Tips)
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How to Get Rid Of Bees (10 Handy Tips)

Are you worried about bees nesting around your home and wondering how to get rid of them? So you’ve come to the right place, where you learn the trick of eradicating the bees from your property using natural remedies. That helps you to make your family and home safe and secure without harming the bees.

In reality, bees are an essential part of the ecosystem. In fact, if bees do not exist, then pollination tendencies will be reduced because they help us produce food. Still, if it is on your property, you might feel frustrated. You know, as they might annoy or even sting you if their mood changes or they feel threatened by you.

Apart from the bee’s benefits and types of bees or other bee species, the risk of getting stung could be unpleasant for you, especially if you are allergic. So, let’s move to the next section to see multiple tricks to keep away from bees and their types.

Types of Bees

It is overwhelming if you want to identify the active pest around your property. Almost 20,000 species have been discovered, and many different bees exist now. Thus, there are some common traits that may help you to identify them.

Initially, you can identify them by observing their bodies as they have fuzzy hair on their round, thicker bodies, six legs, a pair of wings, antennae, and a stinger. As they are pollinators, their hairy bodies help them collect pollen more efficiently. One more important factor in the identification of bees is their size. Usually, bees are black and yellow, but their coloration may vary to be a darker brown or a brighter golden color. So, to differentiate among the few bees, go through the following section:

1.      Honey Bees

Honey bees are one of the valuable bees that play a crucial role in pollination in the ecosystem. Thus, you can differentiate a honey bee from other bee species by looking at the thorax or abdomen, which is bloated and shaped like a barrel because of the honey it carries in its bellies. Bees also have their own unique honeycomb hive where they stock up on their honey.

2.      Ground Bees

The other name for Ground bees is Bumble bees, such as mining bees, leafcutter bees, and alkali bees. You can easily recognize them by their plump and hairy black and yellow bodies. As compared to honey bees, they are much larger and do not make honey. Another distinguishing feature is that they prefer to build their nests on the ground.

3.      Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are bigger-sized bees that will not make honey either. They resemble bumble bees but are not as hairy, and their abdomen is almost a shiny black color. Carpenter bees are unique in that they prefer to build their nests inside the wood.

How to Get Rid Of Bees Naturally & Safely

How to Get Rid Of Bees Naturally & Safely (1)
How to Get Rid Of Bees Naturally & Safely (1)

Eradicating bees can be relatively difficult through safe and natural methods because you have to find the bee’s nest or the location where they are coming from. It might be possible that they have created a nest inside the walls, outside the window, or in a tree.

Thus, you have to determine first where the invading bees are and how you can remove them while performing an inspection. Then, you can use any trick to eradicate the bees. So, let’s move to the next section to see a few usable tricks:

1.      Use Cinnamon for Transfer

Well, maybe you don’t know that cinnamon is an adaptable spice to relocate the bees or get away from bee hives. This natural bee repellent has a disgusting odor that is hard on bees’ stomachs. If they feel the smell of cinnamon, they try to find another place to move to stay.

You just need to sprinkle ground cinnamon near the bee farm, and you are free from bees. But make sure to take precautionary steps so they may not attack you when you inhale an offensive smell.

2.      Get Rid of Bees by Vinegar Spray

Another trick is spraying the vinegar. Combine equivalent parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, spray it over the bee hive and keep track of the time. Hence, if you have any flowers on your windows or porch, ensure to spray them also. Additionally, splash in the general surrounding area where the bees are usually crowded. This method is unlikable to bees, and they might go somewhere else.

3.      Use Garlic Spray

Use Garlic Spray
Use Garlic Spray

One more technique for bee repellent is using garlic spray, which has garlic and vinegar. So, you can make the spray in a few minutes. Just put the fresh garlic cloves in cooking oil and let them soak for a few days. Take vinegar of the cheapest quality, as it will be more acidic. Now, combine the two ingredients, and their smell will disorient the bees and stop them from flying.

4.      Get Rid of Bees using Citrus

It is quite easy to make a citrus spray to prevent bees from entering your house. You just need to pour boiling water along with the citrus fruit slices like lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit into a pot. When the volume of water has boiled down to 1/3, then remove it from the heat and let the mixture cool down. After that, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and utilize it around the hive and any areas where you feel the bees are present.

5.      Natural Bee Allure

As you know, bees pay attention to sweet smells. So, you have a benefit here in making a trap for them. Hence, add some ripe mango slices in a zip lock bag and leave it twenty feet away from the location of the nest. Now, wait for three days and then move back a further three. You will observe that the mango’s smell will attract bees, and hopefully, they will change places somewhere else from home.

6.      Get Rid of Bees via Citronella Candles

Get Rid of Bees via Citronella Candles
Get Rid of Bees via Citronella Candles

Citronella candles help you to protect against mosquitoes as well as unusual species of bees. It will not only keep the bees out but will surely keep them out and force the bees that live inside the walls to fly out.

7.      Bee Repelling Plants

In fact, there are a few plants that are used as effective bee deterrents. Cucumbers have the characteristics of acidic peels that eradicate bees and wasps. Similarly, neem, mint, cloves, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, and citronella all have powerful scents that are used to deter bees. Furthermore, red germaniums and red marigolds are a few bee-repellent plants that produce flowers.

8.      Get Rid of Bees through a Bee Spray

Bee sprays like PT Wasp Freeze II target the nervous system of bees, which causes paralysis and eventual death. Because they contain strong chemicals that are harmful to insects and also have bad effects on humans and pets, especially. So, stand 15 feet or less away from the hive while spraying. The chemicals work when they fall on the bee. It will paralyze them immediately, and they will die within minutes. Usually, bees appear in a shower rather than a stream that permits them to cover a larger area.

The best time to use this chemical is at night when bees are in the hive. In this way, you can only spray in one area. Keep in mind that bee spray works when it comes into contact with the bee. So make sure to be present in the territory of the bee colony.

One more point is that you should wear protective equipment to avoid stings, as they feel vulnerable and may attack you. Note the point that this spray is only used for the yard or outdoors only. Moreover, proper ventilation is required to prevent accidental halation of the aerosol. However, it is better to take precautionary steps and wear a mask to keep this away from kids and pets.

9.      Sprinkle Powder Dust

Sprinkle Powder Dust
Sprinkle Powder Dust

One of the best ways to eliminate the bee nest and all the bees is by using powdered dust such as Bayer Tempo Dust or Delta Dust Insecticide. Like the bee sprays that you can utilize, it uses active ingredients to cause paralysis and death. Keep in mind to shake before use so that it could be fine with a barely traceable covering of dust. You can apply this powdered dust to the cracks and opening areas.

Hence, be careful while applying this powder to avoid inhalation and contact with the skin. Moreover, wipe off any surplus that falls off the cracks and lands on surfaces where humans or pets can go.

10. Call a Professional Person to Get Rid of Bees

As family safety comes first, if you want to keep bees away while making your family safe, then you should call a beekeeper. Generally, beekeepers have their own bee hive or bee farm. They take care of these insects, provide pollination services, and harvest their honey. Some do this work as a hobby, while others do it as a business. Moreover, their equipment and expertise permit them to offer the valuable service of removing bees from your home. For that reason, they get a proper salary.

Actually, they take away the bees and shift them to different areas. If you want to move them from your house to another place on your property, they can also do that for you. However, if you don’t have space for a hive, in that case, they take the bees where they can bloom or distant from human contact. Overall, according to beekeepers, it is better to make the pest exterminators alive as it is more valuable.

Wrapping Up

Now, there is no need to bother if there are bees or bee species around you. Although bees are vital for pollination, if you feel irritated or your family member is allergic to them, they should be removed. So, you can use some natural and valuable tricks to avoid them.

Hopefully, the few above tips for eradicating bees are worthy for you. So, do let us know by commenting which trick you have used for your easiness.

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