How to Get Heirloom Shards for Crafting Material

how to get heirloom shards in apex

Are you also worried about how to buy the heirlooms from the store? It is challenging to get the heirloom shards in the game. Moreover, it is complicated to get the shards in the game, but you can also buy different heirlooms to unlock the animations’ attacks through it.

In addition, Sh-ards are a currency of an apex legend that is used for trading exclusive cosmetic items from the heirloom store, as they are unique and can be used to unlock attacks and animations. They must be expensive, though easier to use for a limited time when the cosmetic items are already added to a game. But when you get the sh-ards, you first have to open the apex pack. The blog will help you with the game’s know-how and explain how to obtain the heirloom sh-ards and a list of heirlooms in a game.

Introduction of the Apex Legend Game and Heirloom Shards

Apex legend is a battle royale stage game that most players are already familiar with. You have a choice to play one of eight characters with unique skills and make the gameplay more exciting. Apex legend games make a different turn out of battle Royale Staples, such as starting with no weapons, falling from a plane, and fighting, then polished them into squad play characters.

apex how to get heirloom shards
apex how to get heirloom shards

Heirloom sh-ards are virtual currencies used in the apex legend games to craft heirlooms. Players have to buy the coins apex with real money to buy the apex packs in a game. The game is free to play but depends on the loot boxes and small transactions to make money. People still feel trouble collecting the rarest currency in the entire game. The game is available on various platforms like Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, etc.

How to Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends

The shards are used for crafting the heirlooms material to unlock the legends’ unique gear. The easiest way to get the sh-ards of Heirloom is by opening a box of Apex. In addition, it is not sure that you can get the heirloom sh-ards in every box opening, but there are pity times that make sure that 500 boxes will guarantee you to receive the heirloom sh-ards on the opening.

how to get heirloom shards in apex legends
how to get heirloom shards in apex legends

Individuals need great luck when unboxing the packs, but the good news is that they will receive 150 sh-ards from the apex pack from which you can easily unlock the one heirloom set. When a player opens a loop box, it will give them an heirloom shard, but a lesser chance is to get the 150 sh-ards. These packs can acquire by leveling up, intensifying the battle pass, and purchasing premium apex coins (with real money).

Opening of 500 Apex Pack to Get the Heirloom shards

Players guarantee that they will get heirloom sh-ards with 500 apex boxes in the apex game. You can get the apex pack box per level from 2-20 and 2 levels from 22-300 for one pack more, and then a group of 5 from 300-500. Furthermore, when you buy the battle pass, it will also give you the additional Apex Pack. The game depends on the player’s patience as it requires a lot of time to find the right sets of gear to reach the gold mine. When you want to check how many packs you get, input your account level, the calculator will show you the boxes you earned by playing.

List of the Heirlooms in the Apex Game: For Crafting

In Apex legends, game heirlooms are the set of cosmetics that you will craft by heirloom sh-ards during the game. Here is the list of heirlooms sets. Let’s discuss them.

how to get heirloom shards
how to get heirloom shards

       1)  A Set of Wraith Heirloom

  • Banner pose: courageous
  • Melee Weapon Skin: kunai ingrain with blue energy
  • Intro Quip: follow when you know what I look.

       2)    A Set of Wattson’s Heirloom (Purchased by Shards)

  • Banner pose: hold with concern.
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a reader of energy with a small screen.
  • Intro Quip: attempt as your strength

3)     A Set of Rampart’s Heirloom

  • Banner pose: struggle in your battle
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a red detailed metal twist.
  • Intro Quip: make stuff with your hand

4)     A Set of Revenant’s Heirloom

  • Banner pose: No flee
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a hack that radiates a glow
  • Intro Quip: skin bag which you don’t want to see closely

5)     A Set of Bloodhound’s Heirloom ( Purchased by Shards)

  • Banner pose: chase the wonder
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a glowing red axe.
  • Intro Quip: we don’t honor who is falling and only honor who rises.

6)     A Set of Lifeline’s Heirloom

  • Banner pose: alarming firewood
  • Melee Weapon skin: a set of cardioverter drumsticks.
  • Intro Quip: “ensure yourself or ruin yourself.”

7)     A Set of Pathfinder’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: dark out
  • Melee Weapon skin: pair off boxing gloves attached with a small screen.
  • Intro Quip: Are you listening? I have made all the fantastic moves” see how great I was?

8)     A Set of Octane’s Heirloom

  • Banner pose: roll and flip
  • Melee Weapon Skin: the green liquid is filled in a butterfly knife.
  • Intro Quip: run quick, hit quick, and win.

9)     A Set of Mirage’s Heirloom (Purchased by Shards)

  • Banner Pose: you love me
  • Melee Weapon Skin: atrophy of the best competitor in a battle, based on looks and skills.
  • Intro Quip: I will see you all in a place, but with lots of mess to go around.

10)  A Set of Caustic’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: time of hammer
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a skull with a hammer prepared with Noxgas.
  • Intro Quip: my hands are looking forward to getting on you.

11) A Set of Gibraltar’s Heirloom

  • Banner Pose: Similar to rock
  • Melee Weapon Skin: hatchet covered in flames.
  • Intro Quip: when the game will over, you got me ‘Gibraltar.’

12) A Set of Bangalore’s Heirloom

  • Banner pose: no pistol, no problem
  • Melee Weapon Skin: a curved knife
  • Intro Quip: expected that you are not frightened to get your hands dirty.


There are so many heirlooms in the Apex Legends game that you have to craft them using the heirloom shards. The blog will guide you in detail on how to get the heirloom sh-ards and the list of crafting materials for the Heirloom. Let us know which is the best Heirloom to compose first and the best one to get the heirloom sh-ards.

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