How to Find Someone’s Birthday (10 Incredible Tricks)

how to find someone's birthday
how to find someone’s birthday

There are several reasons that you want to find someone’s birthday, but you cannot ask him. Maybe the reason is that you are curious to know about an unknown person, forgot your friend’s date of birth, or want to wish a new friend first on his special day. Especially, when someone is very close to you, and you do not remember his day, he might feel disheartened if he knows about your blunder.

Well, you have come to the right place; there are multiple ways to discover a person’s birthday, whether you know him or not. So, you can throw a surprise party, buy a gift, plan a romantic dinner, or make uncertain products as a prank, etc. However, whatever the reason is, you can use any of the tricks described in the following section to avoid the awkwardness caused by forgetting.

1.     Use Social Media Platforms to Uncover a Person’s Birthday

Most of the time, people are pretty open with their personal information and share their birthdays on Facebook. So, it is better to look first there. For that purpose, navigate to the About section of their Facebook profile, then check under the Overview section for their birthday. Moreover, you can see the upcoming birthdays as well in the Events tab. If the person writes his birthday there or allows the privacy setting to be too public, then your search is ended.

Another way to search for your friend’s birthday is through Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can check social media profiles to see their past celebrations. LinkedIn also offers the personal information of a person where you can uncover anyone’s birthday by visiting their profiles. Furthermore, if the person is interested in adding their information, then LinkedIn automatically sends you a message to notify you about their birthday. But beware, if you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile, he will be informed.

2.     Search on Google or DuckDuckgo

You can easily search for a person’s information if he has a social media presence or works online. Thus, you can search on Google or DuckDuckgo to find out about the person or thing you want. You just need to type in his name and city, and you will be connected to his social account and sometimes link up with his public records and personal website as well. Then, you will get access to publicly available information through a search engine.

3.     Glimmering Discussion of Famous People

Nowadays, celebrity culture is common where you easily know about their personal information through conversation or talk shows. Just play a game which you and other persons like, such as rapid-fire or 20 questions, and you can ask their ages or birthdays slightly along with further questions.

4.     Consult your Mutual Friends to Find the Birthday

how to find someone's birthday on snapchat
how to find someone’s birthday on snapchat

Asking around is quite feasible to know about someone’s birthday, as you can talk to any common friend or link, and you can ask him about the person’s birthday. Even if he doesn’t know, he will try to find out for you. So, that you don’t need to ask the person by yourself.

Hence, there is another way that you can try where you can acquire help from the person’s family, if you know the person sufficiently well. Especially, when the person is very close to you, and you might forget the birth date. So, you can reach out to his relative to get his help.

Usually, if you work somewhere for multiple years, then you might know your colleagues’ basics. Furthermore, you may ask about your co-worker’s birthday to another collaborator. If not, then you may also consult the company’s employment records by taking permission from your boss and discover your colleague’s birthday. Then, you will also get a chance to throw a party at your workplace.

5.     To Find the Birthday: Test out the Calendar

Several people also write or mark their loved ones’ birth dates on the calendar. So, you can also make an excuse to see the calendar. This trick also works for digital calendars. If you can access them, such as Google Calendar or Apple’s version, it will help you find out about the person. You can also request them to share their calendar.

6.     Trick Your Friend

Let’s take another common example: Let’s discuss your ID picture with him and tell him to compare it with his picture. In this way, you see his DOB. This idea might seem unbelievable, but it can work with this trick that takes your friend someplace where he has to use his ID or license.

7.     To Find Person’s Birthday: Check Public Records

how to find out someone's birthday
how to find out someone’s birthday

One more way is through your local public records office or websites such as Zabasearch, which may have resources for checking birth dates. The Zabasearch site is quite good at finding info about people. It has access to public information only but is a valuable source to try. However, these services often charge money, but you will get to know the birth date if you are looking for it.

8.     Check Background

If you are really determined to discover the birth date of any person, then you can check his background. However, it costs money and seems like a stalker. But it seems your search is over. It is worthwhile to use this idea if you are disciplined enough to see only his birth date and not any other information; as you don’t know what is inside his closet.

On social media or other platforms, anyone can lie about his birth date. So, background checking is your only option; if you need to know the exact date or information like the birth certificate. Moreover, you can also try the Social Security Death Records database or Census records to know about the dead person. But this way is not worth it, if you plan a surprise party for someone, although these records also provide birth dates.

9. Use the Website to Find Friend’s Birthday

Numerous websites are available to assist you in not annoying your friend by forgetting his birthday and wishing him a happy birthday on time. Some of the birth date finder’s sites are free, and some charge a cost, like a monthly subscription.

Thus, you just need to enter the birthday person’s name and a few details, which will instantly recover the details. Let’s see the list of websites to discover your friend’s birth date:

  • Truth Finder
  • BeenVerified
  • Intelius
  • Search by Photo with Social Catfish
  • Spokeo
  • CheckPeople
  • People Looker
  • Info Tracer

Note: While using these birthday sites to search for birthdays, you can utilize different parts of information to search for free DOB. Usually, sites ask you to enter the basics like name, surname, city, and state before starting a search.

Nonetheless, some websites allow you to discover the birth date and social security number (SSN), date of birth (DOB), cell phone number, email address, and even age.

10. Ask the Person by Himself

To know anyone’s birthday is to ask himself if you recently met with him and want a friendly conversation. You can also inquire about his age, and you will get to know what you want to know. In addition, get clues about his past birthday celebration; or reveal your birth date so that he may also share his date of birth.

Wrapping Up

It is exciting to know someone’s birthday to give a surprise by posting snaps with a cake and a happy birthday tiara or plan a party, etc.; which is a good indicator that you know the correct date. But sometimes, it seems that some people get offended by asking for birth dates or feel not comfortable. So, the above ideas are pretty helpful for you to apply, and also, let us know about your wishing tricks by commenting.

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