How To Convince Your Parents to Fulfill your wishes
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How To Convince Your Parents to Fulfill your wishes

To Convince parents is a trick that probably most of you do not know of. However, every child in his childhood has a dream that their parents always pursue their wishes. Peoples from different regions from different cultures have different thoughts regarding taking care of a child.

However, it isn’t easy to analyze the nature of your parents because we don’t know what response we get in reverse. Therefore it’s crucial for you to understand the nature of your parents before attempting your actions.

Keep this in mind as human beings, we all want respect in response so showing positive attribution toward your parent is a gesture that surely will build your respect in their hearts. Parents are the only relation that always plays a part in the betterment of their children, but they could be wrong also in taking measures because we all make mistakes in certain perspectives.

So if you are one of a kid who wants their parents to pursue their demands, then this article is the answer to your problems. In this article, we’ll discuss some tricks by which you can make your parents always say yes to your request, so hang up till the end.

Convince Your Parents with The Top 8 Experienced Tricks

Top 8 Experienced Tricks
Top 8 Experienced Tricks

There are uncountable ways of convincing parents, but the most working ones I experienced during my childhood are as follows.

1.     Be an obedient child

I know it sounds a little lame, but this method is the most prominent so far. You often notice that the elder child gets more attention from the parents than the younger one. However, that doesn’t mean it’s because they are elders.

But it’s a natural phenomenon that the elder is known to be the most obedient. According to psychological terms, when you are obedient to your parents. You’ll be their favorite, so they’ll certainly appreciate your request.

Although being obedient to parents will not just be based on fulfilling wishes only. It’s also a highly moral activity told by our ancestors. A great philosopher at the time of the Seljuk empire Abu Hamed Al-Ghazālī stated that respecting parents is the only key to a successful life.

2.     Relax their mood before convincing

Expressing your demand on your parents without knowing their mood would not be a great idea. However, ensure first if they’re in the listening mood or not. There are several methods you can apply to relax them like

  • Talk humorous to them
  • Asking about their old memories
  • Giving them gifts
  • Do an attribute that makes them joyful

After you examine that, their temper looks relaxed and ok. Put your request right after there is a higher chance they’ll accept your demand.

3.     Achievetargets they give you

When I was a child, I was affectionate with the bicycle. However, my father demanded that if you got good grades, I’d buy you a bicycle. This thing motivates me so much that I’ve achieved the target given to me by my dad so he’d buy me what he promised.

Maybe you’ve also gone through these situations once in your life. So try to achieve the targets given to you by your parents concerning getting your wishes done.

4.     Demand things that have any use case

Naturally, parents can be convinced only by things that have any use case, so avoid demanding things that don’t have any such benefit.

Instead, what you can do is make a full homework of an item and present it to your parents in a way that likely makes sense that the item you’re presenting would have some benefits.

For example, you want a laptop, so if you said your parents that you want a laptop for gaming, they’d never buy it because it’s a waste of time according to their perception. However, when you tell them you want to do some designing and coding type of stuff, they’ll surely buy you one.

5.     Build your acting skills to convince parents

I know it sounds hilarious &cheezy, but this strategy often worked for me as a child. Mostly, mothers get into this trap instead of fathers. I remember in my childhood, once I made a plan that tomorrow I’ll not go to school.

So I pretended to show my mother I had pain in my hand. I don’t understand why but my acting was so good that my mom got convinced over school off. However, fathers are not likely to be as emotional as mothers, so convincing them will be a big challenge.

To convince, ensure you have a script ready before acting because a single slip-up will alert your parents about your plan.

6.     Show yourself as a responsible fellow

If you are responsible for the responsibilities given to you by your parents, then you up scoring your number in the parent’s good books. However, being responsible leaves a good impression on your parents, and they think that if you demand something, you’re being responsible enough to pursue it well.

7.     Be cool when they’re angry

Arguing without any reason makes the situation even worse, so don’t argue with your parents when they’re angry because it leaves the consequence of that anger for a long time. However, you can’t convey your wish to them in that scenario.

The best way is to keep silent instead of quarreling, and it’s just fine because parents scorn for short. It’ll become worse when you keep fueling it instead of being quiet.

8.     Convince parents by showing the positive side of a thing

Sometimes it takes a long time for parents to agree to your request. It’ll save you a lot of time if you only show the positive side of the item you’re demanding from them. However, approach your parents and keep showing them the positive sides. They’ll for sure agree to your demand at last.

How to Make Parents Buy You Online Items?

As we mentioned earlier 8 methods by which you can convince your parents. However, we’ll give you proper guidance on how to convince your parents to buy you something online.

Suppose you want to buy a shoe from an online store. You’ll first let your mom or dad be a fan of those shoes because they’ll surely buy them once they like them.

How to Convince Parents In Short

There would be several things you can convince your parents of. However, I explained the personal experience of my childhood, which I implemented as a child. It all depends on your parent’s perceptions at last.

But somehow, we all are humans with the same instinct, so the tricks we’ve told here are based on the instinct every parent does. After reading this article from top to bottom, I hope you’re very much aware of what to do next.

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