How to catch sharks in animal crossing 2022

how to catch sharks in animal crossing
how to catch sharks in animal crossing

How to catch sharks in animal crossing? Animal Crossing is a social base reality game with multiple series developed by Nintendo and is famous for its catching shark spirit. This game has many strategies for chasing sharks and trapping them in your net. Furthermore, you can put them in the museum or display them on your island.

The game has several categories of sharks, like great white shark, hammerhead, saw, and whale sharks. Watch till the end because we’ll cover the best strategies to help you catch all 4 sharks.

Catch Sea Monsters Aka Shark in Animal Crossing – New Horizon

These sharks appear in their seasons and are 4 species. All shark’s seasons are June, July, August, and September. Saw and white sharks appear from 4 am to 9 pm to catch these two primitives. You must make your strategy according to that time, but hammerhead and whale shark have no particular timings.

They appear all day and night in the sea. So planning before catching a shark is crucial because if you miss targets in a given month, you’ll need to wait a long time to catch it again.

Where Can I Locate These Sharks in Animal Crossing?

All the sharks are available everywhere in the sea. Don’t rush to find them in a particular area – all the sea that covers your island has these sharks. Simply go to the beach with your fishing rod and fish the sharks to catch them.

5 Best ways to Catch & Fish Sharks in Animal Crossing

ways to Catch & Fish Sharks in Animal Crossing
ways to Catch & Fish Sharks in Animal Crossing

Use the traditional way to catch sharks, just like the way you catch other fishes. However, it would be best to be responsible because shark-detected sensors are more robust than other fishes. A single noise of a foot reverses them to a sea. Sharks are way more aggressive and hard to catch.

You need to craft a fishing rod with manila clams. If you don’t have clams buy some, each clam is worth 100 bells. Search for shadows after then. If a fish with a fin comes near your bait, that doesn’t mean it’s a shark. Suckerfish also have fins, so you’ll need to sacrifice some of your baits to catch any of them.

Catching a shark might be frustrating, but patience makes your dream come true. We’ll briefly discuss the full technique for catching all 4 sharks in 5 steps. So let’s get started

  1. Reach beach location

    Reach beach location
    Reach beach location

Pick your digging tool and head toward a beach nearby to your shark island. This way you can reach fast to the sea beach make sure that you have more and more fish baits with you.

  1. Dig sand to get manila clam

    Dig sand to get manila clam
    Dig sand to get manila clam

Search for small holes in the sand because manila clam should be available on that part. Then dig down that sandy part with your shovel, and maybe you’re lucky enough to find the manila clam.

  1. Craft m-clam

    Craft m-clam
    Craft m-clam

The procedure of crafting a clam is to pick up your clam and get to your craft table. Then type in fish bait on the craft table search bar. Click on the blue section craft it was written on, and get your fish bait in your backpack.

  1. Catch sharks with your fish bait in Animal Crossing

    fish bait in Animal Crossing
    fish bait in Animal Crossing

As we said, detecting sensors of sharks compared to other fishes is strong. Quietly petrol around on the beach and pound your fish bait into the sea. Wait until the shark gets in a trap.

  1. Through fish bait on shark shadow

    fish bait on shark shadow
    fish bait on shark shadow

When you see any shadow in the sea, make sure that this will be the shadow of a shark. We discuss in this article what shark shadow looks like. A fish with the fin shadow, maybe the shark gumshoe, although sucker fish also have fins. It’s your luck whether you got the shark or not.

Suppose we give our experience to you. We sacrificed a hundred fish baits in the first row to catch sharks. We successfully caught 1 whale, 1 saw 1 hammerhead, and 2 white sharks. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen to everyone. Maybe the result should be dissimilar for others.

How Much is Each Shark Worth

Each shark is worth different, like a saw shark worth 12000 bells, a whale worth 13000, a hammerhead 8000, and the most costly great white shark worth 15000 bells. If you sell it to Timmy and Tommy, they’ll give you a fare rate

Which Area of The Sea has More Sharks In A-Crossing

Catching sharks in the animal cross will never be a simple task because sharks are costly and rare in this game. People are crazy about catching these sharks is that catching a shark is a sort of milestone achievement that creates curiosity and motivates people toward this game.

But there is no such significant place where you can get sharks. It’s hard to tell, but according to our experience. Sharks are mainly found in the evening time in the northern hemisphere.

Decorate Your Sharks on Your Island

If you successfully catch the shark, why not decorate it on your island? If you don’t want to sell it, decorate it publicly on your island. Instead, give your sharks to Cg 3. He’ll convert your shark into a model so that placing it after conversion on your island looks great to the seeing eyes.


If your hobby is fishing and somehow you don’t succeed in achieving your dream, then digital fishing might fulfill your desire. Animal Crossing is the one that gives you the utmost catching sharks and other fishes experience.

Digital reality in this era is at its peak, and these sorts of games manipulate our minds in a way that if anyone does not get success in physical life but might get success in the digital world – in this social base learning game.

We explain the most hectic task of catching a shark instead share our experience and giving applied techniques to you guys. After that, it’s up to your luck because sometimes even great game worms face issues, too but don’t lose hope. Keep trying by tightening your belt, and the time comes when you roam on your island with the great white shark in your hand. Catch sharks in animal crossing is a dream of every gamer though.

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