How to Block a Group Text on Android: Master 3 Faster Ways
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How to Block a Group Text on Android: Master 3 Faster Ways

Group texting your friend and family can be a valuable source of constantly connecting without any trouble to all the people you want to interact with simultaneously. However, getting numerous group message scan be pretty distracting and annoying because nobody wants a bombardment of messages every other minute. If you feel it similarly, then you are one of those who want to know how to block a group text on Android or iOS mobiles. However, the group text feature is not so commonly rife amongst android users but still can potentially create problems for users.

As we are all familiar with, the group texting feature is one of the older messaging practices that well-integrated into the Smartphone since its inception. But with time, people seem reluctant to use groups due to the spammy nature of received messages. So, if you are on the task of removing notifications for the group text on your Android device, then learn it in the subsequent section.

how to block a spam group text on android
how to block a spam group text on android

Unleash an Easy & Quick Method for Blocking Group Text Messages on Your Android Phone.

Android has an excellent option of the Google message app to block group texts you can get on your day from the unknown numbers that bombard your phone with spam or anonymous messages.

To initiate group chat or text messages, you can create your group and add multiple recipients in the group chat. Google messages should be the default text messaging app on your Android Mobile. You can easily download it from the Google Play store for free. Once you download it on your mobile, then access it.

  • To remove group conversation, navigate the vertical three dots Menu in the top-right corner.
  • Go to the group details, then tap “Report Spam.” It will disable the group text in the “Spam &Blocked” folder.
  • You can deactivate the message notification sand send contact numbers to Google for review. Confirm with the “Report spam” if you are sure to block.

You can try other ways to block your group text messages on your Android Mobile Phone. Let’s navigate into the further discussion without any delay.

how to block a group text message on android
how to block a group text message on android

Use (3) Ways to Block Group Text on Your Android Mobiles

It follows different ways how you can block your group text messages on Android

  1. You can turn off the group messages alerts
  2. Block your group text using a specific person
  3. Use Textra App to Blocklist your Group chat

Switch Off Group Text Messaging Notifications

To turn off the messages is the simple and quickly implemented option on your Android texting services. The initial step can be to mute the unnecessary text message alerts that won’t bother you every time it appears in your messaging inbox.

  1. Open up your SMS messages app, then go to the group you want mute.
  2. You can now navigate the Messages main menu (with three vertical dots) andclick “Group Details.”
  3. Then look for a notification alert, then switch off “Notification for Messages.” It can then disable the messaging notification.

Block Group Text Messages Using Specific Person

Now let’s turn our attention to blocking the group text on Android. You can find it through message settings on almost all mobile phones to stop for a specific sender

  1. First, launch your message app, then navigate the group text you want to block.
  2. Now, you can press hold the message that you want to block any particular person. Once you have deleted the message, you will not get any message from that sender anymore as it gets already blocked in your message app.
  3. Generally, when you delete your sender message, it will also disable the group text messaging. If it fails to hide group messaging, delete the message from the text messaging app.

Criteria For Blocking Group Text on Android Mobiles 

You can’t help if none of the above methods works in your favor while blocking your group text on Android. Abide by the conditions to satisfactorily meet specific criteria.

  • Don’t use your messaging app under parental control or Verizon smart family profile for children.
  • Don’t integrate 3rd party social app into your default message app.
  • Try to install the 3rd-party app from Google PlayStore to set it as your default messaging app.

How To Block List Your Group Text Conversation Using Textra App

Block Listing can hide messages from your email inbox you are not interested in, such as spam or harassment messages you want to avoid. You are free from getting any sent message from group members in the Textr a app.

You can replace your message app with the help of Textra SMS, like the third-party app. If it implies meeting precise requirements, then block mass text conversation that restricts the group messages.

  1. Download and install the Textra messaging app.
  2. Then open up the Textra It will ask you to make it your default messaging app.
  3. Once you synchronize your message, it will now be your default
  4. Now it will open up your group messages or conversation quite easily. Click on the “downward arrowhead” besides display names or numbers.
  5. Then select three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen and click “Blocklist” from the sub-menu to restrict all group messages in your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Can You Block Group Text on Android If You Are not its Group Creator?

It is mandatory to ask for permission from the group administrator to block you as it’s his provocative to add or remove anyone from the group. None other than him can easily block without complete access to the created group.

2.    How Can You Create Group on Your Android Mobile?

To make your group for text conversation, click “create group” and add your contact numbers in the recipient input, separated by a comma or “Add” icon. Now it is ready to convey your text messaging in the group.

3.    How Can Block or Restrict Your Group Chat on Your Android Mobile?

You can turn off notification alerts if you don’t want to continue conversing in group chat.

4.    How Can You Remove Yourself from a Group Text?

Group text uses the carrier network; therefore, removing it is impossible. As long as the group admin has your number, you won’t be able to unsubscribe from the group texts. You can either delete your group or turn off the notification. Because even after removing yourself from the group chats, you will receive text messages from your group members. That’s why it is pretty challenging to leave out a group text on the SMS platform compared to the online app.


To summarize, blocking group messages is a complicated process that you will be unable to complete unless you use a third-party program, simply because Android phones are not compatible with facilitating group discussions via the default message app. On the other hand, notification alerts can silence group text discussions.

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