How to Become a Dentist: Know the Diverse fields of Dentistry
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How to Become a Dentist: Know the Diverse fields of Dentistry

Dentistry has become a thriving profession as more people want to enroll in it and are curious to know how to become a dentist. It is a health care occupation devoted to working specifically on oral health. It includes the prevention of tooth and gum pain. They practice and work as general dentists and can study for two years in any specialized dentistry field.

Becoming a dentist involves many years of education and investment, including training. Therefore, if you want to enroll in this field, start preparing early and have patience when accompanying it. Later on, it will open various paths and achievements for you to become your own boss. Now let’s discuss the requirements for dentistry education and advanced fields of dentistry.

Why Do You Wish For Dentistry?

Dentistry is a rapidly increasing profession and opens vast opportunities for people to opt for this field. This profession opens various paths as it offers a chance to reduce pain and make them comfortable free from repulsiveness. Moreover, it allows you to work independently and become your boss. Dentists can bring their patients to smile back as it is a rewarding profession.

How to Become a Dentist: Education Required

how many years to become a dentist
how many years to become a dentist

Becoming a dental doctor is not that easy. It will take your time and investment more than the other fields. It takes at least five years of education in any dental school and one or two years of supervised house job. If you have decided and want to know how to become a dentist?

Then you have to meet the requirements of education. Learning and practice in this field are essential because the field is related to human health. You have to join the field of dentistry with patience and confidence, deal with patients caringly and set the patients at ease.

You can get two different degrees in dentistry: DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry). They both are the same things with the same skills, but it depends on your dental school degree. However, the field of dentistry requires two different stages.

1)     Undergraduate Level of Dental Education

To become an oral care doctor, you must complete the four-year degree program of bachelors from any dental college affiliated with the American Dental Education Association. During those four years, you will learn and practice the field in different hospitals. In addition, they will provide you one-year house job to practice the occupation where you will provide oral care to patients.

2)     Post-graduation in Dental Training

The postgraduate level of dentistry includes a master’s or doctorate and different training to specialize in any specific field of dentistry. Moreover, practice the field by gaining dental core training. After completing the bachelor’s, students work as dentists and dental assistants.

Attempt the (NBDE) Exam to Work as a Professional Dentist

After attempting a test, you must register your degree with the affiliated board. Check the steps to register your degree to work as a professional dent-ist.

how many years does it take to become a dentist
how many years does it take to become a dentist

1)     National Board Dental Examination

If you are a state citizen or an international student and want to pursue a dentistry career. When you finish with your degree, obtain a license to apply for and practice as an official dental doctor within a state. Then, when you have completed a dental college degree, you’ll need a permit to work as a professional dent-ist.

To get the license, you first have to appear for the written exam, i.e., the national board of dental examination. Then, you have to pass the exam to get a license. It is essential to have the license as it allows you to study further in most graduate dentistry programs. After that, you will appear for the clinical examination, held after the part 1 and part 2 exams of the NBDE. The pattern of the test is quite different in every state. Unfortunately, if you fail any exam, you can also retake it.

2)     Getting a License of  Dentistry

When you want to start your dentistry as a professional dent-ist, you have to submit your degree to the affiliated college and attempt the national board of dental examination. It will allow you to practice as a professional doctor. In addition, you should check the exact exam requirements according to your state or check the dental board for further information.

Different Fields of Dentistry with various Dental Specialties

Dentistry consists of different specializations. One dental doctor cannot deal with every problem of the teeth or mouth. So, every dent-ist deals with a specific issue in which they are highly trained. Let’s discuss and understand the different kinds of dentistry.

how long does it take to become a dentist
how long does it take to become a dentist

1)     Field of General Dentist

The general dental is the primary oral care provider to individuals of all ages. When you visit the general doctor, they will assess your mouth, including teeth gums, and determine other oral problems. In addition, the general dent-ist will discuss cleaning your teeth and your overall mouth health. You can start your career as a general dental doctor after the four-year program of bachelor’s and one-year house job practice.

2)     Field of Orthodontist

Orthodontists are doctors trained in teeth alignment procedures, including removing the gaps between the teeth. They also prevent and deal with different abnormalities of jaws like misshapen teeth and focus on the braces to make the teeth perfectly aligned. Becoming an orthodontist requires two years of additional education after a bachelor’s.

3)     Field of Endodontic

Endodontists are the ones who can perform a root canal, which means the replacement of an infected tooth. In addition, they also treat the pain of teeth and save the teeth from persistent infection.

4)     Field of Periodontist

Periodontists specialize in diagnosing, averting, and treating gum disease in your mouth. It deals with the problems of bones and gums in the mouth—the problems of gums happen when the tissue of teeth is affected.

5)     Field of Prosthodontics Dentist

This specialized field of dentistry is among the top-notch field of dentistry by the American dental association. Prosthodontics deals with the complex problems of dental and problems of facial matters. In addition, prosthodontics doctors assist with repairing and preserving oral issues, improving the appearance and functioning with the replacement of missing teeth.

Therefore, according to the research, dentistry is a top career choice. However, to become prosthodontics, you must acquire three years of additional training.

6)     Field of Cosmetic Dentist

Most people are not happy with how they smile, and the cosmetic dent-ist is the solution to your problem. They can change or improve the teeth shape, gums, and mouth to make the broad smile beautiful. In addition, cosmetic dentists are accountable for several procedures, from major surgeries to minor fixes.

7)     Field of Restorative

It is also a field of dentistry that deals with the damage and replacement of teeth. In addition, they primarily repair and remove cavities and offer treatment for different oral problems. These dentists also specialize in healing the pain of patients who need any dental treatment due to injuries. Becoming a restorative doctor requires an entire five-year training program, which acquires the postgraduate qualification in dentistry.

8)     Field of Geriatric dentist

The dentist provides oral care to older people who suffer from different oral problems due to age-related diseases. In addition, research says that more than half of the population over 60 is on medication, and others compromise on oral issues.

There are several reasons why older people need care from dentists who have specialized experience with geriatric patients. First, the continued use of prescribed drugs makes older people vulnerable because of the reaction of medicines. The geriatric doctor understands patients’ conditions and starts treatment to protect them from oral problems.

9)      Field of Oral and Maxillofacial

They are the surgeons of maxillofacial trauma, which deals with the different injuries to the head, mouth, jaw, and face. They played a crucial role by ensuring that all the face structures were in correct working order and ensuring that everything was healthy and in place.

These surgeons are highly qualified, and additionally, they are trained in pain control. In general, oral surgeons additionally study for over six years to become surgeons. After that, they applied for an exam to become certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons.


In conclusion, the road to becoming a dental doctor is explained. The education required is the four years of a bachelor’s program, with additional one or two years of practice to become a general dentist. One can take admission to any dental school with the board’s affiliation and attempt the test. Moreover, you have to get your license and fulfill the state’s educational requirements to work as a professional dentist. Therefore, if a person has patience, skills, and sympathy, they can quickly join this profession and open their career path.

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