How To Be Imposter Every Time In Among Us (Featured Guide)
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How To Be Imposter Every Time In Among Us (Featured Guide)

How to be Imposter every time? Among-us after corona becomes the most popular game among us. However, youngsters during the lockdown give this game the most priority because the concept of the idea this game comes out with is a fascinating one.

In this game, the Imposter plays a part as a hidden agent among other crewmates though crewmates are unaware of who the hell Imposter is because the game itself hides his identity. The Imposter is one whose job is to knock out crewmates without letting them know their identity.

Moreover, you only have fun playing this game when every time you get the imposter spot. So we decided why not to guide you to some cool tricks that actually work regarding being Imposter.

Is ThisPossible ToBecome Imposter Every Time?

According to officials, they didn’t announce anything yet regarding being Imposter every time. However, you’ll see people on Reddit and discord telling you the tricks & methods to become an imposter. All the tricks they tell you are their experiments on the game, which often works and often does not.

According to different surveys, we have come to a point where we discovered that people often get the spot of Imposter when they game with fewer players with 3 imposters in a single match.

However, it’s still up to the game whether it gives you the imposter spot or not. Every so often time it happens that hacks that peoples tell you regarding Imposter every timedo great. That’s why we guide our own tricks regarding being Imposter every time in this article.

How to never be Imposter in among us?

This question might think you wonder who the hell anyone does not want to be an imposter. Though I also got shocked either when I heard it first. But there is a large number of players out there who don’t feel comfortable being an imposter.

Unfortunately, it depends on whether the game makes you an Imposter or a crewmate. However, among-us allowed 4 to 10 players at a single match, with a maximum limit of 3 imposters.

Top 7 Hacks That Will Make You Imposter Every Time

Top 7 Hacks That Will Make You Imposter Every Time
Top 7 Hacks That Will Make You Imposter Every Time

There are some experienced personal hacks we’ll going to discuss through steps. However, these hacks are not acknowledged by professionals though after playing for so long, we created and experienced them on our own, and it works most of the time. So thoroughly read it and enjoy your imposter spot every time.

1.     Win more as an imposter

If we take the history of gaming, the algorithm of almost every game works the same. Like it checks the progress of a player and gives a task accordingly. However, as long as I played this game, I reached a point. I noticed a player who had won many matches as an imposter get the most spot of the Imposter.

2.     Create your lobby

If I tell you this, you won’t believe that I got the imposter spot whenever I applied this trick. Maybe it creates a hurdle for many peoples, but it works for me every so often. Therefore, to create your own lobby, look for the procedure below.

  1. Launch your game application and click on Create Game under the host option.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction and choose your best settings, like how many imposters you want, how many players, etc.
  3. Wait for all the playersAfter entering the lobby. Often people things it looks weird and is just a myth but believe me, these tricks work at least 80% of the time. Choose your character color as light by entering the Wardrop option inside customize.

3.     Replace the old among us username with new

I analyze one thing when going through the community discord Reddit and other social media platforms. People who replace their old username with the new one get a chunk of Imposter more than the players with old usernames.

Why don’t you try it on your own if there is any doubt in your head? Hence follow the quick process of changing the username.

  1. Open the game and click on account at the left middle of the screen with the game character on top.
  2. Tap on change name, type any unique name in the section and tap Confirm.
  3. You are all good to start your game, and you’ll surely be an imposter this time.

4.     Change country servers

Switching your server might get your work done concerning being an imposter every time. What servers do is they actually change the location of your internet. Suppose you select the European server though you live in Asia, meaning the server will only connect you with european players.

However, this trick got more potential rather the other techniques that have been told. Do this practice of changing servers repeatedly. Therefore, the process of changing servers is quite simple

  1. Tap a globe icon at the bottom right of the among-us main menu.
  2. You’ll see 3 options North America, Europe, or Asia. Start your game by selecting any of the regions.
  3. After practicing it 5 times, you’ll definitely get achievement in 4 out of 5.

5.     Use colors of most won imposters

Use the most won Imposter’s color because it’s been seen many times that among us mostly make Imposter to those whose skin color matches with the most won imposters. Thus, those colors are green, yellow, and white

  1. So tap on Wardrop when you’re in the lobby at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Then in the color section, tap repeatedly on these 3 colors. Itlooks stupid, but it works though. You’ll see yourself as an imposter when the game starts.

6.     Walk round and round to be an imposter

The algorithm of this game among us works in a way where any player the system feels looks suspicious the system makes him an imposter.

So roam here and there without any stay and let the system analyze whether you are a better choice to be an imposter. Although the system often makes you an imposter when you keep doing this practice. I applied this trick and got the imposter spot 4 times in 5 rounds.

7.     Be still at the middle bottom of the lobby

This might look bullshit to many but believe me. Compared to tricks that have been described in the upper sections. This was the easiest one so far and had a success ratio of 80 %. All you need to do here is stay in the bottom middle of the lobby and wait till the game starts

8.     Increase the number of imposters

Among us was recently updated and added a feature where you have the luxury of adding 3 imposters in a single match. Customize your settings by putting 10 players and 3 imposters.

However, doing this practice will automatically increase your chances of being an imposter. Follow the steps underneath on how you can change it from the settings.

  1. Open your game and go to the settings.
  2. Tap the game icon at the right of the other options.
  3. Increase the imposter count by pressing the + option at the right of the imposter section. You are all done.


You will come to listen to many peoples giving you tricks on how you can become an imposter every time. But it’s just a myth because the officials of among-us didn’t announce any such feature yet though related to the Imposter, they introduced a shapeshifter update.

Now, an imposter can become a shapeshifter and hurdles people in recognizing him. However, we describe some of the tricks which work at least many times but were just based on your luck.

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