How Many Seconds in a Day (Simple Calculation)
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How Many Seconds in a Day (Simple Calculation)

Have you ever thought about how many seconds in a day? In time conversions, second is the foundation where minutes and hours rely on it. During studies, sometimes it makes confusing to change the units for students and everyday routine. Even you are more grainy about how you measure a year or just trying to figure out how seconds or minutes are left in your work. No need to worry; you can straightforwardly convert the time into a day, week, and year. Here in this guide, you will know the easiest step-by-step method of conversions, which will be helpful for you during your studies and as well as in the calculation.

So let’s jump onto the next section to know the method of conversions of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day, week, month, or year.

What Is Second?

A second is the base unit of time. It is defined as the terms on which other units are based means that all other units are based on seconds like minutes, hours, nanoseconds, and so on. If we talk about hours, it is based on minutes, and minutes are based on seconds. A second is based on one second being 1/86,400 of the average solar day on the Earth’s rotation cycle.

How Many Seconds in a Day?

As we know, 60 seconds equals 1 minute, and 60 minutes equals 1 hour. We also know that one day has 24 hours. So let’s see the day calculation to convert a day into seconds:

  • 1minute= 60 seconds
  • 1 hour= 60 minutes
  • 1 day= 24 hours


1 day= 24 ×60 × 60

=86,400 seconds per day.

Additional Conversions of Time

how many seconds are in a day
how many seconds are in a day

You can also learn further time conversions for ease at your fingertips.

How Many Minutes in a Day?

You can easily convert the day into minutes.

As we know,

  • 1 day= 24 hours
  • And 1 hour =60 minutes.

Now, the number of minutes in a day à 24×60=1440 minutes

How Many Seconds in a Week?

A week consists of 7 days; see the calculation to convert seconds to a week.

  • 1 week= 7days
  • And a day= 86,400 seconds


Seconds in a week=86,400 ×7à604,800 seconds

How Many Minutes in a Week?

Let’s go through the steps to calculate the minutes of a week.

  • 1 week= 7days
  • 1 day=1440 minute


Minutes in a week =1440×7à10,080 minutes

How Many Hours in a Week?

Following are the given steps to convert a week into hours:

  • 1 day=24 hours
  • 1 week=7 days


Hours in a week=24×7à168 hours

How Many Seconds in a Month?

It is easy to calculate seconds in a month of 30 days with a few steps:

As you know;

  • 1 day=86,400 seconds
  • And a month consists of 30 days.


Month in seconds=30×86400à259200 seconds

How Many Minutes in a Month?

As described above,

  • 1 hour=60 minutes
  • 1 day=24 hours
  • And a month=30 days


Minutes in a month=60×24×30à302,400 minutes

How Many Hours in a Month?

In a month of 30 days; calculate the hours in a month:

  • 1 day= 24 hours


Hours in a month=24×30à720 hours

How Many Seconds in a Year?

Follow the below steps to calculate the year in seconds:

  • 1 day= 86400 seconds
  • And 1 year=365 days


Seconds in a year=86400×365à 31,536,000 seconds

How Many Minutes in a Year?

Here is the method to convert minutes in a year:

  • 1 day=1440 minutes
  • 1 year= 365 days


Minutes in a year=1440×365à525,600 minutes

How Many Hours in a Year?

Convert the year into hours:

  • 1 day=24 hours
  • 1 year= 365 days


Hours in a year=24×365à8,760 hours

Tips for Time Conversions

Here are a few tips for time conversion available for your ease.

  • One Minute à60 Seconds
  • One Hour à60 Minutes
  • One Day à24 Hours
  • One Week à 7 Days
  • One Year à52 Weeks
  • One Decade à 10 Years
  • One Century à10 Decades


Unit conversions are an essential part of everyday life. Not only for students, but also the research is based on the base unit conversions until today or in the future. Hopefully, the above conversions are pretty straightforward and understanding to use. So let us know your views about the article in the comment box.

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