Freaky 21 Questions Game (Funny & Filthy Questions)

freaky 21 questions game

Do you want to know someone on a deeper level? If yes, play the freaky 21 questions game with them. You will need to dig more to become familiar with them on a whole new level. The game comes with pretty simple rules, and the best thing about it is that you can play it anytime with a person you are concerned with. In a game, the first person acts as an asker, and the other individual gives answers to the 21 questions. Moreover, you have to provide answers honestly as you are not allowed to lie in the game.

Communication plays an essential role in any relationship, and this fun game helps you communicate with your partner to the next level. You can easily ask them weird questions which is impossible to ask directly. So let’s discuss the Sneaky 21 questions from the game.

How to Play the 21 Question Freaky Game

It is straightforward to play, and you can play the game with more people. Hence, if you are asking a question with a group, then the first person can select a question, and then the group can go around by answering one by one. When every person responds, the next player chooses a question, and everyone will answer, and the game will go on.

Moreover, you can also set some rules that allow each player to bounce their turn if they do not feel comfortable with the question. But, if you are playing in hard mode, you do not have the option to skip any questions. However, if you wish to change a game to make it more appealing, there are four different ways to do it. Let’s move on to discuss the various ways.

·         Classic

This is the most basic way to play the game. To respond to the 21 questions, first, anyone can be chosen to ask the questions. Then, the other players can take turns asking questions to the person. After that, the next person will answer the freaky 21 questions.

·         Ricochet

To begin the game hypothetically, person A has to choose a question & ask it to B person. Then individual B has to start the round. And they will answer the question. To get a twist, everyone playing in the game can inquire about follow-up questions based on player B’s given answer.

After that, player B chooses a new question & asks everybody except player A. Thus, the game round will end when every player has asked the questions to each other, including player A. Moreover, nobody grants to ask the second question until every player has answered.

·         Round & Round

You guys have to sit in a circle to start the game in this mode. This is played in a circle & the first person asks the question to the person next to it, then the next person asks the question to the other next, and this will go on.

·         Dice Version

In this version of the game, the player is chosen randomly. Then the player has to spin two dice. The number of questions to be responded to depends on the numbered faces of the dice. For example, person A rolls “2” and “1”. Other players have to ask three questions. In addition, if you are playing with one dice, then spin it twice and add the digits on both chances. The other players also repeat the same process.

Freaky 21 Questions Game list (You Can Ask Anybody)

Freaky 21 Questions Game list
Freaky 21 Questions Game list

The game will be amazingly informative, as these questions will assist you in revealing the stuff that you cannot ask directly. So let’s explore the questions.

  1. Have you ever had a lustrous or weirdest Dream?
  2. If you could prefer anyone (real or fictional) to go out with, then who would you take with you?
  3. Do you have any foolish fears?
  4. What is your biggest fear?
  5. What would you choose if you ever got a chance to rename your name?
  6. Who would it be if you got a chance to substitute someone on your favorite TV show?
  7. Have you ever heard any gossip about yourself that is not true?
  8. What would be the job you love to have without the consent of money?
  9. Do you ever sing in the washroom? If yes, then which song do you love to sing in the washroom?
  10. Have you ever dropped your phone in the washroom?
  11. Who are your favorite artist brand, and which brand do you think is so overrated?
  12. What’s your most profound guilty pleasure?
  13. If you could choose one memory to play on repeat, what would it be?
  14. If your house is on fire & you have time to take three things, what would you take with you?
  15. Where would you go if you could travel anyplace in the world in the wink of an eye?
  16. How naive were you as a child?
  17. What would you change if you could modify anything about your favorite sport?
  18. Choose one social media that you want to erase from the world forever. Which app would you choose & why?
  19. What’s an incredible thing you have done that no one believes you if you do not have proof of it?
  20. What’s your most common shower thought?
  21. Anything that is mainly misunderstood about you?

List of 21 Questions To Ask Your Crush

If you have a crush or are in a relationship, these questions will help you know them better. To deepen your relationship with asking funny & weird questions. Let’s move to the questions.

  1. What’s your love language & How expressive are you?
  2. Which celebrity do you wish to date?
  3. How many dates would you go on before you brought me home?
  4. What’s your major excuse to slip away from a date?
  5. What’s your preferred way to cuddle?
  6. What type of wedding would you wish for us if we got married?
  7. How usually do you get jealous in your relationships?
  8. Would you allow me to place my fingerprint on your phone?
  9. Do you ever wonder or see yourself getting married or having kids?
  10. What are the main things that your parents did that & you wish to take into your relationship?
  11. How would you make it up to me if we had a fight?
  12. What do you prefer when you fight? Do you yell or just ignore?
  13. Do you have any regrets or doubts about your past relationships?
  14. What do you like better, the public relationships or private?
  15. From which part of my body do you feel the most attracted?
  16. What are three main things you must look into in your partner?
  17. Which emoji do you use the most while flirting?
  18. What’s the most insane thing that you have done in bed?
  19. Which destination will you choose for your honeymoon?
  20. When have you done your first kiss?
  21. Which movie do you love to watch with me at night?

Dirtiest Questions List

  1. Do you let your partner have sex with their ex if they consent?
  2. What are your thoughts about lesbians and gays?
  3. Do you feel any unusual sexual fantasies?
  4. What are your thoughts about sexting?
  5. What attracts you the most to people?
  6. What do you prefer to wear when you sleep?
  7. Have you ever felt the dream sex?
  8. Can you proudly say you are a good kisser? Has anyone ever admired you?
  9. Do you remember your first kiss? How did it happen?
  10. What’s the most dirtiest thing you have ever done?

Some Extra Freaky Questions (You Can Ask During the Game)

Moreover, you can ask lots of questions, but remember that you have to modify the questions according to the person you are playing. So let’s explore some more questions.

  1. If your life was a movie, which name you will give it?
  2. The last concert you attended?
  3. Do you love to shower at night? (A weird one, though)
  4. Do you love your name? If not, which name you love to choose for yourself?
  5. What’s your favorite show you love to binge-watched again & again?
  6. Imagine if you have a time machine? What could you do with it? Go back in time or visit the future?
  7. Have you ever lied to your parents? If yes, what’s the reason?
  8. What are the one particular things you wish to change in your life?
  9. What do you prefer to wear on the bed when you are in a mood?
  10. Suppose I told you that I wish to have involved with you right now. What would be your answer?
  11. What’s the worst lie you ever say in your life?
  12. What’s the weirdest thing you have had playing in the back while having sex?
  13. How frequently do you get jealous in your relationships?
  14. What’s your dream bucket list?

Guideline to Play Freaky 21 Questions Game

Guideline to Play Freaky 21
Guideline to Play Freaky 21

Here, we will give you some tips that you should keep in notice during playing. Remember that it’s just a fun game. So, it will help you avoid any inconvenience and make a game more interesting.

·         Set up “Skip” rules

There are lots of questions that sometimes hurt the sentiment of a player & they do not want to answer them. So, to keep away from ruining the fun moment, it is suggested you set up  “Skip” rule. It means that if a player is not comfortable with a question so they can pass it.

·         Create a List of Off-Limit Questions

First, set limits for questions of the freaky 21 questions game before starting it. There may be some questions that can be funny, dirty, intimate, or crime. So keep in mind that which person are you questioning? Or they will happily answer these kinds of questions.

·         Be Respectful with Each-other

We know that it’s always fun & exciting to play the freaky 21 questions game & you love to tease or ask any inappropriate questions to make the ambiance more friendly & interesting. But keep in mind that you must have to respect a person’s privacy. If they are not comfortable with something, then do not ask them again.

·         Ask Related Questions

Always think about the people you are playing the game with. Moreover, you must know where they have come from & then make your questions as per the person.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find this 21 freaky questions game exciting. We have mentioned some of the questions that might help you in the game ask questions. So, when you think of setting up a gossip session with your friend or crush, start the craziest questions game with them to get to know them better, and it will make the game more interesting. So start to play this game with our fruitful guide, and do not forget to share your craziest gaming moments with us.

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