Female 90s Fashion (10 Trendy Styles Alive Again)

female 90s fashion
female 90s fashion

The 90s trends have come back with easy, trendy, and casual fashion with an amalgamation of modern and classic looks to give a unique touch to every style. There are many female 90s fashion styles worth wearing, from the dress, jeans, tops, accessories, hairstyles, and shoes in this era. To rock the style of your outfit, just learn how to dress without overdoing the nostalgia with complementing accessories. It feels challenging to shop for cute clothes and throw away all the decade’s clothing, then don’t need to go anywhere. You are the right place for new ideas and inspiration to explore the 90s fashion trend for the theme party.

Before wasting any time here, let’s move to the following section for your new trendy style and set your wardrobe according to today’s trends with 90s fashion touch.

1990s Fashion Statement of Females

1990s Fashion Statement of Females
1990s Fashion Statement of Females

Like history repeats itself similarly, the fashion has an affinity to repeat, reprocess old things with new twists to make the latest trend. Hence, modern style is inspired by colorful crop tops, rectangular sunglasses, square heels, and matching pants accessorized with other trendy items. In recent times, 90s fashion like crop tops, chokers, scrunchies, platforms, and mini backpacks are coming back. Even top celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have recently been spotted wearing 90s-inspired dresses. Here is the compiling list of 10 trendy fashions of the 90s but still admired in today’s modern era.

1.      Flared Jeans

Flare jeans are often related to the hippy movement of the 1970s; that wide leg design and denim style were also prominent in the 1990s as well. Loose and oversized pants were popular styles before the skinny jeans. This casual art is perfect for daywear and also for the night. Having these flared pants with crop tops is the ideal combination. To make look flared jeans trendy with 90s vibes, consider cropped style like a cotton rib tank top in addition to accessories: choker necklace, mini bag, and rectangular glasses.

2.      Chokers


Chokers were the classic accessory of the female 90s fashion. A collar-like necklace, tight around the neck, made an edge element to outfits; it boasts a range of designs. Some were made of elastic fabric and came with beads, jewels and charms. Chokers are versatile and appropriate for every occasion. Choose a delicate gold choker for a proper work forum. Opt for a leather choker decorated with your desired crystal for a grunge look to attend a music festival. With the 90s fashion touch, it will come back as style in 2020.

3.      Crop Tops

According to fashionists, crop tops are a necessary fashion part of summer. Women in the 90s related to wearing crop tops with low-priced pants. These cute midriffs baring tops come in various styles, including short sleeves, cami, and cropped halter. You can also wear this 90s style with high or low jeans. If you want to add flair, then pair it with a crop top and patterned maxi skirt; along with alluring platform sandals and thigh slit. Nowadays, you can revive the best trend from the decade by pairing mom jeans with a crop top. It is a favorite combination of celebrities and street style stars similarly.

4.      Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings
Hoop Earrings

Chokers are not the only jewelry item that was trending in the 90s. Hoop earrings also reached peak popularity in the 90s, and this accessory is timeless. However, those women who don’t wear these round-shaped earrings shouldn’t be afraid to try. These hoop earrings suit almost every 90s outfits. It is offered in a variety of different sizes.

Selection of hoop will determine your style and attitude, cuteness, and flair you are going. But the only rule of wearing this lively jewelry; wear its large size as much as you can. If not, it doesn’t make a point when it does not indicate any statement. If you want yourself gravitating to an edgy style, then wear a pair of big gold hoops. Otherwise, you can also prefer tortoise shells or fabulous silver hoop earrings for your outfit if you don’t like to put them in gold.

5.      Female 90s Fashion-Overalls

It is the most comfortable and cool outfit of the 90s to try; it totally depends on the fashion statement you want. Overalls can be worn in various ways and offer a casual and effortless style. Both men and women can wear Sleeveless denim jumpsuits, considered a wardrobe staple of the decade.

With a funnel tied around your waist, wear a fitted white T-shirt underneath denim overalls and low-top converse sneakers for the classic look. Wear Doc Marten combat boots and black linen overalls with a matching turtle neck for an edgy look.

6.      Scrunchies


Scrunchies were central women’s hair accessories as a favorite fashion item that can complete any casual outfit with a pop of color. Hair scrunchies are available in different designs, from bright colors to satin fabric to velvet styles. It was all wrath throughout the ’90s.

To modernize this accessory, you may opt-in neutral muted colors like white, gray, black, maroon, navy blue, beige, brown, and navy blue. You may also add scrunchies to your hair as a ponytail or high bun once you select a style that compliments your outfit. You may also try different materials for your scrunchies like velvet, sequin, or silk.

7.      90s Shoes

Bulky and simple footwear styles were stylish. Square toe heels, platforms, sneakers, and combat boots were trendy in 90s shoes. Doc Martens boots, Birkenstocks, Steve Madden, slip-on platforms, and Fila or Adidas tennis shoes seem for an everyday look. You can wear a long black maxi dress with a leather jacket and Doc Martens combat boots if you want a grunge vibe. Wear platforms or strappy heels if your outfit is of a colorful matching crop top and skirt. You may also opt for military boots, or you can find boots with a huge platform for an edgy style.

8.      90s Hip Hop Fashion

90s Hip Hop Fashion
90s Hip Hop Fashion

The top hip hop style significantly influenced female 90s fashion like colorful overalls became all the rage after members of TLLC wore them. Artists like Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah use flair to urban styles for women. Popular street styles appeared like FUBU throughout this time, making hip-hop fashion more ordinary. Theses hip hop style doesn’t need any high maintenance.

Inspired by Destiny’s Child outfit, you can wear low-rise jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, and white sneakers. You can also use an athletic windbreaker, bandana, white Adidas, and joggers for an iconic look. Fashion brands of the 90s included Guess jeans, Calvin Klein, Polo, and Tommy Hilfiger. Fortunately, these brands are still available today in outlets, so you can easily reestablish the outfits.

9.      90s Grunge Fashion

Eventually, 90s grunge fashion is summarized as feisty, authentic, and edgy for women when inspired by icons like Kim Gordan, Courtney Love, and Gwen Stefani. Outfits that facet flannel shirts and distressed jeans are equally chill and comfortable. Another grunge fashion edition is based on wearing a mini slip dress with fishnets and leather boots. You can also give a touch of modern style by putting ankle boots with a leopard mini dress and fishnets.

Although styling grunge outfit is anti-fashion, still, it is effortless and trending. Furthermore, some women wear ribbed tops, platform boots, and cargo pants to add more attitude to their style. While styling your hair in space buns, style this outfit with low-rise jeans, suede creeper, and a crop tank top. Moreover, try a black dress with a flannel tied around your waist and pair it with combat boots for an authentic look. Additionally, you may also try accessories like chokers and studs to compliment grunge style.

10. Female 90s Fashion- Hairstyles

Female 90s Fashion- Hairstyles
Female 90s Fashion- Hairstyles

The top hairstyles of the 90s for women were playful, stylish, and cute. One of the most fashionable hairstyles was The Rachel haircut on friends by Jennifer Aniston. However, this style is not the only trend of the decade. Some women loved long, choppy pixie cuts with minimal bangs like Winona Ryder’s haircut. Other fashionable types include a bob with baby bangs, sleek straight hair styled with a deep middle part, and half up half down hairdos.

For face-framing, messy high buns with strands of hair to high ponytails and braids are the best styles of the 90s. These styles can also beautify with colorful barrettes, butterfly clips, and scrunchies. Hair sprays and mousse for wavy hair are essential to keep your hairstyle fresh. In addition, for an undone braid look, crimping iron and a blow dryer add more volume.


To look unique is the first preference for women, but she wants to move with the fashion trend. Although giving your dressing a 90s style with a modern touch is tricky. But give it a try by keeping an idea in mind about how you want to look. Choose your style, and feel liberated to be practical with 90s fashion trends. So, hopefully, the above tips for you are worthwhile and give you a vintage look. Also, let us know about your fashion views according to the article in the comment box.

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