Best Servants Fate Grand Order Tier List (2023)
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Best Servants Fate Grand Order Tier List (2023)

If you guys are looking for updated FGO tier list? then you are at the right place. The fate go tier list is a list of servants that all the players play with their servants to finish their game. The developers update the game servants by the time, and people use it for sure.

Fate Grand Order is one of the most popular gatcha style mechanics games based on mobile RPGs. When players play the game and their progress increasingly over time, they get more servants: the playable characters and get combinational characters for choosing your favorite one.

Millions of people are playing this game worldwide, and the ardor for this game is extremely popular. This is based on one of the popular anime – fate stay night. Initially, the game was played as a substitute for the anime series, but the graphics and story quickly hooked anyone who played it.

In this game, the game start to play, and all the tier characters bring together for the battle. This is where the problem starts with every game; it is possible to summon a wide variety of characters, each with their own abilities and synergies. That’s what makes the game so appealing and eye-catchy. Our list of tiers is over here and ranked in the 5-star characters. So, choose your favorite list or character that plays for you.

Here’s a complete summary of the Fate Grand Order Tier List for Best & Worst Servants


What Is Fate GO – The Japanese Game

Fate grand order is one of the most popular Japanese mobile games developed by Delight works through the platform. The game is based on fate fanatics and type moon fate which was released in 2017 globally.

The FGO uses a visual-novel style for telling the story as well as a well-balanced combat and summoning system. In addition, each servant in the game has a scenario that all the players can explore and learn how to play with servants. However, you must have a gacha machine to get the servants in the game for the battle to win.

FGO Features

It consists of turn-based combat with card battle elements and some RPG (role-playing game) elements, including leveling up characters and gathering cards to use in combat.

Have a glance at some best features of the FGO game below:

  • Players will summon many characters from the Fate series and other related series.
  • It can form teams of up to five members and fight against enemies to complete quests.
  • It has a story mode, free battles, and events that players will participate in.

Fate Grand Order Reviews

This game has been downloaded over 17 million times worldwide and has become one of Japan’s most popular mobile games. It is praised for its story and gameplay, but this game also gets a fair share of criticism.

Hence, some players complained about the game’s difficulty; on the other hand, some criticized the lack of content in the game.

Fate Grand Order gameplay gets an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play and a review score of 4.5 out of 5 on the App Store.

Read our article to know about servants’ ratings, class, and abilities. Here, we made an FGO servant tier list community rankings that helps you, and you would know all the servants without doing hassle.

The Fate GO Tier List of Servants

The fate grand order is a free-to-play game that is mobile-friendly and not like other games. It would be best if you had the most vital servants in your team with low grinding and currency prices in the game to win the battle against the enemies.

The master of the fate grand order knows which servant has a better survival rate than the other below given list servant.

fate go reddit tier list
fate go reddit tier list

The FGO game is very balanced, and you can easily see units that are three to four stars on the higher tiers. This means that If you use the free resources provided by the game, you can easily survive in the game for a much more extended period. The following is a list of FGO servants, which is organized by class and rarity of performance.

  1. S Fate GO Tier List

This S tier contains all of the high-class servants that any team player can easily select with their battle. Basically, the S tier has all the best servants – the characters that you can choose without any of your thoughts. The list below is created with their class and rarity.

Servant Class Rarity
Zhuge Liang Caster 5-star
Merlin Caster 5-star
Nitocris Caster 4-star
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Caster 1-star
Arash Archer 1-star
Orion Archer 5-star
Nikola Tesla Archer 5-star
Gilgamesh Archer 5-star
Chloe von Einzbern Archer 4-star
David Archer 3-star
Euryale Archer 3-star
Ozymandias Rider 5-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Berserker 5-star
Mordred Rider 4-star
Georgios Rider 2-star
Minamoto-no-Raikou Berserker 5-star
Spartacus Berserker 1-star
AmakusaShirou Ruler 5-star
BB Mooncancer 4-star
  1. A – FGO Tier

The list of A Fate GO tier servants can compete with the ones mentioned above by using the proper setup. If you are an exploring and experiencing gamer, you can easily beat the higher tier of servants using these servants. A-tier servants can provide coverage from multiple classes with the Berserker class and Quick ST NP.

Additionally, Meltryllis can use steroids to ensure that she wins the battle with ease. The following are the servant tier list with their class and rarity.

Servant Class Rarity
Mash Kyrielight Shielder Special
Altria Pendragon Saber 5-star
Nero Claudius Saber 5-star
Miyamoto Musashi Saber 5-star
OkitaSouji Saber 5-star
Rama Saber 4-star
Lancelot Saber 4-star
Gaius Julius Caesar Saber 3-star
Ishtar Archer 5-star
Jeanne d’Arc Archer 5-star
Emiya Archer 4-star
Robin Hood Archer 3-star
Atalante Archer 4-star
Achilles Rider 5-star
Quetzalcoatl Rider 5-star
Francis Drake Rider 5-star
Ishtar (Alter) Rider 4-star
Sakamoto Ryouma Rider 4-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Avenger 5-star
Edmond Dantes Avenger 5-star
Edmond Dantes Avenger 5-star
Antonio Salieri Avenger 3-star
Sakata Kintoki Berserker 5-star
Emiya (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Atalante (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Lu Bu Fengxian Berserker 3-star
Paul Bunyan Berserker 1-star
Katsushika Hokusai Foreigner 5-star
Meltryllis Alterego 5-star
Helena Blavatsky Caster 4-star
Sieg Caster 4-star
Hans Christian Andersen Caster 2-star
Paracelsus von Hohenheim Caster 3-star
Medea Caster 3-star
Valkyrie Lancer 4-star
Ibaraki-Douji Lancer 4-star
OkadoIzo Assassin 3-star

You can easily choose the A-tier servants for toe-to-toe combat with higher tiers when playing a team match. You just need to ensure that the servant is correctly set up and has complete control over his actions.

  1. B Fate GO Tier List

B for best: these servants are best for giving support, and you can add them to your team for more help. In terms of battle performance, these servants have a strong track record in the categories of Versatility, high challenging quest, and farming.

However, their abilities are not higher to defeat S-tier or other higher-tier servants. Nevertheless, you can add them and take advantage of winning the battle.

Servant Class Rarity
Enkidu Lancer 5-star
Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer 5-star
Brynhild Lancer 5-star
Karna Lancer 5-star
Kiyohime Lancer 4-star
Elisabeth Bathory Lancer 4-star
Fionn mac Cumhaill Lancer 4-star
Leonidas Lancer 2-star
Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster 5-star
Nero Claudius (Alter) Caster 5-star
Leonardo Da Vinci Caster 5-star
XuanzangSanzang Caster 5-star
Caster of Midrash Caster 4-star
Caster of Okeanos Caster 4-star
Gilgamesh (Alter) Caster 4-star
Charles Babbage Caster 3-star
Avicebron Caster 3-star
Sherlock Holmes Ruler 5-star
Cleopatra Assassin 5-star
Shuten-Douji Assassin 5-star
Ushiwakamaru Assassin 4-star
Scathatch Assassin 4-star
Jing Ke Assassin 3-star
Sasaki Kojirou Assassin 1-star
Queen Medb Saber 4-star
Frankenstein Saber 4-star
Chiron Archer 4-star
Tristan Archer 4-star
Oda Nobunaga Archer 4-star
Tawara Touta Archer 3-star
Billy the Kid Archer 3-star
Kid Gilgamesh Archer 3-star
Mecha Eli-chan Alter Ego 4-star
Passionlip Alter Ego 4-star
Edward Teach Rider 2-star
Medusa Rider 3-star
Saint Martha Rider 4-star
Ivan the Terrible Rider 5-star
Oda Nobunaga Berserker 4-star
Eric Bloodaxe Berserker 2-star
Kiyohime Berserker 3-star
Asterios Berserker 1-star

If you have all of the high-tier servants in your team but still need more, then you may easily go for this tier list of servants to gain some close combat help in the battle arena.

  1. C FGO Tier List

The tier C fate grand order list of servants is somewhat out of favor in the game, with the exception of matches where they can provide you with some advantage.

However, all these servants have their own fighting style that helps you win in the battle.

Servant Class Rarity
Vlad III Berserker 5-star
Orion Archer 5-star
AmakusaShirou Ruler 5-star
Nightingale Berserker 5-star
Sessyion Kiara Alter Ego 5-star
HijikataToshizo Berserker 5-star
Abigail Williams Foreigner 5-star
Ereshkigal Lancer 5-star
Napoleon Archer 5-star
Archer of Inferno Archer 4-star
Saint Martha Ruler 4-star
SuzukaGozen Saber 4-star
Gorgon Avenger 4-star
Nitocris (Alter) Assassin 4-star
Avenger of Shinjuku Avenger 4-star
Emiya Assassin 4-star
Li Shuwen Lancer 4-star
Astolfo Rider 4-star
Medea Caster 4-star
Marie Antoinette Rider 4-star
Siegfried Saber 4-star
Chevalier d’Eon Saber 4-star
Romulus Lancer 3-star
Charles-Henri Sanson Assassin 2-star
Darius III Berserker 3-star
Hektor Lancer 3-star
Henry Jekyll & Hyde Assassin 3-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Caster 3-star
FuumaKotarou Assassin 3-star
Rider of Resistance Rider 3-star

There are also a few rare servants with 5 Stars in the C-Tier, along with 2 and 3 Stars. The majority of the servants on this list of fate tier servants are from the Assassin, Caster, and Berserker families.

One of our favorite servants is Vlad III; he is similar to Orion in a lot of ways. Whenever a team of players surrounds him, he does significant damage and constantly performs to the best of his ability.

  1. D FGO Tier

These servants are too weak, and you cannot win the battle with the given D-tier list of servants. Instead, you will need some high-tier servants like Zhuge Liang from S-tier.

However, if you are an experienced player, you can deal with the D-tier category servants. In this case, you may win the battle by using various strategies.

List of Fate Tier Servant Class Rarity
Altera Saber 5-star
Arjuna Archer 5-star
Ryougi Shiki Saber 5-star
Iskandar Rider 5-star
Archer of Shinjuku Archer 5-star
Osakabehime Assassin 5-star
Semiramis Assassin 5-star
Okta Souji (Alter) Alter Ego 5-star
Tamamo Cat Berserker 4-star
Thomas Edison Caster 4-star
KatouDanzo Assassin 4-star
Marie Antoinette (Alter) Caster 4-star
Chacha Berserker 4-star
Helena Blavatsky (Alter) Archer 4-star
Assassin of Paraiso Assassin 4-star
Nezha Lancer 4-star
Gilles de Rais Saber 3-star
MusashibouBenkei Lancer 2-star
Mephistopheles Caster 3-star
Phantom of the Opera Assassin 2-star
Mata Hari Assassin 1-star
Caligula Berserker 2-star
Geronimo Caster 3-star
AnraMainiiu Avenger Special

In my opinion, when there is no option left, that’s why you must pick these servants from D-tier. That is because these servants never get the glory for themselves. If your team contains some high-tier servants, you can select a D-Tier servant as a backup for the combat if you have any high-tier servants.

  1. F FGO Tier

I would suggest you avoid these servants for the team, and In order for your team to succeed in the Fate gO battle, you should not pick the list of servants of this tier. All of the servants in this battle are weak, and they don’t have the strength for battle.

Servant Class Rarity
Arthur Pendragon Saber 5-star
Caster of the Nightless City Caster 5-star
Stheno Assassin 4-star
Beowulf Berserker 4-star
Irisviel Caster 4-star
Assassin of Shinjuku Assassin 4-star
Gawain Saber 4-star
Medusa (Alter) Lancer 4-star
Boudica Rider 3-star
Gilles de Rais (Alter) Caster 3-star

If you like the design of these servants, but they are outclassed in comparison to all of the servants above, pick these as a last resort.

FGO Game Mechanics

FGO is a tactical RPG, turn-based, where the users suppose the role of a “Master.” During the journey as the Master, you need and command a group of units known as servants. Your servants fight for you in combat, so you are accountable for optimal party composition and advanced policies to wipe out opponents’ waves.

FGO Game Mechanics
FGO Game Mechanics

However, you may have up to 6 units (3 active & 3 reserves) in combat. You are given 5 control cards at the start of each turn and may use 3 of them to attack. The control command cards are based on your units in battle and are only mixed at every turn. Your attendants must have special skills that can beige the party’s skills or decrease the enemies before you issue your commands.

Victory in combat depends heavily on in-game battle policy and how well your servants synergize with one another. Although, there are servants with better all-round skills that make them more dominant than others. Hopefully, this tier list helped you build an amazing team to win those games.

How to Reroll in Fate Grand Order to Get the Strong Character

If you are not happy with your character in FGO and wish for S-rank servants in tier list community rankings, you can perform a reroll. The process is quite easy and doesn’t need a lot of time. Apply the steps to reroll in a game.

First, ensure that you have done the entire process and finished at least one quest. Doing so will let you collect a 10 roll summon and get 1 saint Quartz. Though, using the saint Quartz calls a servant. In any case, you don’t get the desired character to remove all your data and begin the process again.

Steps to Clear Data

To wipe your app data perform the instructions below so you can reroll again in FGO and get your desired character from the tier list.

  • First, move to the settings on your phone.
  • Then, you have to open the app settings and search for fate grand order.
  • Next, just choose the storage option and tap on Clear data.
  • It will wipe out all the present data on your phone, and you can start playing the game again to reroll.
  • For iOS devices, you will have to remove the whole app from your device and download it again from the app store.

Once you have your desired characters, don’t forget to save the reroll. So in order to save your reroll, you have to connect your account to a third-party app. open the My Room option and select the transfer number. Doing this will keep your progress, and you can enjoy playing FGO with your character from our list.

Rerolling Past Tutorial

You can complete more quests if you are willing to perform a reroll after the tutorial. FGO can ask you to unlock the Summoning Screen after you have finished the tutorial by taking on challenging quests. Whenever you use the Gift Box, you can get a Saint Quartz.

Hence, you will need two Saint Quartz for the reroll process. Also, you will get a 5-star servant by rerolling. Moreover, in special events, you will get a lot of free quartz that can help you perform reroll.

However, when a new campaign is let out, it becomes quite difficult to perform rerolling. Thus, we suggest you stick with the original rolling process, which needed clearing the whole app data.


FGO game is one of the most famous Japanese mobile games developed by Delightworks through the platform. The game is based on fate fanatics and type moon fate, released in 2017 globally.

This article, who are masters in the fate grand order game, will definitely know about the fate tier list of FGO servants that will help you win the battle. I suggest you use the S tier list of servants because they are more robust, which means they can combat, and let me know when you find your favorites list.

This list will include the servants’ rankings based on their strengths and overall performance throughout the storyline. Those with exceptional abilities who excel in their specific roles are promoted to the top tiers.

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