Does Your Snap Score Go Up from Chats?
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Does Your Snap Score Go Up from Chats?

Do you know what your snap score is & Does Your Snapscore raise from chats? No, you can’t increase your snapscore with chats. However, there are other workarounds through which you will be able to increase your snapscore.

Moreover, Snapchat is famous for its many unique features in which you can filter your pictures and videos that are available for a short time. Suppose you are new to Snapchat and don’t know about its exciting features of making & boosting your snap point. So don’t worry; we will let you know how to increase it.

Another significant part of Snapchat is when you and your friend send and receive snaps, whether a video or a picture, your point will increase.

Hence, many users whispered that the point was the amount of sending & receiving the snaps. But in reality, this is not a fact. You and your friend can both see their Snapchat scoring on the profile.

A broad range of aspects may affect the snap point, so let’s see what can progress your score based on Snapchats’ ever-changing points system. A snap streak sign which looks like a fire emoji appears on the chat bar of your friends.

This article tells you all the details about a Snap Score Adventure Guide. Does your point increase from chat? Where do I see my own and my friend’s snap scores? And much more about snap points to improve it and misconceptions on Snapchat.

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What is a Snap Score

You have noticed the numbers underneath the username on any profile on Snapchat. The numbers you see on the profiles tell us the snap scores of your friends.

It combines the snaps (pictures and videos) you send and receives and the stories you post on your profile. Moreover, Snapchat updated the guide about How to Change Cameo Selfies. You can increase your snap score by sending and receiving chats, pictures, posting stories, and some other factors on Snapchat.

Furthermore, Snapchat is the only app on the social media platform where you can send and receive snaps and make streaks with other Snapchat users.

Whoever uses this app has an individual point & the number signifies your activity and how much you are socialized with friends on Snapchat. The snap score is purely inorganic, but increasing it is very fun-loving and exciting.

How Does Snap Score Work?

Does your snap score go up from sending chats?

Snapchat’s scoring tells how social and active you are over there. You can’t use it for anything else. It’s purely highlighting, but raising the snap point can be fun for you.

However, you can count the snap score in many ways. So, let’s have a look.

  • How many snaps have you sent and received?
  • How many stories have you viewed and posted?
  • How many Discovery videos have you watched?
  • How many friends do you have?

Furthermore, you will also get bonus points for sending snaps to many people at once. And to keep up Snapchat streaks by sending snaps to your friends every day.

On the other side, I am not sure what the other factors are, but there are probably many. On being asked for comment, Snapchat refused to provide any further details about how Snap Scores are calculated.

If you are curious about your snap score and want to know how you can increase it from chat, go ahead to the below section of the article.

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up from Chats?

As we tell you earlier, a snap score indicates the activity of how much you spend time on Snapchat. According to the app, Snap’s scoring will go up when you send a snap from chat to your friends. If you send photos multiple times, it will count to your snap point every time.

Unfortunately, here is one thing you have to remember every time, if you send a plain text message to your Snapchat friend, your score will not increase whether you send one or fifty times simple text messages to your friends. Points will not include in it.

5 Ways to Increase Snap Score on Snapchat

Your snap score go up from group chats
Your snap score goes up from group chats.

The story of your Snapchat can be a picture or a video. You can easily view who has watched the story that you have uploaded. The snap point also increases when you post a story on your profile.

You can follow these simple tricks to extend your point with your friends on Snapchat.

  1. Add More Friends    

Adding more new friends on Snapchat is the simplest way to increase your score. The more you send and receive streaks from your friends, your score will go upward. So it is best to add some new friends on Snapchat.

  1. Open Streaks Regularly

Suppose you are sending and receiving snaps daily to your friends. It is good to open your chats and snap back at him. It will increase the snapscore for both of you, but you must open it daily.

  1. Send More Snaps to Increase the Score

Find one, two, or more friends who also want to increase their snapscore. Sending snaps every day helps you increase it rapidly.

     4. Upload Snaps to Stories

Many users upload Snaps to their stories daily. There are high chances that your score will be increased. However, it is very easy to share Snapchat stories, just like sharing snippets to raise your score.

   5. Maintain Snap Streaks

You need to maintain snap steaks with your friends. To maintain streaks, you must post streaks each consecutive day. Hence, it will increase your Snapscore. Remember to share snaps with each other at least once within a 24-hour period.

Snapchat Spam Groups

Snapchat spam groups were popularized by Reddit, which permits Snapchat users to join groups that are spammed with snaps; in that case, their Snapchat score can go up. These groups were created to bond and increased people’s Snapchat scores.

To be in a group, you have to put your snap in the snapchatspamgroup Reddit forum then someone will add you as a friend. Once you have accepted, you will add to the group.

Can I Increase My Snapchat Score Online?

Many online websites promise that they will add thousands of points to your Snapchat score. It sounds too good to be true, and they will guarantee that you will watch your Snapchat score raise in minutes.

Don’t get scammed!

Third-party apps or websites can’t change your Snapchat score. However, you can only boost your Snapchat scoring by using the app.

Hence, this feature has no other workarounds, hacks, or cheat codes.

How to Find Snap Score?      

Snapchat is the only social media app where you can make a score or streak with friends? The only way you can see someone’s snap score is to add them as a friend on Snapchat, and in return, they have to accept you as a friend.

If you have not clicked the ‘Add’ button, you will not see the other’s Snapscore. You can also check out Premium Snapchat.

Now, let’s move to see where we can find the snap score.

Where do I Find My Snap Score?

If you are not a regular user of Snapchat and want to know about your Snapscore, following the steps will help you see your Snapchat point.

  • Open the Snapchat
  • Tap on your profile
  • Here you see your snap score under your Snapchat avatar.

By following these steps, Snapchat allows its users to see their friend points to compete with them.

  • Log in to Snapchat.
  • A profile icon you see on the top of the screen; tap that icon.
  • Now tap on “My Friends.”

  • Now search for your friend’s chat and click on your friend’s icon. Under the Snapchat avatar, you can see their snap score.

What Should I Do When My Snapchat Score Isn’t Updating?

If you have been using the app daily and haven’t noticed a change in your Snapchat score, don’t worry! Here are some easy steps you can do:

  • Ensure your app is updated to the recent version available.
  • Since Snapchat is having technical issues, wait a few hours and restart your phone while checking the point in the morning again.
  • In a worst-case scenario, talk to Snapchat support, which might help troubleshoot your situation.


Snapchat is a significantly entertaining app among all social media apps? It allows its users to take snaps or streaks, uses funny filters, and increases your snapscore by sending and receiving them, but your private message is not part of your score.

This article will help you how you can boost your Snapscore with your friends through chats. So let us know where you have reached your score on Snapchat in the comment box. Read out How to Pin Someone on Snap within a Minute.

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