Costco Gas: Is It Worth Paying A Low Price??
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Costco Gas: Is It Worth Paying A Low Price??

With an anticipated surge in gas prices post-pandemic conditions, are you worried about getting oil at your affordable prices? Then let’s get on one of the prominent gasoline retailers in the United States. Costco Gas promises to offer the best quality product at the lowest possible price with its substantial customer base.

So, if you want to save your valuable amount on gasoline, Costco won’t disappoint you in living up to your expectations. It facilitates some relief on your wallet on heaving gasoline prices these days. But how they manage to provide it at such low prices seems incredible to many of us. To get a satisfactory answer to your question, why is it so cheap at Costco? And how do they sell it at such low prices in such an upheaval situation? Let’s inquire and investigate some concrete evidence.

For most of us, the response is quite apparent. Because Costco has a substantial base of loyal customers with premium membership in hand, they are in a solid position to hold the burden of surging gasoline prices with its continual supply. Significantly, 75% of Costco’s profit comes from a loyal customers. With an attraction of low-priced gasoline, they offer a great deal on other products, ranging from electronics to food products.

Is It Available For Costco Members Only?

Speaking straight on point, Costco has 24/7 availability for its premium members. So if you intend to be among that availing of the cheapest possible gasoline, then enjoin over 87 million Costco subscribers community immediately.

Costco offers two forms of subscription.

  1. The Gold Star subscription costs $60 annually (on the basic plan), including debit cards.
  2. Executive Membership costs $120 (for the Executive plan),including two debit cards for you and your close relative. It further adds a 2% discount on qualifying purchases, special vacation savings, insurance plans, or other services.

So, if you are its regular member, you can easily enjoy considerable payoffs and plenty of other free and discounted services, including gasoline.

How Much Does It Cost?

Gasoline prices continuously adjust to international market prices depending on the present global scenario. Therefore it gets fluctuation with rising costs.

Compared to other gasoline stations, let’s get into how much it costs if you want to purchase it from Costco. It generally offers 60 cents lower prices for one Gallon than regular Mobil gas stations. It eventually ends up as a considerable discount if you fill up your vehicle tank. But still, purchasing a subscription is the best option for you at the end of the day.

So, if you are not its premium member, the following information will surely enlighten you about its country-wise weekly prices.

Does Costco Gas Membership Payoff Better For the Gasoline?

Most people feel curious about how much it costs if they are not its regular subscriber. To justify the argument relatively, it does cost you a significant amount, including subscription fees. Let’s learn it using simple estimation in comparison to other gasoline prices.

For instance, you get $3.99 per Gallon in Columbus. If you want to fill up a tank, it costs $55.86 weekly. It eventually costs you $2,904.72 on a standard Mobil gas station, whereas Costco offers you $2,831.92 on a yearly subscription.

                                                                        Without Costco             With Costco         

  • Gasoline Price/Gallon:                                    $3.99                              $3.89
  • Gallon per tank:                                                   14                                   14
  • Total Weekly Cost:                                            $55.86                           $54.46
  • Yearly Cost:                                                         $2,904.72                     $2,831.92

Cost without CostcoGas Membership

  • In Colombus: $3.99/Gallon => $55.86 (14 gallons per tank); Fill it up once a week.Then it will cost you $2,904.72 (annually).
  • In Inglewood: $5.64/Gallon => $78.96 (per tank) and $4,105.92 (annually).

Cost with CostCoGas Membership

  • In Columbus: $3.89/Gallon =>$54.46 (for tank fill-up) and $2,831.92 (yearly)
  • In Inglewood: $5.39/Gallon => $75.46 (tank fill-up) and $3,923.92 (yearly) incl subscription costs $3,983.92
  • Rochester: $3.94
  • Dallas: $3.65
  • Alhambra: $5.34
  • Burnsville: $3.63

Does Costco Sell Premium Fuel at a Cheaper Price?

Because bad quality gas potentially deteriorates the engine condition, Kirkland Signature Gasoline offers top-tier quality performance. It meets the highest gasoline standard with deposit control additives approved under the government institution. It deeply cleans engine components for its best performance and certifies top-tier performance standards for its loyal customers. If you are anxious about its quality at a low price, then it affirms that Costco guarantees high fuel quality with certain eco-friendly additives that prolongs engine life.

Approaching 100 % customer satisfaction always satisfies maintaining excellent and long-lasting relationships by offering top-quality products.

Besides,it encompasses its spectrum over other pharmaceuticals, groceries, or free delivery across different states.So, having a gasoline station beside the store indeed drives customers inside. Each time customer intends to purchase gas will likely spend a few dollars on food or other household items incl. Kirkland products are available at Costco.

Types Of Gasoline You Get At Costco

You can mainly classify gasoline into three categories. First is regular octane gas with a lower rating. The second is premium gasoline offering a higher octane rating. The last one is diesel fuel meant for cars and trucks.

Regular gas has standard octanes 85 ratings prevalent across the United States. Whereas premium gasoline has a 91 octane rating with a considerably higher cost than regular fuel. It is even worth noting that Costco offers its services to its premium members. So if you are not its active subscriber then you will not be able to purchase gas from its gas stations.

What Do Octane Ratings Suggest?

Octane rating is the standardized measure of fuel capability that works against compression. The bigger the octane number, the higher the compression capacity to inject fuel into the cylinder. It can better resist before detonation. It simply reflects in fuel performance against compression. For that reason, higher octane fuels are generally useful in higher compression vehicles that transform into higher engine power. So. It’s quite an essential tip on prolonging the engine lifetime.

The question that arises over here is that, is it mandatory to add premium fuel to your car? Because high compression engines require more octanes then it is better to use premium fuel for your high-performing or sports vehicle. Generally, regular cars don’t need to add premium fuel because they are meant to run on regular gasoline at an 89-octane rating.

Mode of Payment for Gasoline Purchase at Costco

Now, discussing payment mode for your gasoline at Costco seems self-serving and easily payable against a credit or its shop card. Unfortunately, cash payment is not available however Costco shop card helps you purchase gasoline inside the warehouse using their specific card. It is a handy option if you don’t have a debit or credit card.


In short, Costco is an effective wholesale brand that is dearly concerned the customer satisfaction within an affordable range. It substantiates well-refined fuel meeting high-quality standards set approved by the law. Complying with the quality standard, it maintains precaution and safety measures for the general public. So drive safely while accompanying your loved ones.

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