Center Channel Speaker [An Overview Guide You Must Read]
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Center Channel Speaker [An Overview Guide You Must Read]

If you are an audiophile and thinking of setting up your own home theater system, you must learn as much as possible about speakers. Most people focus on huge 4K screens while they forget that sound is at least half of the experience.

To nail your home theater, you must focus on Center Channel Speakers.

Let’s explore what a center channel speaker is, its features, why you need it, and its most famous channel brands.

What Is a Center Channel Speaker?

This speaker is the most important in the surround sound system because it is responsible for the dialogue reproduction of an audiovisual program. Most of the action and conversation in a movie happens front and center on your screen, which means the center channel reproduces it.

Hence, it plays all the acoustics of the action that is taking place in front of the viewer.

How Does A Center Channel Work?

The center channel is dedicated to dialogue in home theater. So, when the On-screen dialogue and on-screen effects come from right in the middle of the soundscape. It is where the action is.

Where Should I Put My Center Channel Speaker?

It would be best if you position your speaker below or above the TV system, but always at the ear level of the listener. It means you can tilt the speaker up or down as needed.

Moreover, if you use a projector with an acoustically transparent screen, put the center channel speaker behind it and enjoy your movie.

Specifications and Features of a Center Channel

Suppose you won’t have a surround system and use two decent speakers for your home entertainment. However, adding a center channel speaker will greatly improve the overall sound. Before going to choose one, you will learn what makes one center speaker better than the other.

Here are the technical specifications and features you will be looking for.

  • Power Output: tells you the level of the speaker’s loudness without having to hear them. A center channel with 200 Watts will have greater audio possibilities than other speakers with 100 Watts. If you want to enjoy loud music, this will be an important specification to look for.
  • Size of the drivers: Bigger drivers produce clearer sounds than smaller ones. This will influence the quality of the sound.
  • Configuration ratio: its number will display how many drivers a center channel speaker has and a subwoofer. For instance, a configuration ratio of 3.1 means that a speaker has three drivers and a subwoofer.
  • Frequency response: It indicates the ability of a speaker to reproduce the sound frequencies which a human can hear without irritation. That means a range between 20Hz and 20 kHz. A center channel and a wide frequency response will allow you to enjoy both high and low-frequency instrumental sounds.
  • Bi-wire capability: In terms of frequencies, a bi-wire capability means the center channel speaker has two connections for high-frequency and low-frequency drivers. Different cables for the woofer and tweeter ensure crystal-clear sounds. Hence, you are able to make a clear distinction between all the high and low sounds.
  • Material: The materials the speaker is made from will influence the speaker’s sound. High-quality speakers use the best possible material. For instance, silk tweeters have a smoother sound than metal ones emitting a bright sonic signature.
  • Warranty: Remember to check the warranty conditions when buying a center channel speaker. Generally, they have a very long life span. But, if you get a faulty center speaker, you want to ensure you will be able to replace it.

Do You Require a Center Channel If You Have a Soundbar?

Both have different features which work best as per the situation separately. A Soundbar is a stand-alone speaker that can improve the sound of your TV set. You need to plug it simply into your TV, and you are ready to use it. But it is not designed to reproduce the movie sounds.

In Contrast, if you want to set up a home theater and a surround sound system, a center channel speaker is essentially required. It is a part of the sound system comprising a center, left, right, and two surround speakers.

Moreover, it will enable control of each channel’s volume individually. Unlike a Soundbar, a center channel speaker needs an external AV receiver or at least a power amp that will power it.

Top Center Channel Brands

Here is a list of several center channel speakers that currently dominate the market.

1.    Klipsch R-52C

  • It is a synonym for American-produced audio systems.
  • The Klipsch R-52C model speaker takes sound quality to the next level.
  • It comes in 90×90 tractrix horn-loaded technology, which secures the frequency waves that hit the listener’s ear.
  • This brand has a Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) with minimum sound distortion.
  • Its frequency response is 80 Hz to 22 kHz and 400 Watts of power.

2.    Polk Audio CS10

  • It is a budget-friendly, reliable speaker that goes as low as $90.
  • They offer minimal sound distortion and wonderful bass.
  • This speaker has two bi-laminate driers that are 5.25 inches.
  • Its frequency response is from 53 Hz to 23 kHz and 125 Watts of power.

3.    Polk Monitor XT35

  • Its beautiful slim design offers an amazing listening experience and crystal-clear sound while you enjoy movies, gaming, or music.
  • This speaker has four Dynamic Balance woofers and one 1-inch tweeter.
  • Polk Monitor XT35 is compatible with Dolly Atmos & DTS-X surround sound, making it perfect for ultra-HD movies and multichannel music videos.
  • It has an overall frequency response from 57 Hz to 40 kHz and 200 Watts of power.

4.    Definitive Technology CS-9060

  • It is best for those who don’t want a separate subwoofer.
  • Even it has a separate subwoofer control dial for intelligent bass control.
  • It is designed as simplistic and gives complete grille coverage to fit into any room decor.
  • This speaker frequency ranges from 50 Hz to 40 kHz and 300 Watts of power.

5.    Sony SSCS8

  • It is a well-known and excellent budget choice for a center channel speaker.
  • Sony SSCS8 has 2-way center channel woofers and one tweeter formed by polyester.
  • It has a removable magnetic grille, so you have different choice options.
  • Its frequency ranges from 55 Hz to 25 kHz, and has 145 Watts of power.


Hopefully, you get a complete overview of the center channel and it helps you buy the best center speaker.

Let us know which brands you have chosen.

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